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									   SPRING 2005

  The Cure Starts Here
  Wilmot Cancer Center Announces $42.5 Million Campaign

“Our vision is clear:
 The James P. Wilmot Cancer Center will take
 a leadership role in finding cures for cancer.
 Our plans for the future of the Wilmot Cancer
 Center are driven by that singular goal.”

             —Richard I. Fisher, M.D., Director
                 See Page 2 for exciting details
                           The James P. Wilmot Cancer Center has launched a $42.5 million
                           comprehensive campaign to expand local cancer care and research
                           programs, and construct a new building. This will help oncologists,
                           nurses and support staff provide better care to people with cancer.

Wilmot’s $42.5M                               “Our vision is clear: We will take a leadership role in
                                               finding cures for cancer. All of our plans for the future
Comprehensive                                  of the James P. Wilmot Cancer Center are driven by
Campaign                                       that singular goal.” — Richard I. Fisher, M.D., Director
Offers Region
Hope for a Cure                  The five-year campaign includes construction of a 163,000-square-foot, four-story
                           building and recruitment of 15 additional clinicians and scientists to expand research.
Funds support new          To date, $15 million has been raised from community benefactors to support the effort,
                           which is being led by campaign co-chairs Judy Wilmot Linehan and Jim Ryan Jr.
facility for local care,         The campaign will support the Cancer Center’s $65 million strategic plan, which
                           includes construction of the building at the corner of Crittenden Boulevard and East
research expansion         Drive, serving as the southeast anchor to the Medical Center campus. The new building
                           doubles the space for clinical and translational research.
                                 A lot has changed since the original Cancer Center was built in 1979. New thera-
                           pies and technologies have been introduced and the numbers of patients seeking care at
                           Wilmot Cancer Center have grown dramatically — by as much as 15-20 percent per
                           year. Our facility no longer serves the current or future needs of our patients.
                                 Research and patient care programs are scattered throughout the Medical Center.
                           The new facility will consolidate and integrate the cancer operations in the new building,
                           adjacent to the Ambulatory Care Facility.
                                 Everything about this impressive new cancer center is designed for patient comfort
                           and the highest quality of care. Our treatment rooms will be larger and more private, our
                           new radiation oncology unit will be just one area with the latest technology available,
                           and our multidisciplinary clinics will allow patients to see their entire healthcare team
                           in one visit.
                                 Research will be more productive when scientists and physicians work in close
                           proximity, sharing ideas about new therapies and results. Our education standards
                           will rise for the next generation of cancer specialists, and space will be available for
                           community education and support group programs for our patients and their families.

                           CARE FOR THE FUTURE
                           The strategic plan outlines the expansion of clinical and research programs, recruitment
                           of 25 scientists and oncologists, creation of an endowment for the cancer center, and
                           capturing the National Cancer Institute designation as a comprehensive cancer center.
                                “Cancer is one of the most prevalent and pervasive diseases that people face.
                           The Wilmot Cancer Center and University of Rochester Medical Center are committed
                           to providing the best possible care for people in Rochester and the Finger Lakes region
                           as well as conducting state-of-the-art research to bring new discoveries that will lead
                           to cures,” says C. McCollister Evarts, M.D., CEO of the Medical Center.

                                                                                            CAMPAIGN STEERING GROUP
                                                                                            DEDICATED TO MEETING GOAL

                                                                                            A team of dedicated volunteers is working
                                                                                            with the James P. Wilmot Cancer Center
                                                                                            to meet its goal of raising $42.5 million
                                                                                            to expand cancer care and research in
                                                                                                  “This is a diverse group of
                                                                                            individuals who are committed to improv-
                                                                                            ing our local cancer care and research,”
                                                                                            says Judy Wilmot Linehan, campaign
                                                                                                  So far, the committee has raised
                                                                                            $15 million to support expansion of cancer
                                                                                            services and research and construction of
                                                                                            a new facility.
                                                                                                  “We’re grateful to have a strong
                                                                                            group working with us to help make the
Campaign co-chairs Judy Wilmot Linehan, right, and Jim Ryan, Jr., announce the
Wilmot Cancer Center’s campaign.                                                            Wilmot Cancer Center one of the best
                                                                                            in the country,” says Jim Ryan Jr.,
     The new building and programs will let people stay close to home for the very best     campaign co-chair.
cancer care and accommodate a growing number of people from outside the region
coming to Rochester for expert care, Fisher says. The Wilmot Cancer Center has one          Wilmot Cancer Center
of the largest clinical programs for lymphoma and leukemia in the Northeast and leads       Campaign Steering Committee:
the nation in shaped-beam stereotactic radiosurgery to destroy tumors that were once        George Abraham, M.D.
considered untreatable.                                                                     Nancy Buckett
     “Our cancer center primarily serves the 16-county region to the east and west          Andrew Deubler
of Rochester,” says Fisher. “However, people from throughout the Northeast seek the         Mary Ann Dever
expertise of our oncology specialists when they’re faced with this life-threatening         Michael Donnelly
                                                                                            Harold Feinbloom
                                                                                            Richard Fisher, M.D.
Wilmot Cancer Center leaders and architects from Don Blair Architects and SWBR              Laureen Burke Forsyth, M.D.
Architects are designing the new building to provide a more comfortable, private            Cathy Kamp
environment for patients and their families. The new space will allow the consolidation     Robert Kessler
of medical oncology and radiation oncology areas, which are now located in different        Diana Lauria
areas of the medical center.                                                                Vince Leo
     Translational research laboratories — designed to bring discoveries from research      Judy Wilmot Linehan
labs to the patients’ bedsides – will be moved into the new cancer center facility,         Stephen McCluski
allowing scientists and oncologists to collaborate about ideas, research and treatment      Michael Norris
outcomes. This model has proven effective in the nation’s elite cancer centers.             Donald Rhoda
     “In recent history, many cancer breakthroughs are a result of scientists and doctors   Jim Ryan Jr.
working together toward better treatments,” says Fisher. “We are creating an environ-       Stephen Ryan
ment that will foster greater ideas through cooperative research. We say ‘the cure starts
                                                                                            Avi Seidmann
here,’ and we mean it.”
                                                                                            Michael Stock
     Wilmot and URMC leaders have also set their sights on capturing the National
Cancer Institute (NCI) designation as one of the top cancer centers in the nation.          Abby Trafton
     “When you build clinical and research programs that demonstrate leadership             Mary Colleen Wilmot
within the cancer field, the National Cancer Institute recognizes those contributions        Thomas C. Wilmot
by funding additional research and designating the center as one of the best in the         Tim Wilmot
country,” says Fisher, who worked at the NCI from 1972-84. Continued on page 4              Bruce Zicari, II

Each year gifts from both old and new
friends of the Wilmot Cancer Center help
us achieve the highest standards in
patient care, cancer research, teaching
and community service. Gifts of all sizes
will help us to reach our $42.5 million       GOOD BUSINESS
campaign goal.                                Finally, the expansion project would double the Wilmot Cancer Center’s current economic
      Contributions can be designated         impact on the Finger Lakes region. A recent report from the Center for Governmental
to support a specific purpose or left          Research estimates the total number of jobs at the cancer center would increase to 1,200,
unrestricted to be used where the need        with 700 additional indirect positions to support the operation. That would double the
is greatest. Many donors make gifts           cancer center’s annual impact on the total regional payroll to $71 million. And, in the
in memory of loved ones or in tribute         short-term, the construction phase would create 750 jobs.
to special people in their lives. There are         “This project will bring important advancements for people with cancer today and
a number of naming opportunities are          in the future, but it’s also good business for the Rochester community,” says campaign
available in our new facility.                co-chair Jim Ryan Jr., of Ryco Management.
      Donors have many options for                  “We expect that creating one of the top cancer centers in the nation will bring more
making gifts including: check, credit card,   research funding, jobs and spin-off biotechnology businesses in Rochester. Health care
and appreciated stock. Planned gifts such     and research are key to our local economy and this campaign will continue that growth,”
as bequests and gift annuities are also       Ryan says.
important ways to make gifts in support             Judy Linehan, whose father was James P. Wilmot, is co-chairing the campaign
of the campaign.                              as part of her family’s commitment to advancing cancer care and research. Her father
      For additional information on           established The James P. Wilmot Foundation, which funds fellowship training in cancer
making a gift in support of this important    care and research.
community project, please contact                   The Wilmot Cancer Center is the leader in cancer care, research and education
Mary Ann Dever, director of development       in the Finger Lakes region. The team of 600 doctors, nurses, scientists and staff provide
for the Wilmot Cancer Center at:              diagnosis and comprehensive, multidisciplinary clinical care for all forms of cancer.
(585) 242-0049 or                             With oncologists who specialize in each cancer working closely with scientists, nurses and             staff, the Wilmot Cancer Center is dedicated to a single mission: to beat cancer.


