SUBJECT ON Semiconductor Product Discontinuance #16083 by rtu13707


									                                     PRODUCT DISCONTINUANCE
                                          Generic Copy


SUBJECT: ON Semiconductor Product Discontinuance #16083

TITLE: H2 2007 (Second HALF 2007) Leaded Parts to Lead Free Parts standard conversion EOL

LAST BUY DATE: July 31 2008
LAST SHIP DATE: Dec 31 2008

Discretes Products
Analog Products
Logic Products
ECL Products
Power Products

Contact Sales Office or Elizabeth Becker <>


Customers must notify ON Semiconductor in writing within 90 days of receipt of this notification if they
consider the discontinued product to be "Sole Source." ON Semiconductor and the customer may negotiate an
appropriate End-of-Life.


ON Semiconductor is committed to providing our customers with products that are compliant with
environmental regulations. It is our primary objective to assist our customers with a smooth transition
as our products are converted to lead free (Pb-free) termination finishes. In order to minimize the
confusion regarding discontinuance notices for products ON is exiting, versus the standard
conversion of leaded (Pb) parts to lead free (PB free or G suffix) parts, ON semiconductor will be
issuing distinct quarterly EOL notices for Pb to Pb free conversions in addition to the quarterly EOLs
for device termination. All of the devices contained on this notice are being converted to a Pb free
version. All Pb free parts contain a G suffix and are RoHS compliant. ON Semiconductor wishes to
promptly inform our customers of our intent to discontinue the leaded version of these devices so that
you may plan appropriately and effectively for ordering the drop in Pb free replacement devices.

Issue Date: 03 Jan 2008                   Rev.08-24-05                                Page 1 of 26
Product Discontinuance #16083

PLEASE NOTE: ON Semiconductor may implement minimum order quantities or
dollar amounts based on inventories available. Also, Devices on this
Product Discontinuance become NCNR (Non-Cancelable, Non-Returnable).

For questions or concerns regarding this notification, please contact your
local sales office or customer service representative.

Additional contacts are:

Elizabeth Becker (email is

Herve Marchionini (email is
49.89.930.808.36 or 1.602.244.4170

Japan & Asia Pacific:
Nobuyuki Otake (email is



        End of life buy orders must be placed before July 31 2008
        and End of life buy orders must be shipped before Dec 31 2008

Issue Date: 03 Jan 2008         Rev.08-24-05                  Page 2 of 26
 Product Discontinuance #16083

Leaded EOL parts      and   Replacement Lead Free parts (G suffix)

           Leaded EOL Parts                     G Replacement Part
  1N5401RL                                      1N5401RLG
  2N3904RLRP                                    2N3904RLRPG
  2N4401                                        2N4401G
  2N5087                                        2N5087G
  2N5457                                        2N5457G
  2N7000                                        2N7000G
  2N7000RLRA                                    2N7000RLRAG
  BAT54AWT1                                     BAT54AWT1G
  BAV70LT3                                      BAV70LT3G
  BAV70TT1                                      BAV70TT1G
  BC373RL1                                      BC373RL1G
  BC817-16LT1                                   BC817-16LT1G
  BC817-25LT3                                   BC817-25LT3G
  BC846ALT1                                     BC846ALT1G
  BC846BDW1T1                                   BC846BDW1T1G
  BC847ALT1                                     BC847ALT1G
  BC850CLT1                                     BC850CLT1G
  BC857BLT1                                     BC857BLT1G
  BCX19LT1                                      BCX19LT1G
  BS107ARL1                                     BS107ARL1G
  BS170                                         BS170G
  BSS138LT3                                     BSS138LT3G
  CS2841BEBN8                                   CS2841BEBN8G
  CS2841BED14                                   CS2841BED14G
  CS3351YDR14                                   CS3351YDR14G
  CS41115DR8                                    CS41115DR8G
  CS41154DWFR24                                 CS41154DWFR24G
  CS4121EDWF20                                  CS4121EDWF20G
  CS4121ENF16                                   CS4121ENF16G
  CS45008DR14                                   CS45008DR14G
  CS45134BN14                                   CS45134BN14G
  CS51031YDR8                                   CS51031YDR8G
  CS51031YDR8                                   CS51031YDR8G
  CS51413ED8                                    CS51413ED8G
  CS51413ED8                                    CS51413ED8G
  CS51413EDR8                                   CS51413EDR8G
  CS51413EDR8                                   CS51413EDR8G
  CS51414EDR8                                   CS51414EDR8G
  CS60025D14                                    CS60025D14G
  CS60025DR14                                   CS60025DR14G
  CS8101YDR8                                    CS8101YDR8G
  CS8101YDWFR20                                 CS8101YDWFR20G
  CS8126-1YDPS7                                 CS8126-1YDPS7G
  CS8126-1YDPSR7                                CS8126-1YDPSR7G
  CS8129YDW16                                   CS8129YDW16G
  CS8129YDWR16                                  CS8129YDWR16G
  CS8151YDPSR7                                  CS8151YDPSR7G
  CS8182YDFR8                                   CS8182YDFR8G
  CS8183YDWFR20                                 CS8183YDWFR20G

 Issue Date: 03 Jan 2008                 Rev.08-24-05                Page 3 of 26
           Leaded EOL Parts         G Replacement Part
 CS8190EDWF20                       CS8190EDWF20G
 CS8221YDFR8                        CS8221YDFR8G
 CS8221YDP3                         CS8221YDP3G
 CS8221YDPR3                        CS8221YDPR3G
 CS8361YDPSR7                       CS8361YDPSR7G
 CS8361YDWFR16                      CS8361YDWFR16G
 DF6A6.8FUT1                        DF6A6.8FUT1G
 DTC114EET1                         DTC114EET1G
 DTC143ZET1                         DTC143ZET1G
 L4949DR2                           L4949DR2G
 LM2574DW-ADJR2                     LM2574DW-ADJR2G
 LM2574N-ADJ                        LM2574N-ADJG
 LM2574N-ADJ                        LM2574N-ADJG
 LM2574N-ADJ                        LM2574N-ADJG
 LM2575D2T-005                      LM2575D2T-5G
 LM2575D2T-015                      LM2575D2T-15R4G
 LM2575D2T-12R4                     LM2575D2T-12R4G
 LM2575D2T-15R4                     LM2575D2T-15R4G
 LM2575D2T-3.3R4                    LM2575D2T-3.3R4G
 LM2575D2T-3.3R4                    LM2575D2T-3.3R4G
 LM2575D2T-5R4                      LM2575D2T-5R4G
 LM2575D2T-5R4                      LM2575D2T-5R4G
 LM2575TV-005                       LM2575TV-005G
 LM2575TV-012                       LM2575TV-012G
 LM2576D2T-015                      LM2576D2T-15G
 LM2576D2T-ADJR4                    LM2576D2T-ADJR4G
 LM2576D2T-ADJR4                    LM2576D2T-ADJR4G
 LM2576T-ADJ                        LM2576T-ADJG
 LM2576T-ADJ                        LM2576T-ADJG
 LM285D-1.2                         LM285D-1.2G
 LM285D-1.2R2                       LM285D-1.2R2G
 LM285D-2.5                         LM285D-2.5G
 LM285D-2.5R2                       LM285D-2.5R2G
 LM2931ADT-5.0RK                    LM2931ADT-5.0RKG
 LM2931D2T-5.0R4                    LM2931D2T-5.0R4G
 LM2931D-5.0R2                      LM2931D-5.0R2G
 LM317MABDTRK                       LM317MABDTRKG
 LM337BT                            LM337BTG
 LM337T                             LM337TG
 LM385BD-1.2                        LM385BD-1.2G
 LM385BD-1.2R2                      LM385BD-1.2R2G
 LM385BD-2.5                        LM385BD-2.5G
 LM385BD-2.5R2                      LM385BD-2.5R2G
 LM385D-1.2                         LM385D-1.2G
 LM385D-1.2R2                       LM385D-1.2R2G
 LM385D-2.5                         LM385D-2.5G
 LM385D-2.5R2                       LM385D-2.5R2G
 LNLASB3157DFT2                     LNLASB3157DFT2G
 LP2950CDT-3.3RK                    LP2950CDT-3.3RKG
 LP2950CDT-5.0                      LP2950CDT-5.0G
 LP2950CDT-5.0RK                    LP2950CDT-5.0RKG
 LP2951ACDM-3.3R2                   LP2951ACDM-3.3RG
 MAX1720EUT                         MAX1720EUTG
 MAX708CUA-T                        MAX708CUA-TG

