Agriculture Funding Consortium by pcv10703


									                      Letter of Intent
          for 2008/2009 Research Project Funding

General Guidelines:
    1. The Letter of Intent is the first step in the application process. If approved, a Full
       Proposal Application will be invited.

    2. Please note that the project title MUST remain the same on the Letter of
       Intent and the Full Proposal Application (unless requested by the members of
       the Agriculture Funding Consortium), otherwise the funding application will be
       automatically rejected.

    3. Please note that increases from the Letter of Intent budget to the Full
       Proposal budget will NOT be considered unless requested by the Funders or
       with adequate justification.

    4. The Letter of Intent is due no later than 4:00 pm, Tuesday, September 4, 2007.

    5. The Letter of Intent must be submitted in MSWORD format by email to Use 11-point Times New Roman or Arial
       font and left and right margins of one inch (2.5 cm). The Letter of Intent may not
       exceed 3 pages. Please note that any Letters of Intent that are not submitted
       on or before September 4, 2007 or which do not adhere to the requirements
       regarding font, margins and/or number of pages, will be rejected.

    6. Please note that the IFASA Team has developed a process that all applicants
       who are part of the IFASA partnership MUST follow. Please contact Tom
       Facklam (email or Nancy Cranston (email for further information.

Instructions – May 20 2007                   -1-
Detailed Instructions:
The application number will be assigned by the Funders on receipt.

    Part 1: Applicant Information
    Contact Information for Principle Investigator (PI):
       Name - include Designation (Dr. Mr. Ms or Mrs.), first Name and Last Name
       Position – indicate job title/position
       Organization – identify the organization to which the PI is affiliated with:
       Address – include the complete street address (mailing address)
       City – indicate the city name
       Province – provide the appropriate province abbreviation i.e. Alberta = AB
       Country – indicate the country name
       Phone Number – indicate the area code followed by the 7 digit number
       Fax Number – indicate the area code followed by the 7 digit number
       Email – indicate the email address

       Include the Names of all co-investigators and their current Institution’s name
              i.e. Dr. John Smith / University of Alaska

    Part 2 – Project Information
    1. Project Title – provide a clear, descriptive title for the proposed project –
       maximum 20 words

    2. Project Background, Objectives and Deliverables – indicate what this work
       will attempt to do and what the major milestones/accomplishments will be

    3. Project Description – provide a brief overview of the proposed activities and

    4. Benefits of the Project – provide a brief description of the benefits that will
       result from this work, what impact it will have on the industry, how it addresses a
       key issue/problem the industry is facing, and how the benefits of this work
       compare to the amount of funding requested to do the work

    5. Proposed Start Date – indicate the date on which the work is anticipated to begin

    6. Proposed End Date – indicate the date on which the work is anticipated to be
       completed (DD/MM/YYYY)

Instructions – May 20 2007                  -2-
    7. Funding Request – indicate the funding required from:
                 i. The members of the Agriculture Funding Consortium
                ii. Industry (cash contribution)
               iii. Industry (in-kind contribution)
               iv. Other Government Sources (cash contribution)
                v. Other Government Sources (in-kind Contribution

        Provide the Total Project Cost which should be the sum of i-v.

    8. Budget Commentary – provide a brief description of industry and government
       sources of funding and a brief explanation/justification of the project costs

    9. Suggested Reviewers – Provide up to three possible reviewers, independent of
       your project team, who could comment on the science and methodology used in
       the proposal. These will be treated as suggestions and may not be selected by the
       Funders as technical reviewers.

Instructions – May 20 2007                 -3-

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