                     PHIL KNAUF knew that chemotherapy to              “This suggests to us that factors
                     treat his non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma would       beyond the disease, or the side-effects of
                     probably tire him out. He’s modified his      treatment, may mediate the chronic
                     work schedule and is taking naps more        fatigue that occurs with cancer. Part of the
                     often. He hopes he’ll get his energy back    goal of this study is to identify these fac-
                     when he completes treatment.                 tors and determine what treatments might
                           Many people who’ve had cancer care     best bring relief.”
                     complain that the fatigue continues after         A research team from the sleep
                     their treatments end. Oncologists            lab and Wilmot Cancer Center suspects
                     encourage patients to get more sleep         the difficulties may lie in the quality, not
                     at night and take naps during the day.       quantity, of sleep they get.
                     But many people are still exhausted,
                                                                       “If the chemotherapy prevents
                     which has cancer and sleep researchers
                                                                  people with cancer from reaching the most
                     wondering if chemotherapy drugs alter
                                                                  restful, healing phase of sleep, it’s not
                     sleep rhythms.
                           Cancer-related fatigue is              a surprise that they are fatigued and
                     generally considered the exhaustion          exhausted,” says Joseph Roscoe, Ph.D.,
                     patients experience that doesn’t seem        research assistant professor of radiation
Researchers Eye      to improve following sleep or rest. Many     oncology and principal investigator of the

Link Between         patients report tiredness, weakness,
                     sleepiness and difficulty concentrating
                                                                  five-year study.
                                                                       “Identifying how chemotherapy
Chemotherapy,        following their treatments.
                           “And the fatigue persists long after
                                                                  affects sleep patterns will help oncolo-
                                                                  gists develop techniques to manage
Sleep Patterns       their treatment for many people, no matter
                     how much they sleep,” says Michael
                                                                  the fatigue.”
                                                                       The local American Cancer
Study may offer      Perlis, Ph.D., associate professor of
                                                                  Society-funded study focuses on the sleep
                     psychiatry and director of the University
clues to source of   of Rochester Medical Center Sleep
                                                                  patterns of 49 people with lymphomas or
                                                                  breast or colon cancers before, during and
                     Research Laboratory.
common fatigue                                                    after chemotherapy treatment.
                                                                  Researchers are monitoring them through
                                                                  at-home daily sleep diaries and several
                                                                  nights at the sleep lab.
                                                                       During the overnight visits,
                                                                  researchers examine participants’ brain
                                                                  waves as they move through the sleep


Faster, Less                       A NEW TEST to detect bladder cancer
                                   reduces anxious waiting for people
                                                                                   DID YOU KNOW...

Expensive Bladder                  concerned about the disease and may cut
                                   the number of invasive procedures to
                                                                                 • Bladder cancer is the fifth most
                                                                                    common malignancy in the U.S.,
Cancer Test                        verify the presence of tumors, according
                                   to a James P. Wilmot Cancer Center study         with 63,000 new cases each year.
Studied at Wilmot                  published in the Feb. 15 issue of Journal
Urologists lead                    of the American Medical Association
                                                                                 • Early detection is critical, as the

efforts to improve                        The NMP22 BladderChek® Test was           five-year survival rate is
                                   almost three times as effective as
detection, treatment               cytology, standard laboratory-based urine
                                                                                    95 percent.
                                   test, in diagnosing bladder cancer. NMP22
                                   is a nuclear matrix protein found in urine,   • There are several methods to
                                   but when the level is elevated in a urine
                                                                                    detect bladder cancer, but
                                   sample, it’s a sign of bladder cancer.
                                          When used with cystoscopy, the test       none are 100 percent effective
                                   detected 94 percent of the bladder
                                   cancers, compared to 89 percent seen
                                                                                    and doctors use a combination of
                                   by cystoscopy alone. In addition, the test       them for accuracy.
                                   identified four invasive, life-threatening
                                   cancers missed during cystoscopic
                                   examination. The study focused on 1,331
                                   patients from 23 sites in 10 states,                 “This test could significantly cut
    “This advances our ability     including 15 from Rochester, from             the need for cytology and reduce the
                                   September 2001 to May 2002. Bladder           number of flexible cystoscopies we
  to diagnose bladder cancers
                                   cancer was diagnosed in 79 patients.          perform to find tumors because we would
                 more easily”             “This advances our ability to          know the cancer cells exist. Then we
       — Edward M. Messing, M.D.   diagnose bladder cancers more easily and      could schedule the cystoscopy procedure
                                   less expensively,” says Urology chair         under anesthesia to remove the tumors in
                                   Edward M. Messing, M.D., one of the           the operating room,” says Messing, who
                                   authors of the JAMA article. The $30 urine    conducted initial studies of this test
                                   test can be completed in less than an hour    in 1998. The BladderChek® test was
                                   in an office setting.                          developed by Matritech, which funded
                                          The JAMA study, which Messing          the research.
                                   helped design with colleagues at M.D.                   Messing and other UR scientists
                                   Anderson Cancer Center, focused on peo-       are also studying the genetic background
                                   ple who are at high risk for bladder cancer   of bladder cancers in mice and testing
                                   – those who smoked or had hematuria.          whether interference with the expression
                                          Someone with hematuria will often      of specific genes can prevent or treat
                                   undergo a flexible cystoscopy, an invasive,    bladder cancer. Results could offer insight
                                   in-office procedure to examine the urethra     into the development of targeted therapies
                                   and bladder with a thin, lighted scope.       for this common cancer.
                                   If tumors exist, the patient would endure
                                   to a second procedure to remove the
                                   tumors, in an operating room.

Wilmot Nurses Excel By Offering More Than
Traditional Cancer Care
Wilmot Cancer Center nurses are praised                         Shannon Phillips, R.N.,
for their comprehensive, compassionate                          M.S., A.O.C.N., joined the                       Trish Bieck, R.N.,
care to patients and their families. Cancer                     team to raise the standards                      B.S.N., a radiation
Center Patient surveys repeatedly comment                       for oncology nursing. “Our                       oncology nurse, is a firm
about their interventions which go far                          goal is to offer opportunities                   believer in providing the
beyond the traditional duties that are often                    to specialize in oncology                        emotional support that
associated with nursing.                         nursing by providing the training here with-    patients need in addition to medical
      A recent patient satisfaction survey       in the Cancer Center when possible,” says       care. Over her 16 years at the Cancer
included comments: “The nurses are cour-         Phillips.                                       Center, she is still “amazed by the
teous, concerned, caring and professional.             Lyons has worked closely with             strength our patients find to bring
State-of-the-art-care delivered with com-        Medical Center and Cancer Center nursing        them through treatment and on to
passion. My nurse was a tremendous help.         leaders to create unified standards of           survival.”
Every doctor, nurse or tech person I came        care across the inpatient and outpatient             “And it can be a touching,
into contact had a positive attitude.”           settings to improve the continuum of care.      wonderful experience to assist some-
      “It’s gratifying to see so many positive   They’ve also established standards for          one through the end stages of life,”
comments from our patients. It takes a           competency and education in the area            says Bieck, who previously worked
team of highly skilled professionals to pro-     of chemotherapy delivery, and expanded          in hospice care. “Nursing at the
vide the level of care that results in the       the computerized order entry system             Cancer Center offers a broad spectrum
satisfaction our patients have following         into the outpatient arena. These are all        of opportunities bring so many
cancer treatment,” says Catherine Lyons,         essential advances to improve care and          challenges.”
R.N., M.S., C.N.A.A., associate director for     patient satisfaction.                                          Karen Meitus, R.N.,
cancer services.                                       Nurses who work in both inpatient                        B.S.N., O.C.N., a
      Wilmot Cancer Center and Strong            and outpatient settings enjoy the educa-                       member of the thoracic
Memorial Hospital nurses stand above             tional environment and improving their                         oncology team, says her
others — last year earning designation           skill. “The team atmosphere offers so                          role offers “opportunities
as a Magnet Hospital, an international           many lessons along the way,” says                              to provide people
quality designation signifying nursing                                                           greater continuity in care because the
excellence enjoyed by only about 2 percent                       Melinda Klubek, R.N.,           patients will see the same (nurses,
of hospitals in the country.                                     B.S.N. She joined Wilmot        oncologists and staff) from diagnosis,
      Wilmot nurses have, on average,                            about three years ago           through treatment and all the way
10 years of oncology experience and nearly                       and works with patients         through survival or the process of
a quarter of them earned oncology                                undergoing stem cell            dying. It's rewarding to see someone
certification. Those numbers will grow                            transplants.                    become well enough to go on a
as the Cancer Center has broadened its                                                            vacation they've been dreaming of
programs for nurses to advance their skills                                                      and enjoy time with their families.”
in the ever-changing field of oncology.
                                                                                                  Continued on page 22