Issue Date: 03 Jan 2008       Rev.08-24-05               Page 4 of 26
          Leaded EOL Parts         G Replacement Part
 MAX708ESA-T                       MAX708ESA-TG
 MAX708RCUA-T                      MAX708RCUA-TG
 MAX708RESA-T                      MAX708RESA-TG
 MAX708SCUA-T                      MAX708SCUA-TG
 MAX708SESA-T                      MAX708SESA-TG
 MAX708TESA-T                      MAX708TESA-TG
 MAX809HTR                         MAX809HTRG
 MAX809JTR                         MAX809JTRG
 MAX809LTR                         MAX809LTRG
 MAX809MTR                         MAX809MTRG
 MAX809RTR                         MAX809RTRG
 MAX809SN160T1                     MAX809SN160T1G
 MAX809SN232T1                     MAX809SN232T1G
 MAX809SN490T1                     MAX809SN490T1G
 MAX809STR                         MAX809STRG
 MAX809TTR                         MAX809TTRG
 MAX810MTR                         MAX810MTRG
 MAX810RTR                         MAX810RTRG
 MAX810STR                         MAX810STRG
 MAX810TTR                         MAX810TTRG
 MAX828EUK                         MAX828EUKG
 MAX829EUK                         MAX829EUKG
 MBD301                            MBD301G
 MBR0530T3                         MBR0530T3G
 MBR1045                           MBR1045G
 MBR1060                           MBR1060G
 MBR1090                           MBR1090G
 MBR10H100CT                       MBR10H100CTG
 MBR130T3                          MBR130T3G
 MBR1645                           MBR1645G
 MBR20100CT                        MBR20100CTG
 MBR2060CT                         MBR2060CTG
 MBR20H100CT                       MBR20H100CTG
 MBR2545CT                         MBR2545CTG
 MBR3045PT                         MBR3045PTG
 MBR40250                          MBR40250G
 MBR41H100CT                       MBR41H100CTG
 MBR60H100CT                       MBR60H100CTG
 MBR745                            MBR745G
 MBRB2545CT                        MBRB2545CTG
 MBRB2545CTT4                      MBRB2545CTT4G
 MBRB4030T4                        MBRB4030T4G
 MBRD620CTT4                       MBRD620CTT4G
 MBRD835L                          MBRD835LG
 MBRF40250T                        MBRF40250TG
 MBRM120ET1                        MBRM120ET1G
 MBRM120ET3                        MBRM120ET3G
 MBRM130LT1                        MBRM130LT1G
 MBRS260T3                         MBRS260T3G
 MBRS3100T3                        MBRS3100T3G
 MBRS330T3                         MBRS330T3G
 MC100E141FNR2                     MC100E141FNR2G
 MC100E446FNR2                     MC100E446FNR2G
 MC100EL11DTR2                     MC100EL11DTR2G

Issue Date: 03 Jan 2008      Rev.08-24-05               Page 5 of 26
          Leaded EOL Parts         G Replacement Part
 MC100EL16DT                       MC100EL16DTG
 MC100EL31DT                       MC100EL31DTG
 MC100EL52DT                       MC100EL52DTG
 MC100ELT20DT                      MC100ELT20DTG
 MC100ELT21DT                      MC100ELT21DTG
 MC100ELT25DT                      MC100ELT25DTG
 MC100ELT28DT                      MC100ELT28DTG
 MC100EP101FAR2                    MC100EP101FAR2G
 MC100EP16VCDT                     MC100EP16VCDTG
 MC100EP445FAR2                    MC100EP445FAR2G
 MC100EP446FAR2                    MC100EP446FAR2G
 MC100H603FN                       MC100H603FNG
 MC100H605FNR2                     MC100H605FNR2G
 MC100LVEL01DT                     MC100LVEL01DTG
 MC100LVEL31DT                     MC100LVEL31DTG
 MC100LVEL32DT                     MC100LVEL32DTG
 MC10E122FNR2                      MC10E122FNR2G
 MC10E155FN                        MC10E155FNG
 MC10E171FN                        MC10E171FNG
 MC10E411FN                        MC10E411FNG
 MC10E431FNR2                      MC10E431FNR2G
 MC10E451FN                        MC10E451FNG
 MC10EL04DT                        MC10EL04DTG
 MC10EL07DT                        MC10EL07DTG
 MC10EL12DT                        MC10EL12DTG
 MC10EL35DT                        MC10EL35DTG
 MC10EL51DT                        MC10EL51DTG
 MC10ELT20DT                       MC10ELT20DTG
 MC10ELT24DT                       MC10ELT24DTG
 MC10ELT25DT                       MC10ELT25DTG
 MC10EP139DW                       MC10EP139DWG
 MC10EP17DW                        MC10EP17DWG
 MC10EP35DT                        MC10EP35DTG
 MC10EP445FAR2                     MC10EP445FAR2G
 MC10EP451FAR2                     MC10EP451FAR2G
 MC10EP52D                         MC10EP52DG
 MC10EP58DT                        MC10EP58DTG
 MC10EP89DR2                       MC10EP89DR2G
 MC10H104P                         MC10H104PG
 MC10H109FN                        MC10H109FNG
 MC10H117FN                        MC10H117FNG
 MC10H123P                         MC10H123PG
 MC10H158FN                        MC10H158FNG
 MC10H159FNR2                      MC10H159FNR2G
 MC10H161FN                        MC10H161FNG
 MC10H161FNR2                      MC10H161FNR2G
 MC10H165P                         MC10H165PG
 MC10H174P                         MC10H174PG
 MC10H176P                         MC10H176PG
 MC10H186FN                        MC10H186FNG
 MC10H330FNR2                      MC10H330FNR2G
 MC10LVEP16D                       MC10LVEP16DG
 MC10LVEP16DR2                     MC10LVEP16DR2G
 MC14001UBCP                       MC14001UBCPG

Issue Date: 03 Jan 2008      Rev.08-24-05               Page 6 of 26
          Leaded EOL Parts         G Replacement Part
 MC14007UBCP                       MC14007UBCPG
 MC14007UBD                        MC14007UBDG
 MC14008BDR2                       MC14008BDR2G
 MC14011UBD                        MC14011UBDG
 MC14012BD                         MC14012BDG
 MC14015BD                         MC14015BDG
 MC14016BD                         MC14016BDG
 MC14022BDR2                       MC14022BDR2G
 MC14028BD                         MC14028BDG
 MC1403BD                          MC1403BDG
 MC1403BDR2                        MC1403BDR2G
 MC1403BP1                         MC1403BP1G
 MC1403D                           MC1403DG
 MC1403DR2                         MC1403DR2G
 MC1403P1                          MC1403P1G
 MC14042BDR2                       MC14042BDR2G
 MC14073BD                         MC14073BDG
 MC14082BD                         MC14082BDG
 MC14082BDR2                       MC14082BDR2G
 MC14175BD                         MC14175BDG
 MC14518BDW                        MC14518BDWG
 MC14518BDWR2                      MC14518BDWR2G
 MC14557BDWR2                      MC14557BDWR2G
 MC14569BDW                        MC14569BDWG
 MC14572UBD                        MC14572UBDG
 MC14585BDR2                       MC14585BDR2G
 MC14598BCP                        MC14598BCPG
 MC33030P                          MC33030PG
 MC33035DWR2                       MC33035DWR2G
 MC33039DR2                        MC33039DR2G
 MC33060AD                         MC33060ADG
 MC33060AP                         MC33060APG
 MC33063ADR2                       MC33063ADR2G
 MC33063AP1                        MC33063AP1G
 MC33063AVDR2                      MC33063AVDR2G
 MC33064D-005                      MC33064D-5G
 MC33064SN-5T1                     MC33064SN-5T1G
 MC33067DW                         MC33067DWG
 MC33067DWR2                       MC33067DWR2G
 MC33067P                          MC33067PG
 MC33151D                          MC33151DG
 MC33151D                          MC33151DG
 MC33151DR2                        MC33151DR2G
 MC33151DR2                        MC33151DR2G
 MC33151P                          MC33151PG
 MC33151P                          MC33151PG
 MC33151VDR2                       MC33151VDR2G
 MC33152D                          MC33152DG
 MC33152D                          MC33152DG
 MC33152DR2                        MC33152DR2G
 MC33152DR2                        MC33152DR2G
 MC33152P                          MC33152PG
 MC33152P                          MC33152PG
 MC33152VDR2                       MC33152VDR2G

Issue Date: 03 Jan 2008      Rev.08-24-05               Page 7 of 26
          Leaded EOL Parts         G Replacement Part
 MC33152VDR2                       MC33152VDR2G
 MC33153D                          MC33153DG
 MC33153DR2                        MC33153DR2G
 MC33153P                          MC33153PG
 MC33153P                          MC33153PG
 MC33160P                          MC33160PG
 MC33161D                          MC33161DG
 MC33161DMR2                       MC33161DMR2G
 MC33161P                          MC33161PG
 MC33164D-003                      MC33164D-3G
 MC33164D-005                      MC33164D-5G
 MC33164D-3R2                      MC33164D-3R2G
 MC33164DM-5R2                     MC33164DM-5R2G
 MC33166T                          MC33166TG
 MC33166T                          MC33166TG
 MC33167D2TR4                      MC33167D2TR4G
 MC33232P                          MC33232PG
 MC33260D                          MC33260DG
 MC33262D                          MC33262DG
 MC33262DR2                        MC33262DR2G
 MC33262P                          MC33262PG
 MC33269D-3.3                      MC33269D-3.3G
 MC33269D-5.0                      MC33269D-5.0G
 MC33269DT                         MC33269DTG
 MC33269DT-3.3                     MC33269DT-3.3G
 MC33275DT-2.5RK                   MC33275DT-2.5RKG
 MC33275ST-3.3T3                   MC33275ST-3.3T3G
 MC33340D                          MC33340DG
 MC33340DR2                        MC33340DR2G
 MC33340P                          MC33340PG
 MC33341D                          MC33341DG
 MC33341DR2                        MC33341DR2G
 MC33341P                          MC33341PG
 MC33342D                          MC33342DG
 MC33342P                          MC33342PG
 MC33362DW                         MC33362DWG
 MC33362DWR2                       MC33362DWR2G
 MC33363ADW                        MC33363ADWG
 MC33363AP                         MC33363APG
 MC33363BDW                        MC33363BDWG
 MC33364D1                         MC33364D1G
 MC33364D1R2                       MC33364D1R2G
 MC33364D2                         MC33364D2G
 MC33364D2R2                       MC33364D2R2G
 MC33364DR2                        MC33364DR2G
 MC33368D                          MC33368DG
 MC33368DR2                        MC33368DR2G
 MC33368P                          MC33368PG
 MC33375ST-1.8T3                   MC33375ST-1.8T3G
 MC33375ST-3.0T3                   MC33375ST-3.0T3G
 MC33762DM-2828R2                  MC33762DM-2828RG
 MC33762DM-3030R2                  MC33762DM-3030RG
 MC34060AD                         MC34060ADG
 MC34060ADR2                       MC34060ADR2G

