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									                                                                                 San Pablo-El Portal

California Air Resources Board 2005 Almanac (web)
Appendix C                    Contra Costa County: San Pablo-El Portal Air Quality and Health Risk                                        Table C-27

                                                 Annual Average Concentrations and Health Risks
TAC                                 Conc.*/Risk**        1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003
Acetaldehyde                         Annual Avg                                                                   0.55
                                     Health Risk                                                                     3
Benzene                              Annual Avg                                                            0.56 0.42
                                     Health Risk                                                             52     39
1,3-Butadiene                        Annual Avg                                                            0.15 0.12
                                     Health Risk                                                             56     45
Carbon Tetrachloride                 Annual Avg
                                     Health Risk
Chromium, Hexavalent                 Annual Avg                                                                   0.10
                                     Health Risk                                                                    15
para -Dichlorobenzene                Annual Avg
                                     Health Risk
Formaldehyde                         Annual Avg                                                                   1.24
                                     Health Risk                                                                     9
Methylene Chloride                   Annual Avg
                                     Health Risk
Perchloroethylene                    Annual Avg
                                     Health Risk
Diesel PM                            Annual Avg
                                                                                     No Monitoring Data Available
                                     Health Risk
Total Health Risk                                                                                           108 111

* Concentrations for Hexavalent Chromium are expressed as ng/m3, and concentrations for Diesel PM are expressed as ug/m3. Concentrations for all other TACs are expressed as ppb.
** Health Risk represents the number of excess cancer cases per million people based on a lifetime (70-year) exposure to the annual average concentration. Total Health Risk represents only those compoun
this table and only those with data for that year. There may be other significant compounds for which monitoring and/or health risk information are not available.
                                                        San Pablo-El Portal

 are expressed as ppb.
Health Risk represents only those compounds listed in

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