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									Internship cover letter examples

If you are looking for an internship cover letter sample, the best place to look is most
likely the internet. There are many websites out there that can help someone land an
internship by giving the best first impression that they possibly can give, through their
cover letter. Sometimes, one sentence can make a difference between getting selected,
or not. That is why having the best cover letter possible is the best thing you can do
when looking to actually land an internship position.

There is a lot of competition for internships, especially popular ones like culinary
internships, art and music internships, as well as one for record labels, radio stations,
law offices, doctors offices, etc. If you can give your potential future employer a great
first impression and make them run to the phone to call you for an interview...It is
going to take having a serious cover letter along with a great resume as well.

A lot of people use internship cover letter samples to help them write their own
internship cover letter, or to copy it verbatim and just fill in their own personal
information in the place of the sample's. There is nothing wrong with either of these
methods whatsoever, unless of course the internship cover letter sample being used is
a crummy one. Sometimes, people will sell or give away cover letter samples that are
just terrible. They may sound or look good on the surface, but as soon as any
employer reads it and notices the grammar mistakes and the typical sales pitch for
why you should get hired makes your resume go in the trash real quick.

Like I said earlier, there are many sites online that can help you find the cover letter
samples you need and as long as you don't fall for a scam, rip off, or just plain old
poor quality products you will be just fine!

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