Issue Date: 03 Jan 2008      Rev.08-24-05               Page 8 of 26
          Leaded EOL Parts         G Replacement Part
 MC34060AP                         MC34060APG
 MC34063AD                         MC34063ADG
 MC34063AD                         MC34063ADG
 MC34063ADR2                       MC34063ADR2G
 MC34063AP1                        MC34063AP1G
 MC34064D-005                      MC34064D-005G
 MC34064D-5R2                      MC34064D-5R2G
 MC34064DM-5R2                     MC34064DM-5R2G
 MC34064SN-5T1                     MC34064SN-5T1G
 MC34067DW                         MC34067DWG
 MC34067DWR2                       MC34067DWR2G
 MC34067P                          MC34067PG
 MC34151D                          MC34151DG
 MC34151D                          MC34151DG
 MC34151DR2                        MC34151DR2G
 MC34151DR2                        MC34151DR2G
 MC34151P                          MC34151PG
 MC34151P                          MC34151PG
 MC34152D                          MC34152DG
 MC34152D                          MC34152DG
 MC34152DR2                        MC34152DR2G
 MC34152DR2                        MC34152DR2G
 MC34152P                          MC34152PG
 MC34152P                          MC34152PG
 MC34160P                          MC34160PG
 MC34161D                          MC34161DG
 MC34161DMR2                       MC34161DMR2G
 MC34161DR2                        MC34161DR2G
 MC34161P                          MC34161PG
 MC34163DW                         MC34163DWG
 MC34163DW                         MC34163DWG
 MC34163DWR2                       MC34163DWR2G
 MC34163P                          MC34163PG
 MC34163P                          MC34163PG
 MC34164D-003                      MC34164D-3G
 MC34164D-005                      MC34164D-5G
 MC34164D-3R2                      MC34164D-3R2G
 MC34164D-5R2                      MC34164D-5R2G
 MC34164DM-3R2                     MC34164DM-3R2G
 MC34164DM-5R2                     MC34164DM-5R2G
 MC34164SN-5T1                     MC34164SN-5T1G
 MC34166D2T                        MC34166D2TG
 MC34166D2T                        MC34166D2TG
 MC34166T                          MC34166TG
 MC34166T                          MC34166TG
 MC34166TH                         MC34166THG
 MC34166TH                         MC34166THG
 MC34166TV                         MC34166TVG
 MC34166TV                         MC34166TVG
 MC34167D2T                        MC34167D2TG
 MC34167D2T                        MC34167D2TG
 MC34167D2TR4                      MC34167D2TR4G
 MC34167T                          MC34167TG
 MC34167T                          MC34167TG

Issue Date: 03 Jan 2008      Rev.08-24-05               Page 9 of 26
          Leaded EOL Parts         G Replacement Part
 MC34167TH                         MC34167THG
 MC34167TV                         MC34167TVG
 MC34167TV                         MC34167TVG
 MC3423D                           MC3423DG
 MC3423DR2                         MC3423DR2G
 MC3423P1                          MC3423P1G
 MC34262D                          MC34262DG
 MC34262DR2                        MC34262DR2G
 MC34262P                          MC34262PG
 MC44603ADW                        MC44603ADWG
 MC44604P                          MC44604PG
 MC44608P40                        MC44608P40G
 MC74AC00N                         MC74AC00NG
 MC74AC02D                         MC74AC02DG
 MC74AC04N                         MC74AC04NG
 MC74AC08N                         MC74AC08NG
 MC74AC125D                        MC74AC125DG
 MC74AC125N                        MC74AC125NG
 MC74AC132N                        MC74AC132NG
 MC74AC139D                        MC74AC139DG
 MC74AC139N                        MC74AC139NG
 MC74AC14N                         MC74AC14NG
 MC74AC157D                        MC74AC157DG
 MC74AC157N                        MC74AC157NG
 MC74AC161D                        MC74AC161DG
 MC74AC163N                        MC74AC163NG
 MC74AC20D                         MC74AC20DG
 MC74AC240DW                       MC74AC240DWG
 MC74AC240DWR2                     MC74AC240DWR2G
 MC74AC259D                        MC74AC259DG
 MC74AC259N                        MC74AC259NG
 MC74AC273DW                       MC74AC273DWG
 MC74AC32N                         MC74AC32NG
 MC74AC373DW                       MC74AC373DWG
 MC74AC373N                        MC74AC373NG
 MC74AC374DW                       MC74AC374DWG
 MC74AC374DWR2                     MC74AC374DWR2G
 MC74AC377DWR2                     MC74AC377DWR2G
 MC74AC540DW                       MC74AC540DWG
 MC74AC540DWR2                     MC74AC540DWR2G
 MC74AC540N                        MC74AC540NG
 MC74AC574N                        MC74AC574NG
 MC74AC646DW                       MC74AC646DWG
 MC74ACT02D                        MC74ACT02DG
 MC74ACT04N                        MC74ACT04NG
 MC74ACT132D                       MC74ACT132DG
 MC74ACT138N                       MC74ACT138NG
 MC74ACT139D                       MC74ACT139DG
 MC74ACT153D                       MC74ACT153DG
 MC74ACT157D                       MC74ACT157DG
 MC74ACT161D                       MC74ACT161DG
 MC74ACT163D                       MC74ACT163DG
 MC74ACT20D                        MC74ACT20DG
 MC74ACT240N                       MC74ACT240NG

Issue Date: 03 Jan 2008      Rev.08-24-05               Page 10 of 26
         Leaded EOL Parts         G Replacement Part
 MC74ACT241DW                     MC74ACT241DWG
 MC74ACT241DWR2                   MC74ACT241DWR2G
 MC74ACT253D                      MC74ACT253DG
 MC74ACT257D                      MC74ACT257DG
 MC74ACT32N                       MC74ACT32NG
 MC74ACT374DW                     MC74ACT374DWG
 MC74ACT377DW                     MC74ACT377DWG
 MC74ACT377N                      MC74ACT377NG
 MC74ACT540N                      MC74ACT540NG
 MC74ACT573N                      MC74ACT573NG
 MC74ACT646DW                     MC74ACT646DWG
 MC74ACT652N                      MC74ACT652NG
 MC74HC00AD                       MC74HC00ADG
 MC74HC03AD                       MC74HC03ADG
 MC74HC03AN                       MC74HC03ANG
 MC74HC174AN                      MC74HC174ANG
 MC74HC175AD                      MC74HC175ADG
 MC74HC1G00DFT1                   MC74HC1G00DFT1G
 MC74HC1G00DTT1                   MC74HC1G00DTT1G
 MC74HC1G02DFT1                   MC74HC1G02DFT1G
 MC74HC1G02DTT1                   MC74HC1G02DTT1G
 MC74HC1G32DTT1                   MC74HC1G32DTT1G
 MC74HC1GU04DFT2                  MC74HC1GU04DFT2G
 MC74HC244ADT                     MC74HC244ADTG
 MC74HC390AN                      MC74HC390ANG
 MC74HC393AD                      MC74HC393ADG
 MC74HC4020AD                     MC74HC4020ADG
 MC74HC4051AD                     MC74HC4051ADG
 MC74HC4052ADW                    MC74HC4052ADWG
 MC74HC4060AD                     MC74HC4060ADG
 MC74HC4852AD                     MC74HC4852ADG
 MC74HC540ADW                     MC74HC540ADWG
 MC74HCT04AD                      MC74HCT04ADG
 MC74HCT04AN                      MC74HCT04ANG
 MC74HCT138AN                     MC74HCT138ANG
 MC74HCT14AD                      MC74HCT14ADG
 MC74HCT245ADT                    MC74HCT245ADTG
 MC74HCT273ADW                    MC74HCT273ADWG
 MC74HCT373ADW                    MC74HCT373ADWG
 MC74HCT373AN                     MC74HCT373ANG
 MC74HCT374ADW                    MC74HCT374ADWG
 MC74HCT374AN                     MC74HCT374ANG
 MC74HCT541AN                     MC74HCT541ANG
 MC74HCT573ADW                    MC74HCT573ADWG
 MC74HCT573AN                     MC74HCT573ANG
 MC74HCT574ADW                    MC74HCT574ADWG
 MC74HCT74AD                      MC74HCT74ADG
 MC74HCU04AD                      MC74HCU04ADG
 MC74LCX02DR2                     MC74LCX02DR2G
 MC74LCX08D                       MC74LCX08DG
 MC74LCX125D                      MC74LCX125DG
 MC74LCX14D                       MC74LCX14DG
 MC74LCX240DWR2                   MC74LCX240DWR2G
 MC74LCX541DW                     MC74LCX541DWG

