Port Orchard Government by seg11239


									               Port Orchard Government

Positions in Port Orchard Government

       Mayor (Larry Coppola): Chief Administrative
        Officer (the boss), has veto power (but it can be
        overridden if five council members override the
        veto), serves a four year term, does not vote on
        issues unless there is a tie.

       City Council Members: They make the decisions
        and laws for the city.

       Department Heads: People that are in charge of
        actually running the city. They aren’t elected but
        instead, are hired by the city council.

       Director of Public Works (Larry Curles): In
        charge of city parks, electricity, water systems,
        sewers, building inspections, and parking

       Chief of Police (Alan Townsend): In charge of
        enforcing laws and the police officers that enforce

       Port Orchard Judge (Tarrell Decker): In charge
        of enforcing the law and assigning punishment to
        people who break the law in Port Orchard.
        Treasurer (Kristine Tompkins): In charge of the
         city budget, business licenses, paying city officials,
         city data processing, city investments, and
         collecting money.

        City Clerk (Patricia Parks): City licenses (except
         business licenses), “secretary” to the mayor, and
         personnel director of the city employees.

        A total of 61 people work for the City of Port

Port Orchard is a “Second Class” city:
        All cities in Washington State are classified into
         four types of cities depending on number of
         residents at the time of it’s incorporation:
         o First Class: More than 15,000 residents (10
            cities in WA including Seattle {568,000},
            Tacoma {194,500}, and Bremerton {37,260}).
         o Second Class: Between 6,000 and 15,000
            residents (16 cities in WA including Port
            Orchard {7,910})
         o Code: Between 3,000 and 6,000 residents (179
            cities in WA including Gig Harbor {4,485})
         o Town: Less than 3,000 residents (75 cities in
                Be a Civic Minded Citizen:
   Write to Larry Coppola (The Mayor of Port Orchard)

First:      Think of an issue that faces the city of Port
Orchard and possible solutions to this issue. Examples
could include building a skateboard park, beautification of
downtown, the numbers and types of businesses in the
downtown area, the overcrowding of schools, crime, police
officers that wronged you in some way, the lack of job
opportunities available to young people in Port Orchard, the
need for after-school city-sponsored activities, building a
YMCA, etc.

Second: Write a formal letter to Mr. Coppola that describes
the issue that concerns you and our solution to the
problem/issue. Good quality letters will be sent to Mrs. Abel
so it is important that you make your letter your best writing
(check spelling, grammar, write or type it neatly, kiss up to
Mr. Coppola, etc). Also, somehow mention the department
head that actually has control, or the power, to address your
issue so that you look informed and have some sort of clout
in terms of knowing who has the power in city government.

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