DRILL MOTOR (Portable) RULES by aah15699


									                                 DRILL MOTOR (Portable)

1.    Eye protection is necessary when using a hand drill.

2.    Report all accidents or trouble to the teacher immediately.

3.    Locate and learn to operate all switches and controls before using the
      drill motor.

4.    Obtain the teacher's permission to operate the drill motor.

5.    Disconnect the power plug before installing or removing drill bit.

6.    Select proper drill bit.

7.    Check cord for breaks or wear before using.

8.    Make sure the key is removed from the chuck before starting the drill

9.    Never touch a moving drill bit or chuck.

10.   Do not force the drill—use an even steady pressure.

11.   When laying the drill motor down, always have the point away from you,
      even when it is "coasting" to a stop.

12.   Keep drill bits sharp.

13.   Always clamp small pieces; do not hold them with your fingers when

14.   Keep the air-cooling vents on the drill motor housing free of dirt.

15.   Make certain the portable drill motor is properly grounded through the
      electric cord.

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