Issue Date: 03 Jan 2008     Rev.08-24-05               Page 11 of 26
         Leaded EOL Parts         G Replacement Part
 MC74LCX573DW                     MC74LCX573DWG
 MC74LCX74D                       MC74LCX74DG
 MC74LCX74DR2                     MC74LCX74DR2G
 MC74LCX86DR2                     MC74LCX86DR2G
 MC74LVX125D                      MC74LVX125DG
 MC74LVX4051D                     MC74LVX4051DG
 MC74LVX4051DR2                   MC74LVX4051DR2G
 MC74LVX4052D                     MC74LVX4052DTR2G – similar
 MC74LVX4052DR2                   MC74LVX4052DTR2G – similar
 MC74LVX4053D                     MC74LVX4053DG
 MC74LVX4053DR2                   MC74LVX4053DR2G
 MC74LVX4066DR2                   MC74LVX4066DR2G
 MC74LVX50D                       MC74LVX50DG
 MC74LVX50DR2                     MC74LVX50DR2G
 MC74LVX573DWR2                   MC74LVX573DWR2G
 MC74LVXT4051D                    MC74LVXT4051DTRG – similar
 MC74LVXT4051DR2                  MC74LVXT4051DTRG – similar
 MC74LVXT4052D                    MC74LVXT4052DTR2G – similar
 MC74LVXT4052DR2                  MC74LVXT4052DTR2G – similar
 MC74LVXT4053D                    MC74LVXT4053DTR2G – similar
 MC74LVXT4053DR2                  MC74LVXT4053DTR2G – similar
 MC74LVXT4066DR2                  MC74LVXT4066DR2G
 MC74LVXT8051D                    MC74LVXT8051DG
 MC74VHC04DR2                     MC74VHC04DR2G
 MC74VHC14D                       MC74VHC14DG
 MC74VHC1G01DFT1                  MC74VHC1G01DFT1G
 MC74VHC1G02DTT1                  MC74VHC1G02DTT1G
 MC74VHC1G07DFT2                  MC74VHC1G07DFT2G
 MC74VHC1G09DFT1                  MC74VHC1G09DFT1G
 MC74VHC1G09DTT1                  MC74VHC1G09DTT1G
 MC74VHC1G135DFT1                 M74VHC1G135DFT2G
 MC74VHC1G135DTT1                 M74VHC1G135DTT1G
 MC74VHC1G66DFT1                  MC74VHC1G66DFT2G
 MC74VHC1G66DTT1                  MC74VHC1G66DTT1G
 MC74VHC1GT00DFT1                 M74VHC1GT00DFT1G
 MC74VHC1GT02DFT2                 M74VHC1GT02DFT2G
 MC74VHC1GT02DTT1                 M74VHC1GT02DTT1G
 MC74VHC1GT86DFT2                 M74VHC1GT86DFT2G
 MC74VHC1GT86DTT1                 M74VHC1GT86DTT1G
 MC74VHC245DW                     MC74VHC245DWG
 MC74VHC245DWR2                   MC74VHC245DWR2G
 MC74VHC4053DR2                   MC74VHC4053DR2G
 MC74VHC50D                       MC74VHC50DG
 MC74VHC540DWR2                   MC74VHC540DWR2G
 MC74VHC541DWR2                   MC74VHC541DWR2G
 MC74VHC86DR2                     MC74VHC86DR2G
 MC74VHCT04ADR2                   MC74VHCT04ADR2G
 MC74VHCT126ADR2                  MC74VHCT126ADR2G
 MC74VHCT245ADW                   MC74VHCT245ADWG
 MC74VHCT32ADR2                   MC74VHCT32ADR2G
 MC74VHCT50ADR2                   MC74VHCT50ADR2G
 MC74VHCT541ADW                   MC74VHCT541ADWG
 MC7805ABD2T                      MC7805ABD2TG
 MC7805ABT                        MC7805ABTG

Issue Date: 03 Jan 2008     Rev.08-24-05                        Page 12 of 26
          Leaded EOL Parts         G Replacement Part
 MC7805ACD2T                       MC7805ACD2TG
 MC7805BD2T                        MC7805BD2TG
 MC7805BDT                         MC7805BDTG
 MC7805BDTRK                       MC7805BDTRKG
 MC7805CDTRK                       MC7805CDTRKG
 MC7806ACT                         MC7806ACTG
 MC7806BD2T                        MC7806BD2TG
 MC7806BD2TR4                      MC7806BD2TR4G
 MC7806BT                          MC7806BTG
 MC7806CT                          MC7806CTG
 MC7808ABD2TR4                     MC7808ABD2TR4G
 MC7808ACT                         MC7808ACTG
 MC7808BD2T                        MC7808BD2TG
 MC7808BDTRK                       MC7808BDTRKG
 MC7808BT                          MC7808BTG
 MC7808CD2TR4                      MC7808CD2TR4G
 MC7809ACT                         MC7809ACTG
 MC7809BT                          MC7809BTG
 MC7809CD2T                        MC7809CD2TG
 MC7809CT                          MC7809CTG
 MC7812ABD2T                       MC7812ABD2TG
 MC7812ABD2TR4                     MC7812ABD2TR4G
 MC7812ABT                         MC7812ABTG
 MC7812ACD2T                       MC7812ACD2TG
 MC7812ACT                         MC7812ACTG
 MC7812BD2TR4                      MC7812BD2TR4G
 MC7812BDT                         MC7812BDTG
 MC7812CD2T                        MC7812CD2TG
 MC7812CD2TR4                      MC7812CD2TR4G
 MC7812CDT                         MC7812CDTG
 MC7812CDTRK                       MC7812CDTRKG
 MC7815ABD2T                       MC7815ABD2TG
 MC7815ABT                         MC7815ABTG
 MC7815ACD2T                       MC7815ACD2TG
 MC7815ACT                         MC7815ACTG
 MC7815BD2T                        MC7815BD2TG
 MC7815BD2TR4                      MC7815BD2TR4G
 MC7815BDT                         MC7815BDTG
 MC7815BDTRK                       MC7815BDTRKG
 MC7815BT                          MC7815BTG
 MC7815CD2T                        MC7815CD2TG
 MC7815CD2TR4                      MC7815CD2TR4G
 MC7815CDT                         MC7815CDTG
 MC7815CDTRK                       MC7815CDTRKG
 MC7818ACT                         MC7818ACTG
 MC7818BT                          MC7818BTG
 MC7818CD2TR4                      MC7818CD2TR4G
 MC7818CT                          MC7818CTG
 MC7824ACT                         MC7824ACTG
 MC7824BD2T                        MC7824BD2TG
 MC7824BD2TR4                      MC7824BD2TR4G
 MC7824BT                          MC7824BTG
 MC7824CD2T                        MC7824CD2TG
 MC7824CD2TR4                      MC7824CD2TR4G

Issue Date: 03 Jan 2008      Rev.08-24-05               Page 13 of 26
          Leaded EOL Parts         G Replacement Part
 MC7824CT                          MC7824CTG
 MC78L05ABD                        MC78L05ABDG
 MC78L05ACD                        MC78L05ACDG
 MC78L08ABD                        MC78L08ABDG
 MC78L08ABDR2                      MC78L08ABDR2G
 MC78LC18NTR                       MC78LC18NTRG
 MC78LC33NTR                       MC78LC33NTRG
 MC78LC50NTR                       MC78LC50NTRG
 MC78M05BDT                        MC78M05BDTG
 MC78M05BT                         MC78M05BTG
 MC78M05CT                         MC78M05CTG
 MC78M08BDTRK                      MC78M08BDTRKG
 MC78M08CDTRK                      MC78M08CDTRKG
 MC78M12BDT                        MC78M12BDTG
 MC78M12BT                         MC78M12BTG
 MC78M12CDT                        MC78M12CDTG
 MC78M12CDTRK                      MC78M12CDTRKG
 MC78M15BDT                        MC78M15BDTG
 MC78M15CDTRK                      MC78M15CDTRKG
 MC7912CT                          MC7912CTG
 MC7915CT                          MC7915CTG
 MC79L12ABDR2                      MC79L12ABDR2G
 MC79L12ACDR2                      MC79L12ACDR2G
 MC79L15ACDR2                      MC79L15ACDR2G
 MC79M05BDTRK                      MC79M05BDTRKG
 MC79M12BDT                        MC79M12BDTG
 MC79M12CDTRK                      MC79M12CDTRKG
 MC79M15CDTRK                      MC79M15CDTRKG
 MC79M15CT                         MC79M15CTG
 MDC3105DMT1                       MDC3105DMT1G
 MDC3105LT1                        MDC3105LT1G
 MGP15N40CL                        MGP15N40CLG
 MLD1N06CLT4                       MLD1N06CLT4G
 MLD2N06CLT4                       MLD2N06CLT4G
 MLP1N06CL                         MLP1N06CLG
 MMBD330T1                         MMBD330T1G
 MMBD354LT1                        MMBD354LT1G
 MMBF170LT3                        MMBF170LT3G
 MMBF5460LT1                       MMBF5460LT1G
 MMBT2131T1                        MMBT2131T1G
 MMBT2222LT1                       MMBT2222LT1G
 MMBT2907ALT3                      MMBT2907ALT3G
 MMBT3906LT3                       MMBT3906LT3G
 MMBT6427LT1                       MMBT6427LT1G
 MMBT8099LT1                       MMBT8099LT1G
 MMBTA55LT1                        MMBTA55LT1G
 MMBTA63LT1                        MMBTA63LT1G
 MMBV105GLT1                       MMBV105GLT1G
 MMDF2C03HDR2                      MMDF2C03HDR2G
 MMDF2N02ER2                       MMDF2N02ER2G
 MMQA12VT1                         MMQA12VT1G
 MMQA20VT1                         MMQA20VT1G
 MMQA33VT1                         MMQA33VT1G
 MMQA5V6T1                         MMQA5V6T1G

