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					Cover letter draft

Most jobs ask for a cover letter along with your resume. A cover letter can make or
break your case with the prospective employer. I am giving a sample cover letter
below in the format which most business schools follow in the USA. I am assuming
that the applicant is doing his/her MBA right now. Make sure you put in the correct
postal address and other details in the letter below. It is like a template right now. The
names used below are used just as an example and are fake. Study the below letter
carefully and draft your own cover letter for your applications. Good luck.

120 Orchard Avenue

Yourtownname, MN zip code

Tel: (xxx) xxx-xxxx

Email: your email id

September 9, 2007

Mr. Dave Clayton

HR Manager

XYZ, Inc.

140 Oak Street

Theirtownname, MN zip code

Dear Mr. Clayton:

I came to know about a managerial job opening in the marketing team at your
company from Robert Woods of United Services. With my work experience and
MBA in marketing, I feel that I am an ideal candidate for the position.

I have been following the progress of XYZ, Inc. since last two years from newspapers
and trade journals. I am keenly interested in the online-offline model developed by
your company to sell products on the Internet and in retail outlets. Before I started my
MBA, I worked extensively in marketing and retailing products on e-commerce
websites. Currently, I am sharpening my skills in the traditional marketing areas with
my MBA studies. I plan to graduate in December 2008 with an emphasis in
marketing. I find a great synergy between your company and my background and
experience. I am sure, that as a marketing manager in your company, I will be able to
take the department to new heights.

I am eager to talk to you and learn more about the managerial position. I want to
discuss with you, the new ideas which I have for XYZ, Inc. Please review my resume.
I will contact you after a week to know about the possibility of arranging a meeting
with you.

Your time and consideration is greatly appreciated.