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					Sample administrative cover letter

I'm an administrative assistant and I make sure that the reader of my administrative
resume cover letter knows I'm a darn good one. Being in a position of support isn't
always easy. The way I get past that is by thinking of myself as the supporting actress.
One thing for sure, I'm always looking for that Oscar.

Now, why do I say get a job offer in two interviews? I say that because I've put a
lot of effort into my administrative cover letter. I do everything I can to get the reader
to pick up the phone and find out more about me. Plain and simple, I expect a call.
The reason I'm confident about my abilities is that I've been an administrative
assistant before and I know what it takes to succeed in this position.

It's not so much that the person you're assisting says "jump" and you say "how
high?" It goes well beyond that. The way I like to approach the position is by mutual
respect and understanding the needs of the person and anticipating their requirements.
That's what I make sure the reader understands about me. Of course a
recommendation letter always helps but we all know those aren't always easy to get,
depending on whether your exit from your previous employment was graceful or not.

Besides, giving details of my ability to complete tasks I try to learn as much about the
company as possible and make reference on my administrative cover letter. For
example, I applied to a company that was recognized for its sales volume for the last 8
out of 10 years. Something that would be easy to find out, what I also realized was
that the company could have made it 10 in a row. On my letter I simply wrote
something like "I see myself being part of this company's success and sales volume in
the next 10 years. Helping keep the company on track, year after year, I know is a
team effort. I would expect 10 years of consecutive recognition for the success we

I know writing a custom administrative cover letter isn't always easy. Finding out
about the company, putting it in language that's relative to the industry and making
sure the correct person gets it all build to a great presentation and it's worth the effort.
I find it useful to use a template or program and simply customize sections of it with
phrases like the one above. That's given me the best results.