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					Help writing a cover letter

How to write a cover letter for resumes is an art in itself. You have to customize it for
each job and showcase your talents and experience. What many times are over looked
are the many mistakes that can lead to placing you on the waiting list instead of the
interview chair. Below are a few of the most critical mistakes I learned recently while
sharpening my cover letter and resume. The first one is, to me, the most important

First, if you're using a cover letter template that is a cookie-cutter of any, easily
available, source and worst generic, it's a sure way to blend in. You can find tons
of over used, tired, resume cover letters on the internet. If you find them that easily,
thousands of others can find them. Just imagine your competition having the same
resume cover letter almost word by word. That's definitely not a way to stand out
from the crowd. How much creativity and thought does that show? Is that something
you would want your interviewer to assume about you? Absolutely not!

Second, don't just regurgitate everything that's in your resume on to the letter.
You want to have a connection with the reader where they can see your interest in the
position and how your past experience at XYZ or where ever, has prepared you for
such a position. Also, don't start you're your cover letter with generic phrases such as
"I'm applying for the position of" or "In regards to your add about". You want to
shine, be different and aggressive without being over bearing. Take the bull by the
horns and write something like "I'm excited at the opportunity to become part of" and
take it from there. Be as non-generic as possible.

Third, don't under sell yourself and like my English teacher used to say. Show,
don't tell. Meaning, don't tell them you have great communication skills or something
of that sort. Show them by touching on a recent task where you excelled. Paint a
picture of how you can take on tasks and over come obstacles.

Lastly, if you're having trouble planning how to write a cover letter for resumes, keep
in mind what I said before was my biggest concern, the first one above. Once you
blend in there's no going back. If you don't catch them at first, you're going on the
pile. Good Luck.