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					Great cover letter samples

Drafting and updating your resume can be quite a task, but you shouldn't only devote
your time in this portion of the application process. What most people tend to forget
or have no clue of doing is drafting their cover letters.

If you haven't written a cover letter for your applications, then what you can do is
search online for a good cover letter example. With this, you can learn the format for
writing cover letters, what to add and what to omit, as well as how to improve your
cover letters to make it exciting, interesting to read and beneficial for you. Writing
cover letters is like putting your resume in a tuxedo suit. You not only present your
resume as something enticing for the HR managers to look at but you also present you
as the applicant as an interested, determined, and hardworking person. The cover
letter is the first impression that you are going to make when applying for a job, so
you have to write, revise, and improve your cover letter as much as possible before
submitting them to the human resource department.

Consulting a good cover letter example will help you in writing your own cover letter.
Websites that usually provide examples of good cover letters will give you an idea of
what an interesting cover letter should contain and how to write one that will grab the
bosses' attention easily. But of course, that doesn't mean that you can just submit the
sample as your own. Even if the premade samples are good and inviting, most HR
managers can tell if the cover letter submitted is a generic one and would instantly
assume you are lazy and not creative enough to come up with your own cover letter.
Remember, this is the suit of your resume so make sure it's washed, pressed, and
scented so to speak.

A lot of applicants make that mistake of buying cover letter samples over the net and
submitting them as their own. Sometimes they do this because the websites tell them
all sorts of misconceptions about cover letters. Some would convince users to buy
their cover letter templates and samples since HR managers don't usually read them
when applying. By doing this will not only jeopardize your chances of being invited
for an interview, but it will also lower your chances of ever finding a job. So to avoid
any of the two events from happening, do your best in drafting and revising your own
cover letter. You can even prepare your very own and unique cover letter template
that only you will use all throughout the application process until such time that a
company would hire you.

Nothing beats a well-written and original cover letter, so try to practice writing one
using a good cover letter example as a guide for you. An original cover letter has a
voice in it and it would give the bosses an idea of what kind of person and employee
you could be.