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For the last four months of school I applied to all the position I could find open
related to my major. I looked for a sample cover letter for a student and the letter
below resembles what I found. As you can see it's very generic and says very little
about me, my desire for the job or any qualification and strengths I can bring to the

The points above are what you want your cover letter to cover. The sample below
does none of the above. As you can see this is a sample cover letter for students to
customize and not just pick up and use. The letter below is what you want to avoid,
especially when you're new to the job market. You need a letter that does a great job
at selling the strengths you have. The letter below is boring to read and offers very
little on what your qualifications are. You want to sell your resume on your cover

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Dear Mr. / Ms. Last Name, In response to your advertisement dated 10th of October
2009 on the NY times newspaper or website regarding the position of ______. I am
applying for the available position. I believe I am ideal for the post.

I'm very punctual and hard working, reliable and dedicated. When I'm done with my
graduation from NYU with satisfactory remarks, I believe I will be a top candidate for
the position. I'm looking for a full time position in your company or organization.

I'm requesting an interview with you regarding this particular opening I would greatly
appreciate a response to my application. Please let me know via the email above if
there is any other information you need. Thank you for your consideration for the


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It certainly is better than nothing but this day in age. Most employers take a close look
at the cover letter to filter the large number of applicants they usually have. If you're
using a letter that looks like this sample cover letter for a student you run the risk of
just getting filed away and be passed up, not for being a student but for not doing
enough for them to see potential in you. You already know that your resume won't
stand out with experience so sell them on other attributes you possess.