February Winter Weather Safety Tips Cold weather will be

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					                                                                                                             February 2009

    Winter Weather                        TriCounty Regional Telephone Directory
     Safety Tips                                   Coming in February
     Cold weather will be hanging                                   •   Pantego Academy Historical
around for the next few months.
Visit www.ReadyNC.org for a host
                                                                        Museum at Christmas on cover
of tips to keep you warm and safe                                   •   Color photos
during the cold days to come. Here                                  •   Government pages
are a few of their suggestions.
     Wear multiple layers of thin                                   •   Easy to use index
clothing instead of a single layer of                               •   Lots of great information (including
thick clothing. You’ll be warmer and                                    Telephone, Advertising, Cable TV,
you can easily remove layers to
remain comfortable. Wear a hat;
                                                                        Internet, Web Hosting and Web
most body heat is lost through the                                      Design information)
top of the head. Mittens are warmer                                 •   Delivered in February
than gloves. Cover your mouth with
scarves to protect lungs from di-             Telephone Foundation Scholarships
rectly inhaling the extremely cold
air.                                         The TriCounty Telephone                an additional application, please
     Always keep at least a seven        Foundation is offering two $1,000          pick one up at the TriCounty Tele-
day supply of non-perishable food        scholarships for high school sen-          com business office, the guidance
in your home and a gallon of water       iors. These seniors must perma-            counselor’s office of your child’s
per person per day. Make sure you        nently live in the TriCounty Tele-         high school, or download from the
have sufficient heating fuel. If road    com telephone service area.                Internet at www.gotricounty.biz/
conditions become dangerous,             Scholarship applications will be           pdf/youth-application.pdf. Appli-
suppliers may not be able to get to      mailed in February to TriCounty            cations must be returned to the Tri-
you. Never use a charcoal grill or       Telecom members whose children             County Telephone Foundation or
camp stove indoors for either cook-      are high school seniors that               our business office no later than
ing or heating. The fumes can be         graduate this spring. If you need          Wednesday, April 1, 2009.
toxic. Have emergency heating
equipment and fuel available so at       REMINDER! 2009 Foundation for Rural Service
least one room in your house is
                                         scholarship applications are due by Friday, February 13, 2009.
warm enough to be livable. When
using kerosene heaters, maintain         (See January Dial Tones for details)
ventilation to avoid build up of toxic
     If you must travel during a win-
ter storm, reduce your speed and         Pike Road                                  Pinetown (Cont…)
leave plenty of room between you         Dunbar Wilson E Jr                         Smith Betty W
and other vehicles. Remember               NC 99 Hwy N............. 935-5016          Mill Hole Rd ............... 927-2331
bridges and overpasses accumu-           Pinetown                                   Sidney
late ice first. Approach with caution                                               Nixon Richard L
                                         Boyd Christopher & Sarah
and do not apply your brakes while                                                    Pungo Shores Dr ....... 964-2630
                                           Respess Rd ............... 927-2009
on the bridge. If you do begin to                                                   Shears Phil & Lisa
slide, remove your foot from the         Harper William A Mrs
                                           Railroad St ................. 927-3495     Southwinds Ln ........... 964-2179
gas and turn in the direction of the                                                Zachman William M
slide. Do not brake.                     Pippin Charles
                                           NC Hwy 32 S ............. 927-1875         Post Rd ...................... 964-3380
     Call 511 for up-to-the minute
                                         Roche Medical Billing                      Zachman William M
information about local road condi-
tions.                                     N Boyd Rd.................. 927-2365       Post Rd ...................... 964-3381
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                    Election of Directors
    Tri-County Telephone Member-             Annual Meeting of Members,
ship Corporation has eight (8) di-           and this nominee will be in-
rectors who are elected for three-           cluded with the official notice of
year terms. Each year either two or          the meeting, as well as being
three directors have terms which             listed on the ballot.
expire. Therefore, it is necessary            Present directors may be                           Tariff Changes
that an election be held at each an-     nominated and elected to suc-
nual meeting of members.                 ceed themselves. Directors are                       > The Federal Universal Ser-
    There are two (2) ways in which      elected by majority of the mem-                  vice Charge rate was decreased
a member can be nominated for a          bers present and voting at a duly                effective January 1, 2009. This rate
director’s position.                     constituted meeting.                             changed from the previous factor of
1. A nominating committee ap-                 The above summary on the                    11.4% to 9.5%. This rate reduction
   pointed by the board of directors     election of directors is taken from              is due to the Federal Communica-
   must post, at least 35 days prior     TriCounty TMC’s Bylaws. The                      tions Commission’s (FCC) regula-
   to the Annual Meeting of Mem-         Nominating Committee will be                     tions concerning universal service.
   bers, a list of one or more nomi-     posted at the corporate office and                   > The returned check fee will
   nees for each vacancy that will       will meet in March.                              increase from $20 to $25 effective
   occur.                                     The 2009 Annual Meeting of                  April 1, 2009. The fee is added to a
2. Any fifteen members may nomi-         Members of TriCounty TMC will                    customer’s account for each re-
   nate a member by petition, not        be held on Thursday, April 23,                   turned check. Please make sure
   less than 40 days prior to the        2009, at Northside High School.                  you have sufficient funds in your
                                                                                          bank account before presenting us
                         Attention Juniors                                                with your check to avoid having this
                                                                                          fee added to your account.
           Win an All Expenses Paid Trip                                                      > Effective April 1, 2009, a late
                                                                                          fee of $5.00 will be added to each
              To the Nation’s Capital                                                     account not paid in full by the
     The Foundation for Rural Ser-       Telecom for additional informa-                  stated due date on your statement.
vice (FRS) Youth Tour will bring         tion. Mail your essay to: Tri-                   For your convenience, you may pay
high school juniors from across ru-      County Telecom Youth Tour, PO                    your account by check, cash, credit
ral America together for an educa-       Box 520, Belhaven, NC 27810.                     card or on-line. For instructions on
tional and exciting experience. This     All essays should reach us by                    how to pay on-line, visit
year the Youth Tour will be held         Thursday, March 12, 2009.                        www.goTriCounty.biz/billpayment.
May 30 - June 3, 2009, in Washing-
ton, D.C. The tour helps educate         Trading Post . . . .
youth about rural telecommunica-
tions and the legislative process.          Any service or item for sale or rent, on a non-commercial basis, will be published free for
                                         TriCounty Telecom subscribers in the Trading Post. Information to be published must be
They also will tour many of Wash-        received by the 15th of the month in order to be included in the following month’s issue of DIAL
ington’s historical and cultural land-   TONES. All items should be condensed as much as possible. Services or items may be
marks.                                   advertised for up to, but not longer than, three months per year.
     Each year, TriCounty Telecom
sponsors a high school junior who                        For Sale                         Set of Noritake china, pattern—Melissa, 8
                                                                                             piece setting with serving pieces,
lives in the telephone service area      Tow hitch, 2"x2"x4", drop down with ball            $1,400.00. Call 927-2066.
for this tour. Area juniors are in-        and 5/8" hitch pin, $12.00. Tow hitch,
                                           2"x2" with ball and 5/8" hitch pin,
vited to write an essay on “What
                                           $12.00. Iron chain, 3/8"x12' with hooks,
would your life be like without a          $12.00. Call 964-4481.
     Please contact your high school                   To place your classified ad on our Internet site for FREE, go to
guidance counselor or TriCounty                      www.goTriCounty.com/local/classifieds.php. It’s easy!! It’s free!!