                          Wilmot Focuses on Palliative Care
                          Clinic offers respite from pain, symptoms
                          WHEN MARY TEMPLE was experiencing significant pain after surgery and aggressive
                          radiation therapy to treat oral cancer, she turned to Wilmot Cancer Center’s palliative care
                          specialists. Temple and her husband, Alan, met with Timothy Quill, M.D., a palliative care
                          expert who leads the Center for Palliative Care and Clinical Ethics at the University of
                          Rochester Medical Center. They discussed her goals — for her cancer treatment and her
                          personal life – and how to achieve them with minimal pain and suffering.
                                 “Our goal is always to improve our patients’ quality of life; sometimes through pain
                          and symptom management and other times by helping them to better understand their
                          medical options,” says Quill, a nationally recognized expert in palliative care.
                                 Quill and his team have long worked as a resource for inpatients at Strong Memorial
                          Hospital, Highland Hospital, and Monroe Community Hospital. The service, which began in
                          2001, is available to anyone who is seriously ill, even if full recovery is expected or if they
                          have to adjust to ongoing illness. Late last year, the program was extended to serve people
“Her energy               in outpatient treatment at the Wilmot Cancer Center.
                                 “We work closely with the oncologists, who are trained to treat the disease, while
 is improving,            we can treat the symptoms of the disease,” Quill says.
                                 Temple was diagnosed with oral cancer late last year. Surgeon Saurin Popat, M.D.,
 she’s back to work       removed the cancerous tumor and her upper right palate and later had to remove lymph
 part-time and            nodes on the left side of her jaw because the cancer had spread. She endured an
                          aggressive regimen of daily radiation therapy and weekly chemotherapy under the guidance
 doing really well.       of Yuhchyau Chen, M.D., and Kishan Pandya, M.D.
                                 “We knew that it was an aggressive cancer and that we had to treat it aggressively,”
 She’s a real success     Temple says. “It offered the promise of the greatest quality of life when I get through it.
 story for both the       We’re working through it now.”
                                 She suffered significant jaw pain, which limited her ability to open her mouth,
 oncology team            frequent muscle spasms that occurred after a feeding tube was administered, and bouts
                          of tears and depression. Temple was also worried about heavy use of pain medications for
 and the palliative       fear that she would become addicted. After open discussions with Quill and her husband,
 care team.”              she agreed to take low doses of pain medications and antidepressants.
                                 “Dr. Quill and palliative care nurse Karen Kennell listened, and the quality of their
                          listening is so profound that I could feel totally understood,” says Temple, an education
   —Timothy Quill, M.D.   instructor at SUNY Brockport. “There was a strong commitment of wanting to help me and
                          I am so grateful.”
                                 Temple’s pain is now under control and her “emotional roller coaster” has subsided
                          as a result of the medications and conversations with the palliative care team. She’s
                          regained her voice and is learning to swallow again, hoping to resume eating solid foods
                                 “She definitely had a rough time. But Mrs. Temple is now coming out the other side
                          and feeling much better again,” says Quill. “Her energy is improving, she’s back to work
                          part-time and doing really well. She’s a real success story for both the oncology team and
                          the palliative care team.”

Photographer donates pictures in honor of friend’s mother

to a far-off place, where life is serene and
without strife. An escape can be invaluable
to people with cancer undergoing
chemotherapy infusions.
      John Maysuch and his friend, Kelli
Edwards-Ferrell, worked together to help
provide pleasant diversions to people with
cancer undergoing treatment at the James
P. Wilmot Cancer Center.
      Maysuch is an amateur photographer
and has taken photos of some of the most
beautiful landscapes in our nation –
vibrant, mid-summer mountainsides, rush-
ing waters in springtime, and great skies
splashed with color at sunset. He donated       Katie Edwards, right, endured multiple myeloma for many years. A
                                                family friend captured beautiful, inspiring photographs and donated
some of those images to the Wilmot              them to the Wilmot Cancer Center in her memory.
Cancer Center – in four photo albums and
photo DVDs.
      The donation was made in honor
of Katie Edwards, who died last year after      Thalidomide and bortezomib are two new agents that have shown promising activity in
suffering from multiple myeloma. Maysuch        this condition and Katie was treated with them when her myeloma relapsed after the stem
worked with Edwards’ daughter, Kelli            cell transplant. Unfortunately, the treatments were not successful and she continued to
Edwards-Ferrell, at the Post Office on           get weaker, says J.J. Ifthikharuddin, M.D., her hematologist.
Jefferson Road.                                       “Mrs. Edwards was determined to enjoy a full life while she fought the disease,”
      Katie was diagnosed with multiple         says Ifthikharuddin, a myeloma specialist. “She always had a wonderful sense of dignity
myeloma at 37, which is unusually young         in the face of terrible adversity and a very loving and supportive family that stood by her
for that disease. Just 1 percent of all cases   to the very end.”
are diagnosed in people under the age of              Maysuch recalls Kelli talking about her mother’s courage and determination to fight
40, as it typically affects older adults.       the disease that plagued her for 15 years.
      Each year, about 14,000 people in the           One day at work, Maysuch showed Kelli his photos from a recent vacation. Kelli says
United States are diagnosed with multiple       “his pictures are amazing. They immediately gave you a feeling of peace.”
myeloma, which accounts for about 10                  Kelli and her sisters helped their father, Lubbie, care for their mother during her final
percent of the blood cancers.                   days. They often looked at the photographs during quiet times.
      Hematologists treated Katie with sev-           After her mother’s death May 19, 2004, Kelli wanted to help others facing cancer and
eral types of chemotherapy and radiation        thought Maysuch’s photos could be a way.
treatments, and a stem cell transplant at             “My mom had to keep fighting as long as she could and it took a lot of determination.
the Wilmot Cancer Center’s Samuel E.            If people who are going through treatment now get some benefit from how these pictures
Durand Blood and Marrow Transplant              make them feel, then we’ll be happy,” Kelli says.


Comprehensive    The James P. Wilmot Cancer Center is on the fast-track to national prominence. We’ve laid
                 out a $65 million plan to expand our clinical and research programs and construct a state-of-

Campaign Will    the-art facility.
                      We are committed to providing expert local care, building strong translational research

Help ‘The Cure   programs to find cures, and capturing the coveted National Cancer Institute designation
                 as a comprehensive cancer center — a “seal of approval” from the top organization in

Start Here’      cancer care and research.

                      WHY ARE WE DOING THIS?
                 •    Because each of us has been touched by cancer in some way.
                 •    Because our doctors, nurses, and staff are committed to providing
                      the best care available to each person we see.
                 •    Because our scientists are driven to find better treatments and cures.
                 •    Most importantly, because our patients deserve it.