Issue Date: 03 Jan 2008      Rev.08-24-05               Page 14 of 26
          Leaded EOL Parts         G Replacement Part
 MMQA6V8T1                         MMQA6V8T1G
 MMSD914T3                         MMSD914T3G
 MMSF7P03HDR2                      MMSF7P03HDR2G
 MMUN2113LT1                       MMUN2113LT1G
 MMUN2214LT1                       MMUN2214LT1G
 MMUN2216LT1                       MMUN2216LT1G
 MMUN2233LT1                       MMUN2233LT1G
 MMUN2238LT1                       MMUN2238LT1G
 MPS2222ARLRA                      MPS2222ARLRAG
 MPS2907A                          MPS2907AG
 MPS651                            MPS651G
 MPS651RLRM                        MPS651RLRMG
 MPS751                            MPS751G
 MPS751RLRA                        MPS751RLRAG
 MPSA13RLRA                        MPSA13RLRAG
 MPSA29RLRP                        MPSA29RLRPG
 MPSA42RLRA                        MPSA42RLRAG
 MPSA55RLRA                        MPSA55RLRAG
 MPSW06RLRA                        MPSW06RLRAG
 MPSW42RLRA                        MPSW42RLRAG
 MSD602-RT1                        MSD602-RT1G
 MSQA6V1W5T2                       MSQA6V1W5T2G
 MTP23P06V                         MTP23P06VG
 MTP2P50E                          MTP2P50EG
 MUN2232T1                         MUN2232T1G
 MUN5114T1                         MUN5114T1G
 MUN5235DW1T1                      MUN5235DW1T1G
 MUR1540                           MUR1540G
 MUR1615CT                         MUR1615CTG
 MUR1620CTR                        MUR1620CTRG
 MUR3060PT                         MUR3060PTG
 MUR3060WT                         MUR3060WTG
 MUR810                            MUR810G
 MUR8100E                          MUR8100EG
 MURB1620CT                        MURB1620CTG
 MURB1660CTT4                      MURB1660CTT4G
 MURD340T4                         MURD340T4G
 MURD620CT                         MURD620CTG
 MURF1660CT                        MURF1660CTG
 MURS105T3                         MURS105T3G
 MV209                             MV209G
 MV2109                            MV2109G
 NB100LVEP56MN                     NB100LVEP56MNG
 NB100LVEP91DWR2                   NB100LVEP91DWR2G
 NB6L16D                           NB6L16DG
 NBC12439FA                        NBC12439FAG
 NCP1000P                          NCP1000PG
 NCP100SNT1                        NCP100SNT1G
 NCP1010AP065                      NCP1010AP065G
 NCP1010AP100                      NCP1010AP100G
 NCP1011AP065                      NCP1011AP065G
 NCP1011AP100                      NCP1011AP100G
 NCP1011ST100T3                    NCP1011ST100T3G
 NCP1012AP065                      NCP1012AP065G

Issue Date: 03 Jan 2008      Rev.08-24-05               Page 15 of 26
          Leaded EOL Parts         G Replacement Part
 NCP1012AP100                      NCP1012AP100G
 NCP1012AP133                      NCP1012AP133G
 NCP1013AP065                      NCP1013AP065G
 NCP1013AP100                      NCP1013AP100G
 NCP1014AP065                      NCP1014AP065G
 NCP1014AP100                      NCP1014AP100G
 NCP1014ST65T3                     NCP1014ST65T3G
 NCP1050P136                       NCP1050P136G
 NCP1050P44                        NCP1050P44G
 NCP1050ST100T3                    NCP1050ST100T3G
 NCP1050ST136T3                    NCP1050ST136T3G
 NCP1051P136                       NCP1051P136G
 NCP1051P44                        NCP1051P44G
 NCP1051ST100T3                    NCP1051ST100T3G
 NCP1051ST44T3                     NCP1051ST44T3G
 NCP1052P100                       NCP1052P100G
 NCP1052ST100T3                    NCP1052ST100T3G
 NCP1053P136                       NCP1053P136G
 NCP1053ST136T3                    NCP1053ST136T3G
 NCP1053ST44T3                     NCP1053ST44T3G
 NCP1054P136                       NCP1054P136G
 NCP1054P44                        NCP1054P44G
 NCP1054ST100T3                    NCP1054ST100T3G
 NCP1055P100                       NCP1055P100G
 NCP1055P136                       NCP1055P136G
 NCP1055P44                        NCP1055P44G
 NCP1055ST100T3                    NCP1055ST100T3G
 NCP1055ST136T3                    NCP1055ST136T3G
 NCP1086D2T-ADJR4                  NCP1086D2TADJR4G
 NCP1117DT12RK                     NCP1117DT12RKG
 NCP1117DT18RK                     NCP1117DT18RKG
 NCP1117DT33                       NCP1117DT33G
 NCP1117DT33RK                     NCP1117DT33RKG
 NCP1117ST33T3                     NCP1117ST33T3G
 NCP1117STAT3                      NCP1117STAT3G
 NCP112DR2                         NCP112DR2G
 NCP1200D40R2                      NCP1200D40R2G
 NCP1200D60R2                      NCP1200D60R2G
 NCP1200P100                       NCP1200P100G
 NCP1200P40                        NCP1200P40G
 NCP1200P60                        NCP1200P60G
 NCP1201D100R2                     NCP1201D100R2G
 NCP1201P100                       NCP1201P100G
 NCP1203P100                       NCP1203P100G
 NCP1203P40                        NCP1203P40G
 NCP1205P                          NCP1205PG
 NCP1207AP                         NCP1207APG
 NCP1212DR2                        NCP1212DR2G
 NCP1215ASNT1                      NCP1215ASNT1G
 NCP1216AD100R2                    NCP1216AD100R2G
 NCP1216AP133                      NCP1216AP133G
 NCP1216AP65                       NCP1216AP65G
 NCP1216D100R2                     NCP1216D100R2G
 NCP1216D133R2                     NCP1216D133R2G

Issue Date: 03 Jan 2008      Rev.08-24-05               Page 16 of 26
          Leaded EOL Parts         G Replacement Part
 NCP1216D65R2                      NCP1216D65R2G
 NCP1216P100                       NCP1216P100G
 NCP1217AD100R2                    NCP1217AD100R2G
 NCP1217AD65R2                     NCP1217AD65R2G
 NCP1217AP100                      NCP1217AP100G
 NCP1217D100R2                     NCP1217D100R2G
 NCP1217D65R2                      NCP1217D65R2G
 NCP1217P133                       NCP1217P133G
 NCP1230D65R2                      NCP1230D65R2G
 NCP1377BDR2                       NCP1377BDR2G
 NCP1377DR2                        NCP1377DR2G
 NCP1377P                          NCP1377PG
 NCP1378DR2                        NCP1378DR2G
 NCP1400ASN19T1                    NCP1400ASN19T1G
 NCP1400ASN22T1                    NCP1400ASN22T1G
 NCP1400ASN25T1                    NCP1400ASN25T1G
 NCP1400ASN27T1                    NCP1400ASN27T1G
 NCP1400ASN30T1                    NCP1400ASN30T1G
 NCP1400ASN33T1                    NCP1400ASN33T1G
 NCP1400ASN38T1                    NCP1400ASN38T1G
 NCP1400ASN45T1                    NCP1400ASN45T1G
 NCP1402SN19T1                     NCP1402SN19T1G
 NCP1402SN27T1                     NCP1402SN27T1G
 NCP1402SN30T1                     NCP1402SN30T1G
 NCP1402SN33T1                     NCP1402SN33T1G
 NCP1402SN40T1                     NCP1402SN40T1G
 NCP1402SN50T1                     NCP1402SN50T1G
 NCP1406SNT1                       NCP1406SNT1G
 NCP1410DMR2                       NCP1410DMR2G
 NCP1421DMR2                       NCP1421DMR2G
 NCP1422MNR2                       NCP1422MNR2G
 NCP1423DMR2                       NCP1423DMR2G
 NCP1450ASN19T1                    NCP1450ASN19T1G
 NCP1450ASN27T1                    NCP1450ASN27T1G
 NCP1450ASN30T1                    NCP1450ASN30T1G
 NCP1450ASN33T1                    NCP1450ASN33T1G
 NCP1450ASN50T1                    NCP1450ASN50T1G
 NCP1500DMR2                       NCP1500DMR2G
 NCP1501DMR2                       NCP1501DMR2G
 NCP1530DM25R2                     NCP1530DM25R2G
 NCP1530DM27R2                     NCP1530DM27R2G
 NCP1530DM30R2                     NCP1530DM30R2G
 NCP1530DM33R2                     NCP1530DM33R2G
 NCP1550SN18T1                     NCP1550SN18T1G
 NCP1550SN19T1                     NCP1550SN19T1G
 NCP1550SN25T1                     NCP1550SN25T1G
 NCP1550SN27T1                     NCP1550SN27T1G
 NCP1550SN30T1                     NCP1550SN30T1G
 NCP1550SN33T1                     NCP1550SN33T1G
 NCP1651DR2                        NCP1651DR2G
 NCP1653ADR2                       NCP1653ADR2G
 NCP1653AP                         NCP1653APG
 NCP1653DR2                        NCP1653DR2G
 NCP1653P                          NCP1653PG

