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									Good cover letter examples

If you're looking for a cover letter example (also known as a covering letter or
motivation letter), I'm assuming you're currently looking for a job. Are you recently
out of work, fresh out of school, or just interested in upgrading your current job? In
either case, you need to keep in mind a number of very important features that a good
cover letter example should have. The use of an effective covering letter will
drastically improve your chances at getting an interview from a job application by
pointing out your key strengths and saving the target employer's time!

In this article I'll provide you with some of the most effective elements that every
cover letter needs to have. Trust me, it's amazing how many people truly miss their
opportunity at desired jobs because they have a sub-par covering letter that they
created from a poor quality online cover letter example.

If you want to improve your job hunting success by leaps and bounds, read on and I'll
show you one of my favorite online resources for a cover letter example, covering
letter writing tips, templates, and software that will help you create amazingly
effective covering letters!

Five Elements of a Great Cover Letter Example:

1. Every motivation letter you write should always be addressed to a specific person,
not a role (i.e. don't start your motivation letter with "Dear Manager"... Nothing shows
your lack of interest in a position more than not taking the effort to know who you are
actually applying to.

2. Whenever possible you should begin your letter with a bold, centered attention
capturing headline. (e.g. "Immediately available"... include most important/impressive

3. Always write with enthusiasm. If you are tired or not able to get into the writing,
leave it and come back later. Also, try to write in a conversational tone. Whoever will
be reading your letter will also have many others. A conversational tone is much more
enjoyable to read.

4. As with the last point, your prospective employer likely has a large number of
resumes with motivation letters to get though. Keep yours short a sweet. Make sure
you mention what you need to and then close it off.

5. Make sure you mention why you are the right fit for the job. This is a main focus of
the motivation letter. A good quality cover letter example can definitely help you do
this the right way.

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