                      We will support this aggressive plan by raising $42.5 million from our generous
                      Our campaign co-chairs Judy Wilmot Linehan and Jim Ryan Jr., together with the
                 Campaign Steering Committee, have already raised $15 million in the last year — an
                 incredible achievement and great start to this community campaign.
                      We are grateful for the generous leadership gift by the Wilmot family, whose patriarch
                 was James P. Wilmot. They have made a $4 million donation. Medical Center supporters
                 Harold and Joan Feinbloom and Henry and Dorothy Hansen have each donated $1 million.
                 And an anonymous donor committed $6 million to our campaign.
                      These leadership gifts demonstrate our community’s support for state-of-the-art cancer
                 care and research here in Rochester.
                      We kicked off the public portion of our campaign at the 2005 Discovery Ball. That was
                 a fantastic evening and helped us build momentum to raise the remaining $27 million to
                 make our motto — The Cure Starts Here — a reality.


                 Richard I. Fisher, M.D.
                 James P. Wilmot Cancer Center
                 Cancer Services, Strong Health

                  This is a very exciting time for the James P. Wilmot Cancer      James P. Wilmot
Lost Loved        Center. We have begun a major fund-raising campaign to           Cancer Center Board
                  provide the best research and cancer care to the people of
Ones Reinforce    Rochester and the Finger Lakes Region                            George Abraham, M.D.
                                                                                   Phyllis Brault
                        Jim Ryan Jr., and I are co-chairing the $42.5 million
Goal of Helping   comprehensive campaign to expand clinical and research
                                                                                   Nancy Buckett
                                                                                   Donald Clark
                  programs, recruit new scientists and oncologists and             Olivia Cornell
Others            construct a new facility to provide state-of-the-art care.       Brian Dwyer
                        We are leading this very important effort because          Harold Feinbloom
                                                                                   Richard Fisher, M.D.
                  we’ve both endured the pain of cancer.
                                                                                   Laureen Burke-Forsyth, M.D.
                        I lost my father, my mother and my older brother to        Eli Futerman
                  cancer. Jim lost his wife, Sarah, to colon cancer. She was       James Hammer
                  much too young to face a deadly disease and their three          Robert Kessler
                  small children shouldn’t have lost their mother.                 Joan Lathan
                        It was terrible for all of us and I hope that one day we   Vincent Leo
                                                                                   Judy Linehan
                  will eradicate cancer. With that goal in mind, the cure starts
                                                                                   Stephen McCluski
                  here — at the Wilmot Cancer Center.                              Michael Norris
                        We’ve brought together a tremendous group of dedicat-      Paul Okunieff, M.D.
                  ed individuals to serve on our Campaign Steering Committee       Samuel Reeder
                  who are committed to meeting our goal.                           Gail Reeves
                        We’re seeking support from individuals, foundations        James Ryan Jr.
                                                                                   Stephen Ryan
                  and corporations to make this plan a reality.
                                                                                   Kathryn Thomas
                        Anyone interested in volunteering their time and talents   Timothy Wilmot
                  to move this project forward can contact us at (585) 242-        Bruce Zicari, II
                  8988 or go to: and click on
                  “make a donation.”                                               Ex-officio members:
                                                                                   Andrew Deubler
                                                                                   Mary Ann Dever
                                                                                   C. McCollister Evarts, M.D.

                                                                                   Dialogue Editor:
                  Judy Wilmot Linehan                                              Leslie White
                  Chair                                                            Assistant Director
                                                                                   of Public Relations
                  Wilmot Cancer Center Board
                                                                                   (585) 273-1119

Discovery Ball Raises Record $1.7M
for Wilmot Cancer Center                                                                  ★

                                                                                             Jim and Juli Boeheim,
                                                                                             center, were honored guests at
                                                                                             the 2005 Discovery Ball.
                                                                                             They are pictured with Wilmot
                                                                                             Cancer Center Director Richard
                                                                                             Fisher, M.D., and Susan G. Fisher,
                                                                                             Ph.D., left, and Ball Co-chairs
                                                                                             Erik and Judy von Bucher.

The Rochester community raised a record-setting $1.7 million                          contained a variety of items donated by local
(after expenses) to support patient care, cancer research, and the comprehensive      businesses and a third of the bags contained
campaign at the James P. Wilmot Cancer Center during the sixth annual Discovery       a premium prize ranging in value from $500 to
Ball on May 7. The event was highlighted by the kickoff of the Wilmot Cancer          $4,000. Quickly selling out, the Discovery Bags
Center’s campaign to expand local cancer care and research and construct a new        alone raised $45,000.
facility. (See Pages 1-4.)                                                                  Guests also visited the Wishing Well
      “It was a fantastic evening for the community to stand with the James P.        area, where a silent auction raised donations
Wilmot Cancer Center as we create a nationally-ranked cancer center,” says            in support of patient care and cancer research.
Richard I. Fisher, M.D., director of the Wilmot Cancer Center. Almost 900 people      There was also a raffle for a SONY 50-inch
attended the Ball, including University of Rochester President Tom Jackson,           plasma television. In total, the Wishing Well
University of Rochester President-elect Joel Seligman and Syracuse University         raised an additional $14,000.
Chancellor Nancy Cantor, Ph.D.                                                              The brief evening program included
      During the gala, co-chaired by Erik and Judy von Bucher, the Wilmot Cancer      remarks from Ball Co-chairs Erik and Judy von
Center’s Inspiration Award was presented to Jim Boeheim, prostate cancer survivor     Bucher, Richard Fisher, M.D., Jim Boeheim, C.
and coach of the Syracuse University men’s basketball team. He has led the            McCollister Evarts, M.D., CEO of the Medical
American Cancer Society’s Coaches vs. Cancer fund-raising effort, bringing in         Center, as well as Judy Linehan and Jim Ryan
millions for cancer research.                                                         Jr., co-chairs of the Wilmot Cancer Center
      “We have to support cancer research. Any grant could provide a scientist the    Campaign.
opportunity to make an incredible discovery that could lead us to cures for cancer.         To top off the evening, Wegmans
You never know who will do it, but we have to continue to try,” says Boeheim, who     Food Markets donated and presented an
underwent surgery to treat his cancer and then returned to the hardwoods to lead      outstanding array of gourmet desserts and
the Orangemen to the NCAA Championship in 2003.                                       guests enjoyed dancing to music by Nik and
      Supporters enjoyed cocktails and hors d’oeuvres outside and in the sprawling    the Nice Guys.
Galleria at the Convention Center, where 150 Discovery Bags were sold. Each bag