Issue Date: 03 Jan 2008      Rev.08-24-05               Page 17 of 26
          Leaded EOL Parts         G Replacement Part
 NCP1729SN35T1                     NCP1729SN35T1G
 NCP1800DM42R2                     NCP1800DM42R2G
 NCP1835BMNR2                      NCP1835BMNR2G
 NCP1835MN24T2                     NCP1835MN24T2G
 NCP2809ADMR2                      NCP2809ADMR2G
 NCP2809BDMR2                      NCP2809BDMR2G
 NCP2890DMR2                       NCP2890DMR2G
 NCP300HSN09T1                     NCP300HSN09T1G
 NCP300HSN18T1                     NCP300HSN18T1G
 NCP300HSN27T1                     NCP300HSN27T1G
 NCP300HSN30T1                     NCP300HSN30T1G
 NCP300HSN45T1                     NCP300HSN45T1G
 NCP300LSN09T1                     NCP300LSN09T1G
 NCP300LSN185T1                    NCP300LSN185T1G
 NCP300LSN18T1                     NCP300LSN18T1G
 NCP300LSN20T1                     NCP300LSN20T1G
 NCP300LSN27T1                     NCP300LSN27T1G
 NCP300LSN28T1                     NCP300LSN28T1G
 NCP300LSN30T1                     NCP300LSN30T1G
 NCP300LSN33T1                     NCP300LSN33T1G
 NCP300LSN34T1                     NCP300LSN34T1G
 NCP300LSN44T1                     NCP300LSN44T1G
 NCP300LSN45T1                     NCP300LSN45T1G
 NCP300LSN46T1                     NCP300LSN46T1G
 NCP300LSN47T1                     NCP300LSN47T1G
 NCP301HSN09T1                     NCP301HSN09T1G
 NCP301HSN18T1                     NCP301HSN18T1G
 NCP301HSN22T1                     NCP301HSN22T1G
 NCP301HSN27T1                     NCP301HSN27T1G
 NCP301HSN30T1                     NCP301HSN30T1G
 NCP301HSN45T1                     NCP301HSN45T1G
 NCP301LSN09T1                     NCP301LSN09T1G
 NCP301LSN12T1                     NCP301LSN12T1G
 NCP301LSN16T1                     NCP301LSN16T1G
 NCP301LSN18T1                     NCP301LSN18T1G
 NCP301LSN20T1                     NCP301LSN20T1G
 NCP301LSN22T1                     NCP301LSN22T1G
 NCP301LSN25T1                     NCP301LSN25T1G
 NCP301LSN26T1                     NCP301LSN26T1G
 NCP301LSN28T1                     NCP301LSN28T1G
 NCP301LSN31T1                     NCP301LSN31T1G
 NCP301LSN32T1                     NCP301LSN32T1G
 NCP301LSN33T1                     NCP301LSN33T1G
 NCP301LSN34T1                     NCP301LSN34T1G
 NCP301LSN40T1                     NCP301LSN40T1G
 NCP301LSN42T1                     NCP301LSN42T1G
 NCP301LSN45T1                     NCP301LSN45T1G
 NCP301LSN46T1                     NCP301LSN46T1G
 NCP301LSN47T1                     NCP301LSN47T1G
 NCP302HSN09T1                     NCP302HSN09T1G
 NCP302HSN18T1                     NCP302HSN18T1G
 NCP302HSN27T1                     NCP302HSN27T1G
 NCP302HSN30T1                     NCP302HSN30T1G
 NCP302HSN40T1                     NCP302HSN40T1G

Issue Date: 03 Jan 2008      Rev.08-24-05               Page 18 of 26
          Leaded EOL Parts         G Replacement Part
 NCP302HSN45T1                     NCP302HSN45T1G
 NCP302LSN09T1                     NCP302LSN09T1G
 NCP302LSN15T1                     NCP302LSN15T1G
 NCP302LSN18T1                     NCP302LSN18T1G
 NCP302LSN20T1                     NCP302LSN20T1G
 NCP302LSN27T1                     NCP302LSN27T1G
 NCP302LSN30T1                     NCP302LSN30T1G
 NCP302LSN33T1                     NCP302LSN33T1G
 NCP302LSN38T1                     NCP302LSN38T1G
 NCP302LSN40T1                     NCP302LSN40T1G
 NCP302LSN43T1                     NCP302LSN43T1G
 NCP302LSN45T1                     NCP302LSN45T1G
 NCP303LSN09T1                     NCP303LSN09T1G
 NCP303LSN11T1                     NCP303LSN11T1G
 NCP303LSN13T1                     NCP303LSN13T1G
 NCP303LSN14T1                     NCP303LSN14T1G
 NCP303LSN15T1                     NCP303LSN15T1G
 NCP303LSN16T1                     NCP303LSN16T1G
 NCP303LSN17T1                     NCP303LSN17T1G
 NCP303LSN18T1                     NCP303LSN18T1G
 NCP303LSN20T1                     NCP303LSN20T1G
 NCP303LSN22T1                     NCP303LSN22T1G
 NCP303LSN23T1                     NCP303LSN23T1G
 NCP303LSN24T1                     NCP303LSN24T1G
 NCP303LSN25T1                     NCP303LSN25T1G
 NCP303LSN26T1                     NCP303LSN26T1G
 NCP303LSN27T1                     NCP303LSN27T1G
 NCP303LSN28T1                     NCP303LSN28T1G
 NCP303LSN29T1                     NCP303LSN29T1G
 NCP303LSN30T1                     NCP303LSN30T1G
 NCP303LSN31T1                     NCP303LSN31T1G
 NCP303LSN32T1                     NCP303LSN32T1G
 NCP303LSN33T1                     NCP303LSN33T1G
 NCP303LSN34T1                     NCP303LSN34T1G
 NCP303LSN36T1                     NCP303LSN36T1G
 NCP303LSN38T1                     NCP303LSN38T1G
 NCP303LSN40T1                     NCP303LSN40T1G
 NCP303LSN42T1                     NCP303LSN42T1G
 NCP303LSN44T1                     NCP303LSN44T1G
 NCP303LSN45T1                     NCP303LSN45T1G
 NCP303LSN47T1                     NCP303LSN47T1G
 NCP303LSN49T1                     NCP303LSN49T1G
 NCP304HSQ09T1                     NCP304HSQ09T1G
 NCP304HSQ18T1                     NCP304HSQ18T1G
 NCP304HSQ20T1                     NCP304HSQ20T1G
 NCP304HSQ22T1                     NCP304HSQ22T1G
 NCP304HSQ27T1                     NCP304HSQ27T1G
 NCP304HSQ29T1                     NCP304HSQ29T1G
 NCP304HSQ30T1                     NCP304HSQ30T1G
 NCP304HSQ45T1                     NCP304HSQ45T1G
 NCP304HSQ47T1                     NCP304HSQ47T1G
 NCP304LSQ09T1                     NCP304LSQ09T1G
 NCP304LSQ18T1                     NCP304LSQ18T1G
 NCP304LSQ20T1                     NCP304LSQ20T1G

Issue Date: 03 Jan 2008      Rev.08-24-05               Page 19 of 26
          Leaded EOL Parts         G Replacement Part
 NCP304LSQ23T1                     NCP304LSQ23T1G
 NCP304LSQ25T1                     NCP304LSQ25T1G
 NCP304LSQ30T1                     NCP304LSQ30T1G
 NCP304LSQ33T1                     NCP304LSQ33T1G
 NCP304LSQ37T1                     NCP304LSQ37T1G
 NCP304LSQ38T1                     NCP304LSQ38T1G
 NCP304LSQ40T1                     NCP304LSQ40T1G
 NCP304LSQ42T1                     NCP304LSQ42T1G
 NCP304LSQ45T1                     NCP304LSQ45T1G
 NCP304LSQ46T1                     NCP304LSQ46T1G
 NCP304LSQ47T1                     NCP304LSQ47T1G
 NCP305LSQ09T1                     NCP305LSQ09T1G
 NCP305LSQ11T1                     NCP305LSQ11T1G
 NCP305LSQ15T1                     NCP305LSQ15T1G
 NCP305LSQ16T1                     NCP305LSQ16T1G
 NCP305LSQ17T1                     NCP305LSQ17T1G
 NCP305LSQ18T1                     NCP305LSQ18T1G
 NCP305LSQ20T1                     NCP305LSQ20T1G
 NCP305LSQ22T1                     NCP305LSQ22T1G
 NCP305LSQ23T1                     NCP305LSQ23T1G
 NCP305LSQ24T1                     NCP305LSQ24T1G
 NCP305LSQ25T1                     NCP305LSQ25T1G
 NCP305LSQ26T1                     NCP305LSQ26T1G
 NCP305LSQ27T1                     NCP305LSQ27T1G
 NCP305LSQ28T1                     NCP305LSQ28T1G
 NCP305LSQ29T1                     NCP305LSQ29T1G
 NCP305LSQ30T1                     NCP305LSQ30T1G
 NCP305LSQ30T3                     NCP305LSQ30T3G
 NCP305LSQ31T1                     NCP305LSQ31T1G
 NCP305LSQ32T1                     NCP305LSQ32T1G
 NCP305LSQ33T1                     NCP305LSQ33T1G
 NCP305LSQ34T1                     NCP305LSQ34T1G
 NCP305LSQ35T1                     NCP305LSQ35T1G
 NCP305LSQ36T1                     NCP305LSQ36T1G
 NCP305LSQ37T1                     NCP305LSQ37T1G
 NCP305LSQ40T1                     NCP305LSQ40T1G
 NCP305LSQ44T1                     NCP305LSQ44T1G
 NCP305LSQ45T1                     NCP305LSQ45T1G
 NCP305LSQ47T1                     NCP305LSQ47T1G
 NCP305LSQ49T1                     NCP305LSQ49T1G
 NCP3712ASNT3                      NCP3712ASNT3G
 NCP4300AD                         NCP4300ADG
 NCP4894DMR2                       NCP4894DMR2G
 NCP4894MNR2                       NCP4894MNR2G
 NCP5006SNT1                       NCP5006SNT1G
 NCP5008DMR2                       NCP5008DMR2G
 NCP511SN30T1                      NCP511SN30T1G
 NCP512SQ28T1                      NCP512SQ28T1G
 NCP5603MNR2                       NCP5603MNR2G
 NCP565D2TR4                       NCP565D2TR4G
 NCP612SQ30T1                      NCP612SQ30T1G
 NCP623MN-50R2                     NCP623MN-50R2G
 NCP630AD2TR4                      NCP630AD2TR4G
 NCP803SN160T1                     NCP803SN160T1G

