PHONO PLUG MALE RCA type                           AUDIO/VIDEO GRADE                                  Shielded RCA type
                                                   PHONO PLUG                                         PHONO PLUG
                                                   RCA MALE, fully shield-                            A tough, nickel-plated
                                                                                                      connector for general
                                                   ed. Twist-on, solderless
Solder terminals; body and shell molded                                                               purpose audio usage. Solder lugs connec-
                                                   connection. Gold plated                            tion.
plastic; integral strain relief. Handles avail-    for best audio and video performance. Use
able in six colors.                                                                                   No. MS10 - five connectors in display
                                                   with either RG58 or RG59 coaxial cable.
No. MS16 - display pkg, 2 red & 2 black                                                                                 package
                                                   No. MDL2 - package one connector
No. MS16B RED - bulk packed, red                                                                      No. MS10B - connector bulk packaged
                                                   No. MDL2B - bulk pack
No. MS16B BLK- bulk packed, black
                                                                                                          SHIELDED PHONO PLUGS
No. MS16B YEL - Bulk Packed, Yellow                                                                            MALE RCA TYPE
No. MS16B WHT - Bulk Packed, WHITE
                                                                                                      Fully shielded RCA plug
No. MS16B BLU - bulk packed, blue                                                                     for Audio & Video,
No. MS16B GRN - bulk packed, green                                                                    Nickel plated body with
No. MS161 - display package,                      GOLD RG59/U                                         color coded band &
                                                                                                      strain relief (maximum
            1 red & 1 white for audio             RCA PLUG                                            cable O.D. 4.0mm).
No. MS162 - display package,                      A perfect connector for use with RG59 cable in      Knurled handle for a
            1 each of red, white,                 video or audio systems; high tech look too.         secured grip. Available in 4 colors.
             yellow for A/V                       Noise-free, dependable connections. Available
No. MS163 - display package,                      with either black or red color band on gold body.   No. 70-132 - display package,
            1 each of red, green, blue            No. 2101DL - package one black only                                    1 red & 1 black
            for component video                   No. 2102DL - package one each red & black           No. 70-130B - bulk packed, black
                                                  No. 2101DLB-BL - bulk packaged black                No. 70-134B - bulk packed, red
No. 70-013 - grey handle, display pkg. of 2                                                           No. 70-136B - bulk packed, white
No. 70-013B - bulk packed                         No. 2101DLB-RD - bulk packaged red
                                                                                                      No. 70-138B - bulk packed, yellow
                                                                                                      No. 70-135 - display package,
PHONO PLUG MALE RCA type                                                                                                 1 red & 1 white
                                                                                                      No. 70-137 - display package, 1 red,
Gold plated on contacts and solder terminals;
                                                                                                                         1 white & 1 yellow
body and shell molded plastic; integral strain
relief. Available in red or black.
                                                  GOLD plated
No. MSG16 - display pkg, 1 red & black
                                                  RCA PLUG                                               SHIELDED PHONO JACKS
No. MSG16B-RD - bulk packed, red
No. MSG16B-BL- bulk packed, black                 Solder type with spring strain relief. A quality           FEMALE RCA TYPE
                                                  general purpose audio connector, gold plated for
                                                  performance. Color bands on body identify left      Fully shielded RCA jack for
                                                  and right channels. Use with most audio wires.      Audio & Video, Nickel plat-
PHONO PLUGS Male RCA type                         No. MSG10 - disp. package 1 red & 1 black           ed body with color coded
                                                                                                      band & strain relief (maxi-
Solder terminals; body and                        No. MSG10B-BL - bulk packed, black
                                                                                                      mum cable O.D. 4.0mm).
shell molded plastic.                             No. MSG10B-RD - bulk packed, red                    Knurled handle for a
Available in several colors.                                                                          secured grip. Available in 4
No. MS14 - display packaged, 2 each red,
black,                                                                                                No. 70-221 - display package, 1 red
No. MS144 - display packaged, 2 each red,                                                                               & 1 black
             black, green, yellow                                                                     No. 70-220B - bulk packed, black
No.   MS14B-RED - bulk packed, red
                                                  RCA or PHONO PLUG
                                                  Nickel plated crimp                                 No. 70-224B - bulk packed, red
No.   MS14B-BLK - bulk packed, black.                                                                 No. 70-226B - bulk packed, white
                                                  type with 1/4”
No.   MS14B-GRN - bulk packed, green              crimping ring for                                   No. 70-228B - bulk packed, yellow
No.   MS14B-YEL - bulk packed, yellow             RG59/U cable.                                       No. 70-225 - display package, 1 red
                                                                                                                        & 1 white
                                                  No. 2101A - display packaged                        No. 70-227 - display package, 1 red,
RIGHT ANGLE PHONO                                 No. 2101AB - phono plug bulk packaged only                            1 white & 1 yellow
Solder terminal, integral strain relief for
cable up to 4.0 mm O.D. available in four
                                                                                                      Shielded RCA type
colors.                                                                                               PHONO JACK
Right Angle Plugs                                                                                     Durable, nickel-plated con-
                                                  PHONO PLUG                                          nector for general
No. 70-036B - Black
                                                                                                      purpose audio usage.
No. 70-030B - Red                                                                                     Solder lugs connection.
No. 70-032B - White                               A standard, very low cost;
No. 70-034B - Yellow                              phono plug.
                                                                                                      No. MS9 - five connectors in
NOTE: Bulk pack only
                                                                                                                    display package
                                                  No. 2101P - phono plug, bulk packaged only
                                                                                                      No. MS9B - connector bulk packaged

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