                                                                                                         Patrice and Jeff Pierce &

                                                                                                               Mary Ann and James Parker
                                                                                                         People’s Pottery/Landmark Retail
Diamond Level $50,000 & up
                                                                                                         Postler & Jaeckle Corp.
                                                                                                         June and Sam Reeder
Bausch & Lomb
                                                                                                         Lisa and Stephen Ryan
Joan and Harold Feinbloom
                                                                                                         Somerset Builders, Inc.
Judy and Paul Linehan
                                                                                                         Thomson West
The James P. Wilmot Foundation
                                                                                                         Toshiba Business Systems
                                                                                                         Valley Cadillac-Hummer Corp.
Colleen and Tom Wilmot
                                                                                                         Sue and Rob van der Stricht
                                                                                                         Ward, Norris, Heller & Reidy, LLP
Platinum Level $25,000 - $49,999
                                                                                                         Wilmot Cancer Center Radiation Oncology
                                                                                                         Cindy and Patrick Wilmot, M.D.
Entercom Marketing Results Group/98.9 The Buzz        University of Rochester President-elect            Leslie and Michael Wilmot
Nancy & Friends Fighting Cancer, Inc.                 Joel Seligman, left, attended the Discovery Ball   Loretta Wilmot
Jane F. & William J. Napier Charitable Lead Trust     and learned what a valuable asset the Wilmot       Paul “PJ” Wilmot
The Pike Company                                      Cancer Center is to Upstate New York. Richard      Tom Wilmot, Jr.
                                                      Fisher, M.D., welcomed him to the event.
Gold Level $10,000 - $24,999
Nancy and Joseph Briggs                                                                                  Benefactor Level $1,000 - $2,499
Cathy and James Brush                                 Bronze Level $2,500 - $4,999                       Bonadio & Company, LLP
Constellation Brands, Inc.                            Paula and Camille Abboud, M.D., and friends        June and Nicholas Camardello
Embracing Hope Foundation                             American Cancer Society                            Mary Ann Dever
Ilene and David Flaum                                 Nela and Michael Amico                             Excellus BlueCross Blueshield
Cricket and Frank Luellen                             Colleen and John Anderson                          Fibertech Networks, LLC
Gail and Michael Norris                               Bank of America                                    Forte Capital, LLC
The Pike Company                                      Bob Hastings Buick GMC                             Laura M. Calvi, M.D., & Jonathan W. Friedberg, M.D.
Caroline and James Ryan, Jr.                          BTU Events                                         High Falls Brewery
Judy and Erik von Bucher                              Paula and Jim Briggs & Sue and Donald Kitchen      Colleen Buzzard and K. Hartmut Land, Ph.D.
Wegmans Food Markets, Inc.                            Burke Group                                        Landsman Mayzon Building Services Group, Inc.
Cynthia and James Wilmot                              Clark Moving & Storage                             Joan Lathan
                                                      Chamberlain, D’Amanda, Oppenheimer & Greenfield     Jamie Linehan
Terri and Tim Wilmot
Xerox Corporation                  ★                  Mary Ann and Don Clark &
                                                             Suzanne and Michael Frame
                                                                                                         Michael Linehan
                                                                                                         Nancy Mason
Silver Level $5,000 - $9,999                          Clover Capital Management, Inc.                    Susan and Edward Messing, M.D.
George Abraham, M.D.                                  Cobblestone Capital Advisors, LLC                  Shirley and James Moore
Anonymous                                             Linda Wells Davey                                  Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp.
Canfield & Tack, Inc.                                  Deckman Oil Company, Inc.                          Ortho Biotech
Cornell’s Jewelers                                    Helen and Michael Donnelly                         Shree and Kishan Pandya, M.D.
Mary Wilmot Curtin                                    The Dorschel Automotive Group                      Red Barn Properties, Inc.
Susan D. Fisher, Ph.D., and Richard I. Fisher, M.D.   Elizabeth and John DuFord                          Maribeth and Phil Selke
                                                      E.J. Del Monte Corp.                               Wet Planet Beverages
Donna and James Hammer
Hahn Automotive Warehouse, Inc.                       Elmer W. Davis, Inc.                               Christopher Wilmot
Harris Beach, LLP                                     Erdman Anthony & Associates, Inc.                  Woods, Oviatt, Gilman, LLP
Insero, Kasperski, Ciaccia & Co., P.C.                Ethan Allen Home Interiors                         Zapata Corp.
Debby and Elliott Landsman                            The Fennell and Baker Families
Laurie and Vince Leo                                  Interlakes Oncology Hematology
M&T Bank                                              Invesco – National Asset Management
Mendon Capital Advisors Corp.                         J.B. Sterling Company
Morgan Stanley                                        J.B. Sterling Exteriors
Nik Entertainment Co.                                 KPMG, LLP
O’Connor Chevrolet, Inc.                              LeChase Construction Services, LLC
Debra J. Trione and Paul Okunieff, M.D.               Catherine Lyons, R.N., M.S.
Betsy and Tim Williams & Courtney                     Kiki and Dan Mahar
      and Sandy Williams                              M/E Engineering, P.C.
Meredith and Dan Wilmot                               Mengel, Metzger, Barr & Company, LLP
Kathleen and Dennis Wilmot                            Merkel Donahue/Steelcase
Zoë and Kevin Wilmot                                  Monroe Tractor & Implement Company
Sallie Wilmot and Ben Carroll     ★                   Natapow Management Group
                                                             & Spall Homes Construction
                                                      Next Step Publishing, Inc.                         C. McCollister Evarts, M.D., CEO of the Medical
                                                      Nixon Peabody, LLP                                 Center, and his wife, Nancy, share a moment with
                                                      Northwestern Mutual Financial Network              Wilmot Campaign Co-chair Judy Wilmot Linehan.


Canfield and Tack
Clark Moving & Storage
                                             Wilmot Cancer Center
Constellation Brands, Inc.
E.J. Del Monte Corp.                         Campaign Co-chairs
Forsythe Jewelers                            Judy Wilmot Linehan and
The Garden Factory                           Jim Ryan Jr., announced the
Next Step Publishing, Inc.                   $42.5 million comprehensive
Nik Entertainment Co.                        campaign for program and
Rochester Riverside Convention Center        facilities expansion.
Wegmans Food Markets

                                              FAR LEFT: Ed and Jan Kendrick cut
                                              a rug following the Discovery Ball
                                              program. Nik and the Nice Guys
                                              performed toe-tapping tunes.

                                              LEFT: Caroline Ryan and Kathy
                                              Parrinello, chief operating officer of
                                              Strong Memorial Hospital, shared in
                                              the excitement of the Wilmot Cancer
                                              Center Campaign announcement
                                              at the 2005 Discovery Ball.

                                             BELOW, Guests enjoyed an array of
                                             delicious desserts donated by Wegmans
                                             Food Markets to cap off the elegant evening.


DISCOVERY BAG GIFTS IN-KIND                Greater Rochester Chiropractic                              Rochester Raging Rhinos Soccer
                                           Grips Etc., Inc.                                            Rochester Red Wings Baseball
                                           Darryl Gronsky Presents                                     Rowe Photo Video & Audio
A & A Beauty Supply
A Different Point of View                  David A. Hanson, D.D.S., & Eric D. Hanson, D.D.S.           Keith M. Sanger, DDS
Abbott’s Frozen Custard, Inc.              Harter Secrest & Emery, LLP                                 Santa Fe Chili Company
George Abraham, M.D.                       David Hearne                                                Rich Scovner
Aja Noodle                                 Barbara Heinrich Studio                                     Seabreeze Park
Amalie’s, Inc.                             Hickey Freeman                                              The Seasonal Kitchen Cooking School
Ambiance                                   High Falls Brewing Company, LLC                             Lori Seidel

Amiel’s the Original Submarine             Katie Holmes                                                Seneca Park Zoo
The Andy Warhol Museum                     Houseworks                                                  Sentry Group
Avon, Inc. - Amy Gallaher                  Hurley Corporation                                          Sew Creative

