Community Supported Agriculture Project Membership Contract for the Season

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					                        Community Supported Agriculture Project
                        Membership Contract for the 2009 Season

Please mail this form to:        or sign, scan and email as PDF to
Jackson Hollow Farm
S1291 Hayes Valley Rd.
Mondovi, WI 54755

Name ______________________________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________Apt ____________

City ______________________ State ____________ Zip ____________

Daytime Phone ___________________ Evening Phone ___________________

E-mail _____________________Preferred Pickup Location: __________________________

I, _______________________ commit to membership in the Jackson Hollow Farm CSA for the 2009
Season from Mid-May thru October (approximately 18-20 weeks) . As a member, I commit myself to
supporting the farm with my ideas, input, and Half Share price of $275. In addition, I commit to pick up, or
send my representative to pick up, my weekly share at an agreed upon pickup point. I understand that if I
do not pick up my share it will be distributed to other members or given to the needy. I do not expect to
have my share saved.

As a member of the CSA, I will receive a weekly Half Share for the 2009 Season consisting of
approximately ½ bushel of vegetables per week, an average of 4-7 items per week. The shares will vary
in size and weight depending on the season, they will be lightest early in the season.

I understand that the variety of vegetables I receive is dependent on growing conditions that vary from
season to season and that the risks and benefits of the harvest are shared. I understand that I am
investing in a fertile local farm that is dependent on normal weather conditions to be most productive.
There is some risk of crop failure, which is minimized by growing a wide variety of crops. I understand that
there will be no refunds and that my share size could be less than expected.

Jackson Hollow Farm agrees to make all reasonable efforts to protect your investment in the 2009 crop
and to deliver your share as described above to the designated pickup site at the scheduled dates and

If you wish, you may add chicken and egg shares to your membership:
______ Full Chicken Share (10 broilers and 2 roasters) $150
______ Full Egg Share (1 doz/week for 20 weeks) $80

I prefer to invest by:
___Paying in full, by check or money order, with submission of this contract
___Making 2 payments, half by check or money order with submission of this contract and
          the second half due by March 31, 2009
___Pay in full by credit card through PayPal

Checks for shares are payable to: Jackson Hollow Farm

Member Signature ____________________________________Date _____________________

Laura Jackson for Jackson Hollow ________________________________Date______________