Positively Challenging Bullying and Discrimination by rtu13707


									             Positively Challenging Bullying and Discrimination

              Information on good practice and resources 2008

Strategies and Interventions

Primary School Head Teachers report that the most successful strategies and
interventions are

      Whole establishment ethos
      Circle time
      Parent/carer involvement

Secondary School Head Teachers report the most successful strategies and
interventions are

      Whole establishment ethos
      The curriculum
      Counselling
      Parent/carer involvement
      Building resilience/self assertiveness/self esteem
      Buddy system/befriending schemes

Teachers and pupils, when given the time and opportunity to specifically discuss
bullying and discrimination, report a fuller range of strategies and interventions than
do Head Teachers. All place a high value on circle time in the primary school, the
importance of the curriculum and the involvement of parents/carers. There is
particular merit in bringing together pupils from cluster primary schools with pupils
from the secondary school. This is recommended, especially at transition time. For
more information on workshops with pupils go to

Targeted work on Racism

Anti-racist work by the Principal Teacher (Achievement and Inclusion) in the EAL
Service is research-based and carried out with staff, pupils and parents in both
primary and secondary schools and, where appropriate, results in the review and
development of policy and practice.

Some examples of the outcomes for pupils, parents and schools are:-

      Increased involvement of black and minority ethnic (BME) pupils and parents
       in the life of the school

      Structured opportunities for school managers to audit their practice in relation
       to BME inclusion, and support to develop initiatives in the area

      Continuing Professional Development (CPD) opportunities for all staff

      Increased confidence and effectiveness of schools in addressing race issues

Promoting Cultural Understandings (and avoiding costly misunderstandings!)

The Bilingual Support Assistant Team in the EAL Service has completed a staff guide
to cultural, language and educational issues in the main ethnic minority communities
in Edinburgh. Available at http://egfl.net/equalities/faith_religion/BSA-cultural-info.pdf

Bullying and Equalities

The staff of Forthview Primary School have developed programmes on both Bullying
and Equalities as part of the Creating Confident Kids resource. This will be published
during 2008 and staff training will accompany the resource.

Race Equality PSD Programme

With Davidson’s Mains Primary School, the EAL Service has developed a Race
Equality PSD Programme for use with P6 – 7 pupils in schools. Available from EAL

Welcoming New Migrants

Leith Walk Primary School has developed a pack called The World United which was
runner-up in the Scottish Schools Awards. The pack is designed to welcome new
arrivals, including refugees and asylum seekers, is especially suited to P4 – P7 but
can be adapted. It will be available from September 2008 on www.egfl.net/equalities

Dispelling myths about Islam

The publication of a booklet by a local Muslim womens’ group, Pakeeza which was
supported by community learning and development staff was distributed to all
schools with the offer of visits by the women’s group to up to eight primary schools.

LGBT Awareness / Challenging Homophobia

 LGBT Youth Scotland (representing lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender young
people) has piloted training materials in two Edinburgh secondary schools.

The Arts and Learning Unit is working with Lothian and Borders Police to pilot the
very successful Stonewall play Fit in two Edinburgh schools in the autumn of 2008.

Disability Quiz

This has been developed to help clarify definitions and ensure accurate identification
of all pupils with a disability. It also supports establishments in their planning.

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