Baldwin Richardson                         Peggy Ilacqua, Claire Murray Home Gallery Consultant        Shade Tree Greetings, Inc.
Barbara Heinrich Studio                    “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change”                    Shear Ego
Bassett Furniture                          Image Impact                                                Shoe Concepts
Carole A. Battle – Watercolor & Graphics   JCC Centerstage                                             Simply Crepes
Bell Racquet Sports                        Jeremiah’s Tavern                                           SJ’s
The Black Sheep                            Jet Blue Airways                                            Snow Country
Blackfriars Theatre                        David L. Jewett                                             Sorellas & Co. Salon
BlueGround Jewelry                         Joe’s Mendon House Restaurant, Inc.                         Spin Caffe Coffee Roasters
Boston University Athletic Department      JoJo                                                        Spoontiques, Inc.
Breathe                                    Donna Jordan at Anderson Alley Studios                      SPoT Coffee
Brio Mediterranean Bistro                  Keenan’s Restaurant                                         Stanley’s Flowers
Reinhardt Brucker                          David E. Kelly Productions                                  Starbucks Coffee
Bruegger’s Bakeries                        Kelly for Kids                                              Strathallan Hotel
Buffalo Bills                              Krapf Chiropractic Associates                               Joan Strowe
Buffalo Jewelry & Gifts                    John Kraus                                                  Paul Strowe & One Particular Harbor
Bulls Eye Apparel                          Juliana’s                                                   Studio 36
Stephen R. Burgart, DDS                    David Labman Music                                          Sutter’s Canandaigua Marina
Camille’s Franchise System                 L’Avant Garbe                                               Syracuse University
Camille’s Sidewalk Café                    Leather House Furniture                                     The Frances Young Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery
Casa Larga Vineyards                       Linehan Hallmark                                            Tapas 177
Cascade Café                               The Lodge at Woodcliff                                      Tasteful Connections
Casciani Developers, Inc.                  Lord & Taylor                                               Tastefully Simple/Pam Gardephe – Independent Consultant
Charlie’s Frog Pond                        Lorraine’s Food Factory                                     Ted Collins Tree & Landscape
Cheesy Eddie’s                             Paul Lyons – Sooz Salon, Ltd.                               Thomas Austen Salon
Chili’s Grill & Bar                        Catherine A. Lyons, R.N., M.S.                              Tom Wahl’s
Chrissy at Finishing Touch                 MacKenzie-Childs, Ltd.                                      Towpath Bike Shop
Christopher Radko                          Made U Look Salon & Day Spa                                 Turin Tennis & Swim Club
Clark Moving & Storage, Inc.               Mann’s Jewelers                                             Ty
The Cleary Family                          Marketplace Mall Marketing                                  U of R Athletics
Clover Lanes, Inc.                         Max of Eastman Place                                        Universal Wine and Liquor
Cobblestone Creek Country Club             David Mazzeo                                                Up the Creek
Continental Jewelry Replacement            Memorial Art Gallery                                        Debbie Valentini
The Cooley Group                           Mendon Capital Advisors Corporation                         Van Dog
Cornell’s Jewelers                         Merkel Donohue/Steelcase                                    Barbara and Robert Vanderlinde, MD
Coyote Vision, USA                         Merril Lynch – Steve Ryan and Steve Brown                   The Village Pig
Cuts International                         Mickey Finn’s, Inc.                                         Vitoch Interiors, Inc.
Dianne Dengel                              Midtown Athletic Club                                       Waterlily Day Spa & Cosmetics Boutique
Delta Sonic                                Scott Miller Salon                                          Wisteria Flowers & Gifts, Inc.
Dennis East International                  Monro Muffler Brake & Service                                World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.
Department 56                              The Mundo Grill                                             Yankee Candle Company
Design NY                                  Muxworthy’s Outdoor Furniture
Dexter Benedict                            NFL Canada
Distinque’                                 NFL Properties, Inc.
The Distillery                             Nik Entertainment Co.
Downstairs Cabaret Theatre                 Northeastern Pool & Spa
Dr. Konstantin Frank’s Winery              New York Wine & Grape Foundation
EastView Mall Marketing                    The Nut House
Edgerton Floral, Co.                       Oliver’s Candies, LLC
Enesco Group, Inc.                         Olives
Ethan Allen Furniture                      Panera Bread
Ewe Too                                    Parkleigh
Eye Openers                                Pellegrino’s Deli Café
Fairport Village Coffee                    People’s Pottery/Landmark Retail, LLP
Fairport Village Inn                       Permanent Solutions Hair Salon
                                           Pfaff Sewing Machines

Fieldtex Products, Inc.
Finger Lakes Gaming & Racetrack            Pilates Plus
Forte’ Capital, LLC                        Pittsford Mobil
Fox Run Vineyards                          Pittsford Plaza Marketing
Friday’s Child                             Poland Springs Water
Fulreader Tree & Landscape                 Pomodoro Grill & Wine Bar
Virginia Fusaro-Kaufer, DDS                Recognition Experts
Gallery Picture Framing                    The Red Barn
Genesee Country Village & Museum           Restaurant 2 Vine
Genesee Valley Laser Centre                Valerie Rice, Massage Therapist
                                           Rochester Athletic Club and RAC for Women              Kathleen Linehan, left, Mary Linehan and Pete Linehan
German Brothers Marina, Inc.
Geva Theatre                               Rochester Broadway Theatre League                      purchased Discovery Bags filled with valuable certificates
Go For it Graphics                         Rochester Fire Department – Broad & Allen Firehouse    and prizes donated by area businesses.
The Great Frame Up                         Rochester Marriott Airport Hotel
                                           Rochester Picture Framing

DISCOVERY BALL                                       Cathy Molina               Mary Ann Kiely
PLANNING COMMITTEES                                  Lauren Nathan              Florence and Jack Layton

                                                     Caroline Ryan              Marianne Leahy
Steering Committee                                                              Nicole Lew
                                                     Stephen Ryan
Erik and Judy von Bucher, Co-chairs                                             Meghan Lewis
                                                     Judy von Bucher
Mary Ann Dever                                                                  Amy Lill
                                                     P.J. Wilmot

Beverly Brooks-DiPaola and Bert DiPaola                                         Rose Martin
                                                     Tom Wilmot, Jr.
Diana Fisher                                                                    Timothy May
Vince Leo                                                                       Sandra McCloud
Judy Wilmot Linehan                                                             Kim Miller
Timothy May                                          Evening Volunteers         Kathy Mitchell
Gail Reeves                                          Christine Arcara           Kristina Mossgraber
Tina Ryan                                            Sherri Arnold              Judy Northrup
Carolyn Schultz                                      Jeanie Bayer               Cathy Peets
Jeff Seidel                                          Bonnie Beecher             Lorrie Perotti
Kimberly Ziegler                                     Honey Bloch                Shannon Phillips
                                                     Tom Brzana                 Lucy Prytyskach
Corporate Underwriting Committee
                                                     Janine Burge               Hazel Pugh
Vince Leo and Tina Ryan, Co-chairs
                                                     Bonnie Burke               Patricia Quigley
George Abraham, M.D.
Michael Amico
Rich Cancilla
                                                     Christine Burke
                                                     Sarah Campagna    ★        Mary Risio
                                                                                Charmaine Rugless
                                                     Stephen Campo              Alex Ryan
Donald Clark, Jr.
                                                     Brianne Chechak            Eric Shoen
David and Olivia Cornell
                                                     James Chechak              Tandalaya Sims
Mary Jo Foster
                                                     Sally Christodoulou        Barbara Snaith
Diana Lauria
                                                     Melanie Conner             Anne Sprout
Judy Wilmot Linehan
                                                     Phyllisa Desarno           Laiurie Stone
Kim Miller
                                                     Brandy Doberstein          Karen and Jim Tanney
Anne Miller-Michaels
                                                     Stephen Emmanuel           Christine and David Taylor
Michael Norris
                                                     Maryanne Etter             Ellen Thomas
Caroline Ryan
                                                     Amy Gallaher               Meredith Utman
Jim Ryan Jr.
                                                     Carol Gillespie            Marianne and David Virgilio
Abby Trafton
                                                     Sarah Haynes               Barbara Wall
Erik von Bucher
                                                     Kelsey Hayward             Lucy Wedow
Tim Williams
                                                     Linda Hayward              Alisa and David Weese
Dennis Wilmot
                                                     Brian Hendrick             Ayisha White
Bruce Zicari, II
                                                     Frank Interlichia          Kathleen White
Culinary & Decorating Committee                      Rose Jensen                Leslie White
Beverly Brooks-DiPaola and Bert DiPaola, Co-chairs   Traci Jensen               Kari Wilmot
Colleen Buzzard                                      Marie Jobes                Carol Zollweg
Courtney Deckman                                     Felicia Johnson
Susanne Heininger
Debbye Hilfiker                        ★              Laura Kassell
                                                     Linda and Paul Kavanaugh
Linda Lovejoy
Caroline Ryan
Carolyn Schultz
Program Book Committee                                                                                    ★
Diana Fisher, Chair
Cathy Kamp
Leslie White
Gala Evening Sales Committee
Jeff Seidel and Carolyn Schultz, Co-chairs
Cathy Brush
Colin Byrnes
Wende Cleary
Joan Fulreader
John Kraus
Colleen Labman
                                                                                                  Henry and Dorothy Hanson
Lisa Lange
                                                                                                  enjoyed the view of the
Judy Wilmot Linehan
                                                                                                  Genesee River during the
Michael Linehan
                                                                                                  VIP reception to honor
Dave Merrick
                                                                                                  Inspiration Award
Tammy Moat
                                                                                                  recipient Jim Boeheim.


 Almost 900 people showed their support for the Wilmot
 Cancer Center and donated more than $1.7 million to
 improve cancer care and research. Following a gourmet
 meal and elegant desserts, guests enjoyed music by Nik
 and the Nice Guys.

Check your Discovery Bags for Prizes

There are Discovery Bag premium prizes that haven’t
been claimed. Check your bags to see if your gold box
makes you a winner of one of the following prizes:
    •Box seats to a Red Wings Game
     including the opportunity to throw out
     the first pitch.
    •Private, 90-minute music performance
     by Paul Strowe and One Particular Harbor.
    •Weekend getaway to the Aurora Inn
     and tour of MacKenzie Childs barn.

