Sowing Generously Stewardship Reaping Generously Remember this Whoever sows by principalbelding


									Sowing Generously...
 Reaping Generously

  Stewardship 2009

    Remember this: Whoever sows
    sparingly will also reap sparingly
   and whoever sows generously will
          also reap generously.
           2 Corinthians 9:6

   Second Presbyterian Church
  313 N. East St. Bloomington, IL
 The following are some of the ministries your       2009 Pledge
gift will support in 2009 as Second Presbyterian
     Church works to serve Christ. It is not a           Sowing Generously...Reaping Generously
 complete list, but rather a cross-section of the
 many ways the church reaches out in mission,               I/We pledge my/our support to
 serves children and youth and meets the needs             His church in the following manner:
                  of its members.
Missions - Global and Local                           A number of families in our congregation tithe
     Little Children of the Philippines                 (give 10% of their income) to the church.
     Equatorial Guinea - Jason & Lisa Carter         I/We would like to join them. My/Our pledge is:
     Prayerie Light
     Egypt - Evangelical Theological Seminary        $_____________ per week, month, year.
     Presbyterian Frontier Fellowship -                                     OR
          Mission Trips                               I/We will pledge the following amout to my/our
          (Katrina, Chiapas, etc.)                                    church in 2009:
     ISU International Student Ministry              $_____________ per week, month, year.
     Habitat for Humanity
     Western Avenue Community Center                 ___________________________________
     Campus Crusade for Christ                                   Please print name
     Restoration Christian Church
     Terrific Tuesdays                                ___________________________________
     Home Sweet Home Mission                               Others who join me in this gift
     Compassion Center
     Christian Education Just Older Youth
     Small Groups                  ( JOY)
     ALPHA                    Prayer Quilt Team            The Great Rivers Presbytery requires all
     Choirs                   Friday Prayer             churches to send $26.00 per member to them
     Presbyterian Women            Luncheons            for the ministry of the Presbytery, Synod and
     Gathering of Men         Pastoral Care                           General Assembly
 Children & Youth
     Sunday School                 Choirs              ____ I/We will give $26.00 per member to help
     Vacation Bible School         Choir Tour                    the church defray this cost.
     Kids of the Kingdom           Camps                   (This is in addition to my/our pledge.)
     PowerHouse                    Puppet Ministry

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