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Professional cover letter template

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									Professional cover letter template

The term 'First Impressions Count' has never been more true - with hundreds of
applications received for each job advertised, make sure that your CV (I'm from the
UK, but CV's are also known as Resume's elsewhere) get the readers attention by
creating an professional cover letter. Designed to generate interest in you, your cover
letter should highlight your key selling points and give the recruiter a reason to read
your application in full.

Why? A job cover letter will be the first thing a recruiter will see and should be
accompanied by your CV. Your professional letter could encourage or discourage a
recruiter or potential employer to read your CV. A good cover letter should contain
basic points but not give too much away, you only want to make the recruiter
interested in reading your CV and not provide them with an exact copy of the
information. Your covering letter will introduce your CV and yourself. Here are some
tips on how to write your CV cover letter:

• Find out the exact name and address of the person your CV needs to go to.
• If the position has a reference number, make sure you quote it along with the job
title on your letter.
• Explain where you heard about the position (i.e., The Evening News on Thursday
22nd March).
• Give a brief description of your current role drawing attention to any skills you feel
are applicable to the role you are applying for.
• State that you would like to meet with them to discuss your application in more
• Make sure you have included all of your contact details on your covering letter.

But is that it? With so much resting on this document is the above enough to start

Application letter do's and don'ts:

Do make sure your letter is correctly addressed.
Do use the same paper for your letter and CV.
Do ensure there are no typing, spelling or grammatical errors.
Do sell yourself! Highlight your strengths and any previous achievements.
Do double-check your cover letter and CV before you send it - it needs to be perfect!

Don't copy your letter out of a book or ask someone else to write it for you, use your
own words and make it personalised.
Don't copy your CV, a letter should only introduce your CV and encourage the reader
to know more about you.
Don't include information that isn't relevant, keep it to the point.
Don't include conflicts or disagreements with previous employers
Don't appear unenthusiastic - sell yourself.

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