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					Center for Organic and
Sustainable Agriculture
   Alfred State College

 Develop entrepreneurs who will
  sustainably and profitably manage
  natural resources to produce healthy
  food and renewable energy for a secure
Alfred State College, Alfred, NY
                     Photographer: Martin Klingensmith

  Program to close in July 2006
  $4.9 M from NYS Legislature,
   championed by Senator Young
  Strong support:
      Cornell Cooperative Extension support
      Strong alumni base

      New administration
Existing Complex

  70 cows, replacement heifers, etc.
  700 acres, 450 tillable
  Steeply sloped
  ~2000 ft elevation
  Silty clay loam with fragipan
The soils at the Alfred State College farm are a little
different than the soils with which I worked in Minnesota!

                                  Lamberton, MN
                                            Phographer: Matt Harbur
New Dairy Complex

  Split herd: organic and conventional?
  Shared structure?
  Target: 70 milkers per system
  Replacement herd, etc.
Program Areas

  Organic Dairy (pastured and baylege)
  Conventional Dairy (TMR or pasture?)
  Sustainable Crop Production
  Local Vegetable Production (e.g. CSA)
  Renewable Energy
  Additional Livestock?
Community Resource

  Small faculty (1 agronomist, 1 dairy
   scientist, 3 veterinarians)
  Limited infrastructure
  Regional expertise
Program Timeline
  Initiate grazing
  Begin certification
  Begin construction of new facility
  Active applied research program
  Facility complete; organic milk production
New B. Tech Offering

 Organic and Sustainable Agriculture
  Announced to SUNY
  Proposed to launch in Fall 2007
  Emphases:
    Sustainable land and animal care
    Problem-solving

    Entrepreneurship: entry into agriculture

    Communication

  Farmers!
  NRCS (Donald Wild, Matthew Havens,
   et al.)
  Cornell and CCE (Terry Tucker, Joan
   Petzen, Fay Benson, Dean Sprague)
  You?