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									Competency interview questions

To help you prepare for your competency interview, we have a number of example
competency based interview questions. In this particular article, we focus on
Communication and consider the type of questions interviewers might ask you to assess
your written and verbal communication skills.

Communication Competence -- What Is Being Assessed?

When asking you competency based interview questions about communication,
interviewers are looking for past evidence that you:

      Communicate in an effective way, both in writing and verbally
      Can listen well to others
      Are able to change your communication method and style according to the
      Contribute in group meetings
      Can negotiate with others and influence them when needed

Example Communication Competency Based Interview Questions

Take a look at these typical competency based interview questions which cover
communication. In some interviews, the focus might be on verbal communication. In
others, it might be on written communication. In many interviews, interviewers will be
interested in both!

      Tell me about a time when you varied your communication style to suit your
      Describe a situation in which you encouraged others to share ideas or views
      Talk me through a time in which you used your verbal communication skills to
       make a difference
      Tell us about a time when you needed to persuade someone that your idea or way
       of thinking was right
      Give me an example of when you were required to explain something difficult or
       complex to a customer or work colleague
      Describe a time when you needed to deal with a difficult or angry customer
      Tell me about a time when you used your listening skills to help resolve a
       problem or difficult situation
      Talk me though the last time you participated in a lively group debate or
      Describe a time when you were faced with objections from a customer or
      When was the last time you needed to negotiate for something?
       What type of written communication are you asked to prepare for your
       Describe a time when you were criticized for your written work
       Tell me about a situation when you were rewarded or praised for your written

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