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									PowerPoint Presentations That Pop!

                     Matt Monjan
Creating a Non-Linear PowerPoint

 Endoplasmic Reticulum and Golgi Bodies


Creating a Non-Linear PowerPoint
Creating a Non-Linear PowerPoint
How did we do it?
        Here are the steps
1.   Log into Discovery Education streaming
2.   Search for an image(s) by keyword –
     You have your choice of 20,800!


3.   Select an image
          Here are the steps
4.   Download that image and
     place it into PowerPoint
     (tool bar, Insert>Picture>From
     File…) into slide # 1
5.   Now you have that you have
     your main picture. Insert a
     Text Box and call it _____
6.   Copy slide #1 and paste into
     PPT as slide #2
7.   Remove text box
8.   Embed movie
     (tool bar, Insert>Movies and
     Sounds>Movie from File)
            Here are the steps
9.    Choose Automatically and the
      video will play once you arrive at
      that slide
10.   To go back to slide # 1, insert a
      return button
11.   To insert a return button, click on
      the down arrow next to the word
      (lower left-hand corner of screen)
12.   Choose Action Buttons and then
13.   Draw a home in on your slide and
      tell it to go to the beginning slide
         Here are the steps
10. We also hyperlinked to a video
11. To Hyperlink highlight text or
    image on your slide
12. Then go back to the toolbar and
    choose Insert>Hyperlink> and
13. A. Choose a file on your
      computer (video, image, etc)
    B. Choose a place inside
      your document
      (another slide)
Using PPT as an Interactive Tool

Once you are in Slide Show Mode
you can add annotations on the fly,
highlight things and more…and
here’s how
Using PPT as an Interactive Tool
1. Go into Slide Show mode
2. Click on the shadow pen
   in the lower left-hand
   corner of your screen
3. Choose the type of pen
   and draw on screen – use
   it to point out things in
   your embedded videos!
          Now for something really cool
   Embedding with all the bells and whistles! PC ONLY
1. Go to your tool bar and click on the word “View”

2. Click on Toolbars and then Control Tool Box

  This will bring up a box that looks like
       Really Embedding Continued
3. Click on the Hammer And Wrench Icon

4. Scroll down and choose Windows Media Player

This will change your cursor to a +
symbol – Giving you the ability to
draw a box
        Really Embedding Continued

5. Draw a box and then right-click on the box and choose
                 Almost there…
6. Click inside the blank box next to the box titled (Custom)
   and then click on the three little dots
                 Finding the video
7. Click on the Browse button to find the video that you want to
   embed, then check the Stretch to fit button and then click on
   the OK button
You have now embedded a video with
controls like fast forward, rewind, pause, etc
– play your PPT to see the video

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