Psychology Chapter 14 Theories of Personality Study questions by noy99673


									Psychology Chapter 14 Theories of Personality Study questions

Section 1--Purposes of Personality Theories
1. Why do we study personalities? Is it a bit judgmental?
2. Explain the four purposes for studying personality.
3. Why are their so many different interpretations of personality?

Section 2--Psychoanalytic Theories
1. What does Freud mean by “unconscious processes?”
2. Explain the Id, the ego and the Superego as developed by Freud.
3. Give a definitions and examples of five of the defense mechanisms explained in the
4. After reading his theories, do you agree with Freud's theory or disagree?
5. Explain how Jung expanded Freud's beliefs--covering Collective Unconsciousness and
6. Explain the contributions of Alfred Adler making sure to cover the inferiority complex.
7. What is the basic component of Karen Horney’s theories? Explain.

Section 3--Learning Theories
1. What are the positive impact and the limits of behaviorism.
2. Explain behaviorism and the contributions of B.F. Skinner.
3. Explain contingencies of reinforcement.
4. Fully explain Bandura’s Social Cognitive (i.e.--Learning) Theory.

Section 4--Humanistic and Cognitive Theories
1. Explain humanistic psychology and self-actualization.
2. What does this chapter note in regard to Maslow's hierarchy, especially Self-
3. Explain Carl Rogers' theory covering the self, positive regard, conditions of worth,
conditional positive regard and unconditional positive regard.
4. What is a cognitive theory, noting the research of George Kelly.

Section 5--Trait Theories
1. Explain any of the trait theories listed. Do you agree that everyone has basic traits?
   Why/why not?
2. Explain Gordon Allport's Identifying Traits.
3. Explain Raymond B. Cattell's Factor Analysis and the importance of his mathmatical
4. Describe the contributions and theories of Hans Eysenck.
5. What are “the Robust Five?”
6. Explain what PERSONALITY is and answer the question: Can one's personality
   change? Try to dispell the myth that a personality is full formulated by the age of
Find a website that covers one of theorists from this chapter (Freud, Jung, Adler, Skinner,
Bandura, Maslow, Rogers, Alport and the rest) and compare and contrast the information

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