Issue Date: 03 Jan 2008      Rev.08-24-05               Page 20 of 26
          Leaded EOL Parts         G Replacement Part
 NCP803SN232T1                     NCP803SN232T1G
 NCP803SN263T1                     NCP803SN263T1G
 NCP803SN293T1                     NCP803SN293T1G
 NCP803SN293T3                     NCP803SN293T3G
 NCP803SN308T1                     NCP803SN308T1G
 NCP803SN438T1                     NCP803SN438T1G
 NCP803SN463T1                     NCP803SN463T1G
 NCV1009D                          NCV1009DG
 NCV1117DT33T5                     NCV1117DT33T5G
 NCV1117ST15T3                     NCV1117ST15T3G
 NCV1117ST25T3                     NCV1117ST25T3G
 NCV301LSN22T1                     NCV301LSN22T1G
 NCV301LSN40T1                     NCV301LSN40T1G
 NCV303LSN10T1                     NCV303LSN10T1G
 NCV303LSN29T1                     NCV303LSN29T1G
 NCV303LSN30T1                     NCV303LSN30T1G
 NCV303LSN44T1                     NCV303LSN44T1G
 NCV303LSN47T1                     NCV303LSN47T1G
 NCV303LSN49T1                     NCV303LSN49T1G
 NCV33063AVDR2                     NCV33063AVDR2G
 NCV33064D-5R2                     NCV33064D-5R2G
 NCV33064DM-5R2                    NCV33064DM-5R2G
 NCV33161DR2                       NCV33161DR2G
 NCV33163DWR2                      NCV33163DWR2G
 NCV33164D-5R2                     NCV33164D-5R2G
 NCV33269DTRK-3.3                  NCV33269DTRK3.3G
 NCV4269D2                         NCV4269D2G
 NCV4269DW                         NCV4269DWG
 NCV4276DS18                       NCV4276DS18G
 NCV4276DS25                       NCV4276DS25G
 NCV4276DS25R4                     NCV4276DS25R4G
 NCV4276DS33                       NCV4276DS33G
 NCV4276DS50                       NCV4276DS50G
 NCV4276DT33RK                     NCV4276DT33RKG
 NCV4276DT50RK                     NCV4276DT50RKG
 NCV4279BDW                        NCV4279BDWG
 NCV4279BDWR2                      NCV4279BDWR2G
 NCV4299D1R2                       NCV4299D1R2G
 NCV4299D2                         NCV4299D2G
 NCV431AIDMR2                      NCV431AIDMR2G
 NCV431AIDR2                       NCV431AIDR2G
 NCV51411DR2                       NCV51411DR2G
 NCV51411PWR2                      NCV51411PWR2G
 NCV551SN28T1                      NCV551SN28T1G
 NCV7001DW                         NCV7001DWG
 NCV7001DWR2                       NCV7001DWR2G
 NCV7805BT                         NCV7805BTG
 NCV8141D2TR4                      NCV8141D2TR4G
 NCV8501D25R2                      NCV8501D25R2G
 NCV8501D50R2                      NCV8501D50R2G
 NCV8501DADJR2                     NCV8501DADJR2G
 NCV8501PDW100                     NCV8501PDW100G
 NCV8501PDW100R2                   NCV8501PDW100R2G
 NCV8501PDW25                      NCV8501PDW25G

Issue Date: 03 Jan 2008      Rev.08-24-05               Page 21 of 26
          Leaded EOL Parts         G Replacement Part
 NCV8501PDW25R2                    NCV8501PDW25R2G
 NCV8501PDW33                      NCV8501PDW33G
 NCV8501PDW33R2                    NCV8501PDW33R2G
 NCV8501PDW50                      NCV8501PDW50G
 NCV8501PDW80                      NCV8501PDW80G
 NCV8501PDW80R2                    NCV8501PDW80R2G
 NCV8501PDWADJ                     NCV8501PDWADJG
 NCV8501PDWADJR2                   NCV8501PDWADJR2G
 NCV8502D100R2                     NCV8502D100R2G
 NCV8502D25                        NCV8502D25G
 NCV8502D25R2                      NCV8502D25R2G
 NCV8502D33R2                      NCV8502D33R2G
 NCV8502D50R2                      NCV8502D50R2G
 NCV8502PDW100                     NCV8502PDW100G
 NCV8502PDW100R2                   NCV8502PDW100R2G
 NCV8502PDW25                      NCV8502PDW25G
 NCV8502PDW25R2                    NCV8502PDW25R2G
 NCV8502PDW33                      NCV8502PDW33G
 NCV8502PDW33R2                    NCV8502PDW33R2G
 NCV8502PDW50R2                    NCV8502PDW50R2G
 NCV8502PDW80                      NCV8502PDW80G
 NCV8502PDW80R2                    NCV8502PDW80R2G
 NCV8502PDWADJ                     NCV8502PDWADJG
 NCV8503PW25                       NCV8503PW25G
 NCV8503PW25R2                     NCV8503PW25R2G
 NCV8503PW33                       NCV8503PW33G
 NCV8503PW33R2                     NCV8503PW33R2G
 NCV8503PW50                       NCV8503PW50G
 NCV8503PWADJ                      NCV8503PWADJG
 NCV8503PWADJR2                    NCV8503PWADJR2G
 NCV8504PW25                       NCV8504PW25G
 NCV8504PW25R2                     NCV8504PW25R2G
 NCV8504PW33                       NCV8504PW33G
 NCV8504PW50                       NCV8504PW50G
 NCV8504PW50R2                     NCV8504PW50R2G
 NCV8504PWADJ                      NCV8504PWADJG
 NCV8504PWADJR2                    NCV8504PWADJR2G
 NCV8505D2T25                      NCV8505D2T25G
 NCV8505D2T33R4                    NCV8505D2T33R4G
 NCV8505D2T50R4                    NCV8505D2T50R4G
 NCV8506D2T25                      NCV8506D2T25G
 NCV8506D2T33R4                    NCV8506D2T33R4G
 NCV8506D2TADJ                     NCV8506D2TADJG
 NCV8508D2T50R4                    NCV8508D2T50R4G
 NCV8508DW50R2                     NCV8508DW50R2G
 NCV8508PD50R2                     NCV8508PD50R2G
 NCV8509PDW18                      NCV8509PDW18G
 NCV8509PDW18R2                    NCV8509PDW18R2G
 NCV8509PDW25                      NCV8509PDW25G
 NCV8509PDW26                      NCV8509PDW26G
 NDC3105LT1                        NDC3105LT1G
 NGB8206N                          NGB8206NG
 NGD15N41CLT4                      NGD15N41CLT4G
 NGD8201NT4                        NGD8201NT4G

Issue Date: 03 Jan 2008      Rev.08-24-05               Page 22 of 26
          Leaded EOL Parts         G Replacement Part
 NGD8205NT4                        NGD8205NT4G
 NGP15N41CL                        NGP15N41CLG
 NID6002NT4                        NID6002NT4G
 NIF9N05CLT3                       NIF9N05CLT3G
 NIS5102QP1HT1                     NIS5102QP1HT1G
 NIS5102QP2HT1                     NIS5102QP2HT1G
 NL17SZ00DFT2                      NL17SZ00DFT2G
 NL17SZ06DFT2                      NL17SZ06DFT2G
 NL7WB66US                         NL7WB66USG
 NLAS1053US                        NLAS1053USG
 NLAS2066US                        NLAS2066USG
 NLAS2066UST3                      NLAS2066UST3G
 NLAS323US                         NLAS323USG
 NLAS324US                         NLAS324USG
 NLAS325US                         NLAS325USG
 NLAS4051DR2                       NLAS4051DR2G
 NLAS4053DR2                       NLAS4053DR2G
 NLAS44599MN                       NLAS44599MNG
 NLAS44599MNR2                     NLAS44599MNR2G
 NLAS4501DFT2                      NLAS4501DFT2G
 NLAS4501DTT1                      NLAS4501DTT1G
 NLAS4599DFT2                      NLAS4599DFT2G
 NLAS4599DTT1                      NLAS4599DTT1G
 NLAS4684FCT1                      NLAS4684FCT1G
 NLAS4684MNR2                      NLAS4684MNR2G
 NLAS4684MR2                       NLAS4684MR2G
 NLAS4717FCT1                      NLAS4717FCT1G
 NLAS4717MR2                       NLAS4717MR2G
 NLASB3157DFT2                     NLASB3157DFT2G
 NLAST44599MN                      NLAST44599MNG
 NLAST44599MNR2                    NLAST44599MNR2G
 NLAST4501DFT2                     NLAST4501DFT2G
 NLAST4501DTT1                     NLAST4501DTT1G
 NLAST4599DFT2                     NLAST4599DFT2G
 NLVAS4599DFT2                     NLVAS4599DFT2G
 NSQA12VAW5T2                      NSQA12VAW5T2G
 NSVF2250WT1                       NSVF2250WT1G
 NTA4001NT1                        NTA4001NT1G
 NTA4151PT1                        NTA4151PT1G
 NTA4153NT1                        NTA4153NT1G
 NTB18N06LT4                       NTB18N06LT4G
 NTB75N03RT4                       NTB75N03RT4G
 NTD110N02R-001                    NTD110N02R-001G
 NTD110N02RT4                      NTD110N02RT4G
 NTD20N06T4                        NTD20N06T4G
 NTD23N03RT4                       NTD23N03RT4G
 NTD3055-150T4                     NTD3055-150T4G
 NTD3055L104                       NTD3055L104G
 NTD4302                           NTD4302G
 NTD70N03R                         NTD70N03RG
 NTD70N03R-001                     NTD70N03R-1G
 NTD70N03RT4                       NTD70N03RT4G
 NTD80N02T4                        NTD80N02T4G
 NTD85N02RT4                       NTD85N02RT4G