      Contact Kim Ziegler at (585) 242-8854
      to claim your prize.

                                                          Wilmot Cancer Center staff attended the event. From left are nurses Beth Doherty, N.P.,
                                                          Trish Bieck, R.N., radiation oncologist Marilyn Ling, M.D., and her husband, cardiologist
                                                          Leway Chen, M.D..

Save the Date for
the 7th annual
Discovery Ball
The 2006 Discovery Ball will be held
Saturday, April 29, at the Rochester
Riverside Convention Center. Next year the
Ball will shift to the second level, allowing
the always sold-out event to grow.
          Anyone interested in becoming a
sponsor or volunteering to serve on one
of the various Discovery Ball committees
should contact Kim Ziegler, assistant
director of development of annual giving
and special events, at (585) 242-8854.

                                                        The sixth annual Discovery Ball offered many
                                                        supporters the opportunity to catch-up with
                                                        longtime friends. Above are Earl Kage, Nancy
                                                        Buckett and Joan Feinbloom. At left are Kevin
                                                        and Mary McGuire and Jim Ryan Jr.


    Thomas Jackson, University of Rochester
    president, center, celebrates with Thelma
    and E.J. DelMonte, left, and Richard Fisher,
    M.D., Wilmot Cancer Center director, and
    Joel Seligman, UR president-elect, right.

                                              Ways to Give: Memorial and Honor Gifts
                                              The James P. Wilmot Cancer Center receives many gifts “in memory” and “in honor”
                                              of patients, physicians, nurses, social workers, staff, and donors’ loved ones. Donors
                                              recognize the importance the Cancer Center played in their dear one’s life and want to
                                              continue to support our efforts toward conquering cancer.
                                                     A surviving spouse or designated family member will be notified of the
                                              memorial gift. For gifts made in honor of a person or particular occasion, the Cancer
                                              Center will be happy to send a special letter to the honoree notifying them of the donor’s
Note Card Sales Benefit                        tribute gift.
                                                     To list the Wilmot Cancer Center in an obituary notice as a beneficiary of memorial
Wilmot Cancer Center                          gifts, please ask that gifts be sent to the James P. Wilmot Cancer Center Development
                                              Office, 601 Elmwood Avenue, Box 704, Rochester, NY 14642.
The Seasons Note Card Collection was                 For additional information, please contact Mary Ann Dever at (585) 242-0049.
created to bring inspiration to others
throughout the changing seasons. Each
box of cards contains three each of four
seasonal designs and retails for $15.         Special Events
      It was designed exclusively for
                                              Brighton Girl Scout Troop 678
the James P. Wilmot Cancer Center by
                                              created tie-dyed pillowcases and
Shadetree Greetings, Inc. All proceeds
                                              scarves for Wilmot Cancer Center
from the sale of these note cards
                                              patients. They were donated in
will benefit the James P. Wilmot
                                              memory of Wendy Linehan. From left
Cancer Center.
                                              are Pam and Frances Valinsky, and
      All production, printing, and packag-
                                              Carol Williams, R.N., O.C.N.
ing costs have been generously donated
by Shadetree Greetings, Inc.
      The boxed cards are available at
local retailers: You can purchase the
cards at the following retailers: Bee in
the Garden, Campus Connections at RIT,        Megan Lutz can tell you about a
Monroe Community College Bookstore,           delicious way to win a Super Bowl
Eleventh Hour in Rochester; Possibilities     party. She won the Scooper Bowl —
in Fairport and Pittsford; Guards Cards in    an ice-cream-eating contest to raise
Geneva; Livonia Pharmacy in Lakeville;        money for the Wilmot Cancer Center.
Water Street Pharmacy in Dundee; and          The event was sponsored by
Sterling Antiques and Gifts in                Maggie Moo’s at EastView Mall
      Or call (585)242-8988 or go to
to order on-line.



                      Michael Donnelly: Discipline, focus
                      help pancreatic cancer survivor

                      GROWING UP IN OHIO, Michael Donnelly’s father often reminded him that “a winner
                      never quits and a quitter never wins.”
                            He took it to heart as he pursued careers in broadcasting corporate
                      communication/public affairs and fund-raising in Ohio and Rochester. He’s reminded of
                      it daily as he moves further and further from the day he was diagnosed with pancreatic
                      cancer in October of 2003.
                            “I live by that motto today and give it 150 percent all the time,” says Donnelly,
                      64. “When I was diagnosed, I said ‘I’ve got to beat this thing. I’m going to beat it.’
                      I had to discipline myself to do it.”
                            Donnelly was surprised by his diagnosis because he’d received a clean bill of health
                      the month before. But three short weeks later, he started to experience jaundice.
                            “My skin started to look yellow and it kept getting worse.” He worked with his
                      primary care physician Eman Wahba, M.D., and after numerous tests and scans; doctors
                      at Strong Memorial Hospital detected a tumor obstructing the bile duct and pancreas.
                      He immediately sought help at Strong and the Wilmot Cancer Center.
                            Luke Schoeniger, M.D., Ph.D., F.A.C.S., gastrointestinal surgeon, removed the tumor
                      and Donnelly began an aggressive regimen of chemotherapy and radiation, as part of
                      a clinical trial, to destroy any residual disease, under the care of Wilmot gastrointestinal
                      oncologists Corliss Newman, M.D., and Alok Khorana, M.D., and radiation oncologist Alan
                      Katz, M.D. The treatment regime required Donnelly to give himself interferon shots three
“My wife, Helen,      times a week and to wear a small pump that delivered medication around-the-clock for
                      several weeks. He was the first patient at the Wilmot Cancer Center to enroll in the
was with me every     clinical trial.
                            “Mr. Donnelly was faced with a difficult disease and the best treatment option for him
step of the way.      was an investigational treatment through one of our clinical trials,” says Khorana, his
                      oncologist. “He endured an aggressive regimen that was very challenging, but he handled
She helped to keep    it with grace and now enjoys an excellent quality of life as a cancer survivor.”
                            Donnelly continued to work as vice president for organizational development for
                      Easter Seals New York and relied heavily on his wife, Helen, for support and assistance.
me focused.”                “My wife, Helen, was with me every step of the way. She helped to keep me
                      focused,” Donnelly commented.
                            “You develop a support system that helps you through the difficult times,” he says.
                      “But mostly you have to be disciplined and focused on your health. You have to watch what
  —Michael Donnelly   you eat, take your medications, find out what works for your system and what doesn’t.”
                            Donnelly realizes he’s fortunate to have access to expert care in Rochester, at the
                      Wilmot Cancer Center. “I think I had 11 to 12 different people – specialists from all
                      areas — watching me throughout my treatment and helping me,” he recalls.
                            The father of three grown daughters with five grandchildren, Donnelly is
                      grateful for the ability to continue working and enjoying golf, travel and volunteer work.

                                               Events Calendar
                                              • Ladies Golf Tournament – Wednesday, June 29, at Deerfield Country Club.
                                                Benefits the Edelman Gardner Cancer Research Foundation, which supports the
                                                Wilmot Cancer Center. Call (585) 392-2404.

                                              • Men’s Golf Tournament – Monday, July 11, at Deerfield Country Club. Benefits
                                                the Edelman Gardner Cancer Research Foundation, which supports the Wilmot
                                                Cancer Center. Contact Bob Westcott at

                                              • Time for a Cure – Sunday, July 24, at Kinley’s Pub in Ontario. Motorcycle run,
                                                chicken barbecue, music, silent auction and raffle. Call 265-3140.

                                              • Tom Wurzer Memorial Golf Tournament – Tuesday Aug. 2, at Greystone
                                                Golf Club. Tickets are $700 per foursome. Call Debbie Smith at (585) 232-8300.

