Brighton District Library Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes February by principalbelding


									                               Brighton District Library
                           Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes
                                   February 17, 2009

CALLED TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m.

ATTENDANCE: Present: President Jane Petrie, Lee Gough, Jeannette Hill, Kris Tobbe,
Scott Nielsen and Anne King-Hudson.
                  Absent : Jane Clarke
                  Staff: Nancy B. Johnson, Director, Ed Rutkowski, Assistant Director,
                  Sandra Schulenburg, Circulation Supervisor

APPROVAL OF THE AGENDA: Moved by Lee Gough and seconded by Scott
Nielsen to approve the agenda as amended. Motion carried.

APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES: Moved by Anne King-Hudson and seconded by Lee
Gough to approve the January 20, 2009-Board Meeting minutes. Motion carried.
                                     Moved by Anne King-Hudson and seconded by
Scott Nielsen to approve the February 3, 2009-Committee Meeting minutes. Motion
                                     Strategic Planning Task Force Meeting minutes- The
Board tabled the approval of minutes until the March Board meeting.


STAFF COMMENTS: Sandie Schulenburg, Circulation Supervisor, introduced herself
to the Board. Sand ie has worked for the Library for 12 years and has been Supervisor of
the Circulation Department for 3 ½ years. She has a total of 27 staff members in the
Circulation//Loan Services Department and 11 shelvers under her supervision. Sandie
gave an in-depth account of the many tasks both department s accomplish. They track all
items from the time the y are on the shelf until the time they are returned to the Library.
There are approximately 42,000 items processed per month. Sandie discussed with the
Board several issues facing her department such as lack of space, especially for books
that are on hold, and the need for at least 3 circulation staff members for Saturdays and
Sundays. She also answered Board questions about the proposed changes in the fines and
fees policy. The Board thanked Sandie for her presentation.

PRESIDENT’S REPORT: President Petrie commented how wonderful the staff
appreciation dinner at Gourmet Garden was. The annual appeal ended and the amount
donated to date is $5,000. The Committees were assigned as follows:
       Budget/Finance: Jane Clarke, Anne King-Hudson and Jeannette Hill
       Planning/Fundraising: Scott Nielsen, Lee Gough and Jeannette Hill
       Building/Technology: Scott Nielsen, Kris Tobbe and Jeannette Hill
       Policy/Personnel: Anne King-Hudson, Jeannette Hill and Jane Clarke
       Public Relations: Jane Clarke, Kris Tobbe and Anne King-Hudson
DIRECTOR’S REPORT: The Director discussed the following:
   • Envisionware, which replaced the Library’s current SAM system, has been
   • Orndorf Drive expansion. Will meet with city officials to discuss the time table,
     sidewalk issues, and if non-profit organizations will be exempted from the Special
     Assessment District.
   • Attended the Wally “Famous” Amos Livingston Economic Club luncheon at
     Cleary University on Monday, February 9.
   • The Friends approved their 2009 Budget.
   • Met with Doug Russell from Michigan GREEN regarding an energy audit. This
     initial audit will be at no cost to the Library.
   • MLA-Value of Libraries to Economic and Workforce Development handout was


Resolution #09-0008: Moved by Jeannette Hill and seconded by Lee Gough to approve
the cla ims docket in the amount of $43,873.21 dated February 17, 2009. Motion carried.
Resolution #09-0009: Moved by Jeannette Hill and seconded by Anne King-Hudson to
approve the payment of payroll checks dated 1/22/09 and 02/05/09. Motion carried.

The Board discussed the matured Certificate of Deposit.
Resolution #09-0010: Moved by Anne King-Hudson and seconded by Lee Gough to
approve the purchase of one jumbo CD for $100,000 for 6 months maturity from
Livingston Community Bank. The remaining proceeds will be put in the 401 Sweep
Account. These funds are from the maturity of the Brighton Commerce Bank CD in the
401 Fund. Motion carried

Policy/Personnel: Discussion of Policy #303-Circulation Policy- fines and fees. This
discussion is tabled until the next committee meeting. Motion carried.

Resolution #09-0011: Moved by Scott Nielsen and seconded by Jeannette Hill to
approve that effective March 1, 2009, the Brighton District Library campus, including all
parking areas, is a smoke- free facility. Employees and visitors must extinguish all forms
of tobacco before leaving their vehicles. Pedestrians may not bring lighted tobacco
products onto the property. Motion carried.

Planning/Fundraising: none

Public Relations: none

NEW BUSINESS: Director Johnson invited the Board to the Livingston Reads Kick Off
program presenting Mary Moore, who was a Professional Ball Player in the 1950’s, on
March 10, 2009.

STRATEGIC PLANNING/TASK FORCE: The Board received the initial draft of the
Strategic Plan 2009-2011.


ADJOURNMENT: This meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Wilson, Recording Secretary
Brighton District Library

Next Committee Meeting: March 3, 2009
Next Board Meeting: March 17, 2009

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