Issue Date: 03 Jan 2008      Rev.08-24-05               Page 23 of 26
           Leaded EOL Parts         G Replacement Part
 NTD95N02RT4                        NTD95N02RT4G
 NTF3055-100T1                      NTF3055-100T1G
 NTF5P03T3                          NTF5P03T3G
 NTGS3446T1                         NTGS3446T1G
 NTGS3455T1                         NTGS3455T1G
 NTHD4N02FT1                        NTHD4N02FT1G
 NTHD5904NT1                        NTHD5904NT1G
 NTHS4501NT1                        NTHS4501NT1G
 NTJD4001NT1                        NTJD4001NT1G
 NTJD4152PT1                        NTJD4152PT1G
 NTJS3157NT4                        NTJS3157NT4G
 NTLTD7900ZR2                       NTLTD7900ZR2G
 NTMD2C02R2                         NTMD2C02R2G
 NTMS4706NR2                        NTMS4706NR2G
 NTP2955                            NTP2955G
 NTP45N06                           NTP45N06G
 NTP45N06L                          NTP45N06LG
 NTP60N06                           NTP60N06G
 NTR2101PT1                         NTR2101PT1G
 NTR4502PT1                         NTR4502PT1G
 NTR4503NT1                         NTR4503NT1G
 NTS2101PT1                         NTS2101PT1G
 NTTS2P03R2                         NTTS2P03R2G
 NUD4011DR2                         NUD4011DR2G
 NUF2221W1T2                        NUF2221W1T2G
 NUP2201MR6T1                       NUP2201MR6T1G
 NUP2301MW6T1                       NUP2301MW6T1G
 NUP4201MR6T1                       NUP4201MR6T1G
 NUP4301MR6T1                       NUP4301MR6T1G
 NUP4302MR6T1                       NUP4302MR6T1G
 NUS2401SNT1                        NUS2401SNT1G
 SA317MDTRK                         SA317MDTRKG
 SBC817-25LT3                       SBC817-25LT3G
 SBC857ALT1                         SBC857ALT1G
 SBR181                             SBR181G
 SBR182CT-001                       SBR182CT-1G
 SBR194                             SBR194G
 SBR205                             SBR205G
 SBR80520LT3                        SBR80520LT3G
 SBRD114CTT4                        SBRD114CTT4G
 SBRD835LT4                         SBRD835LT4G
 SBRK360R2                          SBRK360R2G
 SBRS5632T3                         SBRS5632T3G
 SCV301LSN22T1                      SCV301LSN22T1G
 SCV301LSN45T1                      SCV301LSN45T1G
 SCV303LSN15T1                      SCV303LSN15T1G
 SCV303LSN29T1                      SCV303LSN29T1G
 SCV303LSN36T1                      SCV303LSN36T1G
 SCV303LSN40T1                      SCV303LSN40T1G
 SCV303LSN44T1                      SCV303LSN44T1G
 SCV303LSN46T1                      SCV303LSN46T1G
 SCV809RTR                          SCV809RTRG
 SCV809STR                          SCV809STRG
 SCV810STR                          SCV810STRG

Issue Date: 03 Jan 2008       Rev.08-24-05               Page 24 of 26
           Leaded EOL Parts         G Replacement Part
 SCY99006AR2                        SCY99006AR2G
 SCY99112P                          SCY99112PG
 SDC3712T3                          SDC3712T3G
 SMBD1022LT1                        SMBD1022LT1G
 SMBT846BLT1                        (none)
 SMF05CT1                           SMF05CT1G
 SMF15CT1                           SMF15CT1G
 SMMBT2907ALT1                      SMMBT2907ALT1G
 SMMBT3904LT1                       SMMBT3904LT1G
 SMMUN2213LT1                       SMMUN2213LT1G
 SMS05T1                            SMS05T1G
 SMS15T1                            SMS15T1G
 SMS24T1                            SMS24T1G
 SMSC1368T1                         SMSC1368T1G
 SMUN2113T1                         SMUN2113T1G
 SMUN2213T1                         SMUN2213T1G
 SPS9590RLRM                        SPS9590RLRMG
 SPS9606RLRM                        SPS9606RLRMG
 STB1081TF4                         STB1081TF4G
 STF202-22T1                        STF202-22T1G
 SURD107T4                          SURD107T4G
 SURS283T3-004                      SURS283T3-4G
 SUY98005LT1                        SUY98005LT1G
 SZMMQA33VT1                        SZMMQA33VT1G
 SZMMQA6V2T1                        SZMMQA6V2T1G
 SZNUP4304MR6T1                     SZNUP4304MR6T1G
 TL431ACD                           TL431ACDG
 TL431ACDMR2                        TL431ACDMR2G
 TL431AID                           TL431AIDG
 TL431AIDMR2                        TL431AIDMR2G
 TL431AIDR2                         TL431AIDR2G
 TL431AIP                           TL431AIPG
 TL431BCDMR2                        TL431BCDMR2G
 TL431BCDR2                         TL431BCDR2G
 TL431BID                           TL431BIDG
 TL431BIDMR2                        TL431BIDMR2G
 TL431BVD                           TL431BVDG
 TL431BVDMR2                        TL431BVDMR2G
 TL431BVDR2                         TL431BVDR2G
 TL431CD                            TL431CDG
 TL431CDMR2                         TL431CDMR2G
 TL431CP                            TL431CPG
 TL431ID                            TL431IDG
 TL431IP                            TL431IPG
 TL494BDR2                          TL494BDR2G
 TL494BDR2                          TL494BDR2G
 TL494CD                            TL494CDG
 TL494CD                            TL494CDG
 TL494CDR2                          TL494CDR2G
 TL494CDR2                          TL494CDR2G
 TL594CDR2                          TL594CDR2G
 TL594CDR2                          TL594CDR2G
 TLV431ASN1T1                       TLV431ASN1T1G
 TNLAS44599MNR2                     TNLAS44599MNR2G

Issue Date: 03 Jan 2008       Rev.08-24-05               Page 25 of 26
          Leaded EOL Parts         G Replacement Part
 UC2842BD1                         UC2842BD1G
 UC2842BD1R2                       UC2842BD1R2G
 UC2842BN                          UC2842BNG
 UC2843BD                          UC2843BDG
 UC2843BD1                         UC2843BD1G
 UC2843BDR2                        UC2843BDR2G
 UC2843BN                          UC2843BNG
 UC2844BD1R2                       UC2844BD1R2G
 UC2844BDR2                        UC2844BDR2G
 UC2844BN                          UC2844BNG
 UC2845BD                          UC2845BDG
 UC2845BD1                         UC2845BD1G
 UC2845BD1R2                       UC2845BD1R2G
 UC2845BDR2                        UC2845BDR2G
 UC3842BD                          UC3842BDG
 UC3842BDR2                        UC3842BDR2G
 UC3842BVD1                        UC3842BVD1G
 UC3843BD                          UC3843BDG
 UC3843BD1                         UC3843BD1G
 UC3843BD1R2                       UC3843BD1R2G
 UC3843BDR2                        UC3843BDR2G
 UC3843BVD                         UC3843BVDG
 UC3843BVD1                        UC3843BVD1G
 UC3843BVDR2                       UC3843BVDR2G
 UC3843BVN                         UC3843BVNG
 UC3844BD                          UC3844BDG
 UC3844BD1                         UC3844BD1G
 UC3844BDR2                        UC3844BDR2G
 UC3844BVD1                        UC3844BVD1G
 UC3844BVD1R2                      UC3844BVD1R2G
 UC3845BD                          UC3845BDG
 UC3845BD1R2                       UC3845BD1R2G
 UC3845BDR2                        UC3845BDR2G
 UC3845BN                          UC3845BNG
 UC3845BVD1                        UC3845BVD1G
 UC3845BVD1R2                      UC3845BVD1R2G
 UC3845BVN                         UC3845BVNG

Issue Date: 03 Jan 2008      Rev.08-24-05               Page 26 of 26

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