                                              • 4th annual Roland's Ride Saturday, Aug. 13. Go to:

                                              • Concert for a Cure – Saturday, Aug. 20, at Water Street Music Hall. Students will
                                                perform in honor of their mothers, who are battling lymphoma and breast cancer.
                                                Go to:

                                              • Motorcycle Poker Run – Saturday, Aug. 20, to benefit the Edelman Gardner
                                                Cancer Research Foundation, which supports the Wilmot Cancer Center.
Michael Donnelly spoke to the media during      Contact Errol Sheldon at
the Wilmot Cancer Center’s news conference
to announce its $42.5 million comprehensive
                                              • Family Day at Buffalo Bills Training Camp – Saturday, July 30, St. John Fisher
                                              College. VIP viewing and buffet brunch, $20 adults, $16 children 5–15. Call (585) 242-
                                              8988 or go to:

                                              • Xerox Classic – Aug. 15-21 at Irondequoit Country Club. Tickets are
He’s a member of Penfield Rotary Club,
                                                $25 for a weeklong ground pass or $65 for a clubhouse pass. Call
trustee for Quad A for Kids, which
                                                (585) 325-7760 x3226 or go to:
supports programs for inner-city
children, the Rochester Ad Council, and
                                              • Hoffman Memorial Golf Tournament – Saturday, Sept. 24, at Livonia Country
the steering committee for the Wilmot
                                              Club. Call (585) 242-8988.
Cancer Center Capital Campaign.
      When he’s not in the boardroom,
                                              • Finger Lakes Wine Tour – Saturday, Sept. 24. Center Stage Tours bus tours
he can be found on a golf course or
                                                of the Keuka Lake wineries, with picnic lunch and barbecue dinner. Call Jack Layton
traveling with his wife.
                                                at (585) 889-1992.
      “I’m very blessed to have a good
career, strong family and very strong
faith,” says Donnelly. “Through this
illness my faith has increased about
250 percent. There’s a lot of solace
in that – peace and direction.”

                                                News & Notes
Nurses                                          Jennifer J. Griggs, M.D., M.P.H., medical director of the Wilmot Comprehensive
Continued from page 7
                                                Breast Cancer Program, was named the University of Rochester School of Medicine
                                                and Dentistry’s nominee for the American Association of Medical College’s Humanism
                  Inpatient oncology unit
                                                in Medicine Award.
                  nurse Lori Holder, R.N.,
                  shares in the joy of caring   Richard I. Fisher, M.D., director of the Wilmot Cancer Center, was an ad hoc member
                  and calming people when       of the National Cancer Institute Clinical Oncology Study Section and participated in a
                  they are “very vulnerable.”   review of the United Kingdom Lymphoma Research Programs.
                  She often works with
                                                Eight Wilmot Cancer Center nurses received certification from the Oncology Nursing
people who are hospitalized, often follow-
                                                Society: Carol Williams, Molly Shanto, Kathy Drogan, Elizabeth Scarsella,
ing a cancer diagnosis.
                                                Meghan Lewis, Lynn Sievert and Mary Attridge. This certification is in addition to
     "We're working with people at a time
                                                holding R.N., B.S.N. titles. Shannon Phillips, R.N., M.S., earned the title of Advanced
in their life when they need so much
                                                Oncology Certified Clinical Nurse Specialist.
support and education. The time we spend
teaching them about how to live with their      Catherine Lyons, R.N., M.S., C.N.A.A., associate director for cancer services,
disease or how to live well through the         published an editorial in the March 5 issue of Leukemia Research. The article,
end of their life, is so important to them,"    “Care versus Cure at the End of Life,” focuses on the importance of providing palliation
says Holder, who's been with the cancer         during end of life care.
center seven years.                             Paula Elia, R.T.T., radiation technologist, participated in the Leukemia & Lymphoma
                                                Society’s Rock ’n’ Roll Marathon June 5 in San Diego. She ran the 26.2-mile course
              Becky Harrington, R.N.,           in honor of a patient.
              B.S.N., who works in the
              6-1400 surgical oncology          Gary H. Lyman, M.D., M.P.H., director of the health services and outcomes research
              unit, looks at each family –      program, published several articles, including “Effect of outpatient treatment of febrile
              not just the individual with      neutropenia on the risk threshold for use of CSF in patients with cancer treated with
              cancer – as the patient.          chemotherapy” and “The economic burden of anemia in cancer patients receiving
     “You’ve got to include the spouses         chemotherapy in Value in Health. He also published “Moving beyond febrile
and children and family in the spectrum         neutropenia” in Supportive Cancer Therapy.
when you’re giving care and support.            Wilmot nurses delivered two presentations at the Oncology Nursing Society annual
They all need it from beginning to end,”        Congress. Catherine A. Lyons, R.N., M.S., C.N.A.A., associate director for cancer

says Harrington.                                services, presented “Oncology Nurses as Service Line Administrators: A Unique Blend
                                                of Roles.” Sheri Guarino R.N., O.C.N., presented “Chairside Checklist: An Innovation
                                                In Safe Chemotherapy Administration.”
                                                Alok Khorana, M.D., gastrointestinal oncologist, published an article, “Concordance,”
                                                in the March-April issue of Health Affairs.

                      SAVE THE DATE
     12 annual Breast Cancer Education Luncheon Oct. 6

                     Featuring: Patti LaBelle
                     Proceeds benefit the Breast Care Center
                             at Highland Hospital
                               Call 275-0806 for tickets.

                                                                    Safe. Secure.
                                                                 Lock into a feeling that money
                                                                        alone can’t buy.
XEROX Hosts Men’s Pro
Golf To Benefit Wilmot
Xerox Corp. is bringing professional golf to Rochester
this summer to benefit the Wilmot Cancer Center.
The Xerox Classic Golf Tournament, a new stop on
the PGA Nationwide Tour golf event, will be held
Aug. 15-21 at Irondequoit Country Club.
      “Xerox has a strong tradition of giving back to the
community, and this golf tournament will provide an
opportunity for us to raise funds for three important local
nonprofits,” says Mike MacDonald, president, Xerox
Global Accounts and Marketing Operations.
      Proceeds from the Xerox Classic will be shared with
the Wilmot Cancer Center, YMCA of Greater Rochester
and the educational programs for the Rochester
Broadway Theater League.
      There are two pro-am competitions, on Monday
and Wednesday, Aug. 15 and 17. Foursomes are
registering now, at a cost of $3,000 and $6,500 each.         A charitable gift annuity provides guaranteed
Call (585) 325-7760 x 3226 to participate.                    income for life. Best of all, as you benefit, so
      There will also be a youth clinic and community
concert. The Golf Channel will televise the Xerox Classic       does the James P. Wilmot Cancer Canter.
      About half of the 2003 PGA Tour were Nationwide
Tour alumni. Past members include David Duval, Tom                      A sample of Rochester’s Gift Annuity Rates
                                                                                Age Fixed Rates for Life*
Lehman, Jeff Maggert, Stuart Appleby, Stewart Cink
                                                                                 60           5.7%
and David Toms.
                                                                                 65           6.0%
                                                                                 70           6.5%
                                                                                 75           7.1%
                                                                                 80           8.0%
                                                                                 85           9.5%
                                                                                 90          11.3%
                                                                            *Rates for deferred payment gift annuities are higher

                                                                       Interested? For more information, call or write:
                                                               Jack Kreckel, Office of Trusts and Estates · (800) 635-4672 or
                                                                     (585) 273-5904 ·
            Wilmot Cancer Center
            Honors Jim Boeheim
            Almost 900 people gathered for the Wilmot Cancer
            Centers’ Discovery Ball to honor Syracuse
            University basketball coach Jim Boeheim on May 7
            for his victory over prostate cancer. He received the                Richard Fisher, M.D., Wilmot Cancer Center director, chats with David and
                                                                                 Olivia Cornell.
            Inspiration Award. (See Pages 12-18 for complete details.)

                Above, Hall of Fame basketball coach Jim Boeheim was
                honored for his victory over prostate cancer and efforts to
                raise funds to support cancer research. He received the
                Inspiration Award.

                Top right, Jim Boeheim and Michael Goonan, Medical Center
                CFO, discuss SU’s winning season.

                Bottom right, Colleen and Tom Wilmot, left, discuss the future
                of cancer care with Medical Center CEO C. McCollister Evarts,
                M.D., and his wife, Nancy.

                                                                                         A publication of the Public Relations Office, University of Rochester Medical Center

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Medical Center                                                                                                                                   U.S. Postage
James P. Wilmot Cancer Center                                                                                                                        PAID
601 Elmwood Avenue, Box 704
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Rochester, NY 14642
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