Point, Space, Line, Plane, Segment, Ray by seg11239


									                    Point, Space, Line, Plane, Segment, Ray

Are the three points collinear?
1. A, D, E            2. B, C, D
3. B, C, F              4. A, E, C                              A
                                                            G                n
5. F, B, D              6. F, A, E                      C                   D
                                               B                F
7. G, F, C              8. A, G, C

9. Name line m in three other ways.

10. Name line n in three other ways.

Name the plane represented by each surface of the box.
11. the bottom                   12. the top

13. the front                  14. the back

15. the left side              16. the right side

Sketch each of the following.
17. AB                18. AB                  19. BA                        20. BA

Use the figure at right.
21. Name all the labeled segments.                          R

22. Name all the labeled rays.                                          S

23. a.) Name a pair of opposite rays with T as an endpoint.                      T
    b) Name another pair of opposite rays.

Copy the line pictured above. On your copy mark a different point, Y. How many
of each type of figure are there with Y as an endpoint? Name them.
24. segments                                25. rays

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