Examiner Etiquette by rpt42078


									                                  Examiner Etiquette

1-Wear the proper uniform and wear it CORRECTLY. If with other examiners, try
to wear the same uniform.
2-Don’t ask if the boater would like a vessel safety check-they’ll probably say NO!!!
Explain the VSC and politely direct them to the examination area.
3-When greeting the boater, do NOT lean on their truck.
4-Do NOT use the word INSPECTION! The VSC is an examination-not and
5-Look at the driver and the female in the passenger seat in the eye especially when
children are present when discussing safety.
6-Do not stand on the boat trailer to look in vessel unless you ask.
7-Do not put your clipboard or lean on the boat
8-Answer questions truthfully and be prepared to substantiate the answer. Do NOT
lie! It is better to not know than to guess or lie. Know your local state boating
regulations and Federal Requirements booklets.
9-Limit the examination to 10-15 minutes for trailer boaters-20 to 30 minutes for
large vessels.
10-On large vessels ask permission PRIOR to boarding-ASK and be prepared to
remove your shoes!
11-Do NOT SMOKE at the VSC station or around boaters while in uniform!
12- Do not discuss any prior VSC activity with other examiners when other boaters
are in the area. You voice travels and you never know who might over hear your
comments. Do NOT use profanity!
13-Remove plastic bags from life jackets and YOU dispose them.
14-If you promise a return call, be sure to follow up.
15-Always find something to compliment the boater.
16-Pass or fail, shake the owners hand, congratulate and thank him on a job well
done. If the boater fails, offer a recheck and thank him for their time.
17-Above all else-BE POLITE! MAY I, PLEASE, and THANK YOU go a long way.

James Jackson DSO-VE


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