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Selwyn District Council Educational Fund Darfield High School by rtu13707


									               Selwyn District Council Educational Fund

                             Darfield High School

                                General Conditions

This Educational Fund has been established to benefit the youth at high schools
within the Selwyn District. A specified amount has been set aside and invested at a
suitable interest rate so as to ensure that sufficient funds will be available for the
granting of three Bursaries on an annual basis. A bursary will be made available to a
student(s) attending Ellesmere College, Lincoln High School and Darfield High
School. This is to assist them in meting their fees during their first year’s attendance
at a tertiary institution or other post secondary studies.

The Conditions of the Bursary are as follows:

   1) The amount of the Bursary for 2009 is $1,000.

   2) Any student who is eligible for selection may use the Bursary for the purpose
      of boarding/living-in fees, purchase of books, or the payment of course
      registration fees.

   3) Application for the Bursary together with a Curriculum Vitae must be in the
      hands of Selwyn District Council, Rolleston by Friday 16 October 2009.
      (Note CV to be loose-leaf for photocopying).

   4) A selection panel comprising of members of the Malvern Community Board,
      assisted by a representative from the respective schools, will allocate the
      Bursaries. Their decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered

   5) Applicants may be required to attend an interview with the selection panel.

   6) The successful applicant(s) will be presented with their Bursary at each
      school’s senior prize-giving.

   7) This Bursary is available to New Zealand citizens only.

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