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									Effective cover letter samples

Cover letters are like a person's face. This is the first thing a possible employee sees.
As superficial as it may sound but the cover letter can either appeal or not appeal to
the employee. Since there is 1 50-50 chance of getting the job, you must do your very
best to make the odds work for you.

In order for you to learn the best style, you must see it for yourself.

1. Start the letter with the person you are addressing it to:

Max Johnson
Gecko Engineering
4257 Maine Street
Yoko, IL 83890

Dear Mr. Johnson

2. Your opening must be attention-grabbing.

It has always been my goal to teach since I started my career. In order to ensure these
skills, I continue educating myself in the profession. I also volunteered in numerous
schools in order for me to practice what I've learned in theory.

3. By using bullet points, you do not have to keep on typing "I." It also makes it
easier for the employee to read through your skills.

I can work independently or be part of a team. I am motivated to provide the best
service possible and deliver on time as long as it is within the budget. I can
communicate in two European languages, French and Spanish, but I must say that I
am not fluent. Other skills I can offer are:

a. My knowledge on the prevention of health disorders
b. My knowledge on teaching and counseling principles
c. My ability to mediate between agencies and clients

4. Mentioning your accomplishments bring the odds to your favor. Studies show
that companies match the potential employees' capabilities to the position

I have done survey and mapping tasks that focuses on soil mechanics and formation
of foundation. I have also performed in the structural design and analysis of our local
grocery store. From that, I was asked to produce the lay-out of our town's
transportation system.

5. Get to the point and refrain from nonsense. It directs your reader straight to
your point. You can present your work-related experiences alongside your
The Business Newspaper is running an ad for Senior Accountant at the moment. I
have enclosed my resume for your consideration.

I have three internships in various accounting departments in California. During my
last internship, I performed cost-analysis and was able to construct a budget just by
using Macintosh Personal Computer and an IBM mainframe.

6. Name dropping is effective in getting the attention of your reader. The person
you mentioned doesn't have to be working in the company. He can be someone
the reader respects.

Encouraged by Jacke Quayle, Director of California University, I am contacting you
with regards to your position for Sales Representative. After careful reviewing of your
company's brochure, I am quite confident that I will be an asset to your organization. I
have attached my resume for your consideration.

7. When requesting for an interview, be proactive. Just keep your word of
following up.

Kindly contact me at the phone number and address indicated below. I look forward
to hearing your decision. I am mobile and can be reached anywhere and anytime. I am
also willing to work wherever your company decides to assign me and can begin my
employment as soon as possible. Thank you for your consideration.

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