Ping, ping. Bing, bing by seg11239


									Ling and the Thing
Lesson 10

Ping, ping. Bing, bing.                               4

“What is that?” Ling thinks. “A thing is there!      13

It hid in the mist!”                                 18

Thump, thud! Thump, thud! “It’s flinging twigs       25

and rocks! It’s big and tall. I bet it has fangs!”   36

Bang, bang! Clang, clang!                            40

“It’s on a swing! Get off my swing, you big, bad     51

thing!”                                              52

“Where did that thing go? Is it clinging to the      62

wall? Can it get in?”                                67

Bang! Thump! Crack! “This is lasting too long!”      75

Ling sobs. Some fog clings to the grass. “Is that    85

thing still there?” Ling thinks.                     90

At last the sun melts the fog. There is no thing!    101

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