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									 Canadian Music Educators’ Association
          2009 Performance Awards

                                     Award Categories
                         The Christopher Gledhill Award – Orchestra
                         The Robert Rosevear Award – Concert Band
                               The Leslie Bell Award – Choir
    The Helen Litz Award – Children’s Choir (maximum age: 16 years as of entry deadline)
                The Don Wright Award – Jazz Ensemble; vocal or instrumental
            The Wallace Laughton Award – Post-secondary; vocal or instrumental
   The Wilfred Harvey Award – Small Ensemble; vocal or instrumental (max. 12 members)
  The Catherine Allison Award – Special (awarded at the discretion of the Awards Committee)

   • Applications for the 2009 CMEA/ACEM Performance Awards are available to Canadian
       music ensembles from pre-school to continuing education whose members are non-
   • Non-professional is defined by musicians who are not members of a musicians’ union.
   • The Director of the ensemble must be a current member of CMEA/ACEM.

Application Guidelines:

   •   Applicants shall send three (3) identical high quality CD recordings together with an
       application form to the name and address of the CMEA Performance Awards Chair as
       indicated on the application form. (Application forms are available on the CMEA website,
       and published in the CME Journal as well as affiliated provincial MEAs. They can be
       requested by mail from the Awards Chair.)
   •   Ship CDs in a protective case to ensure safe delivery.
   •   Each CD shall be a minimum of 15 minutes and a maximum of 20 minutes.
   •   Consider the quality of the recording in regards to the ability to receive the most accurate
   •   Each CD shall consist of at least two (2) contrasting selections. Groups are highly
       encouraged to use Canadian repertoire where possible.
   •   Vocal groups should include one a cappella selection.
   •   Applicants in the Junior Choir category must include at least one selection in two-part
       singing or more
   •   No spoken introductions or other audible means of identification shall be recorded. No
       written identification should be affixed to submitted CDs.
   •   CDs submitted for consideration of CMEA/ACME Performance Awards shall have been
       recorded within the last 12 months (June 12, 2008-June 12, 2009).
   •   Ensembles may enter only one category.
   •   CDs will not be returned.
   •   Decisions of the Selection Committee will be final. Announcements will be made in
       September 2009.
                                  Deadline for 2009 awards is: June 12, 2009.

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