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									                     Using Twitter For Business
        The Best Uses of Twitter for Your Business
        Twitter is a real-time information network powered by people all around the world that lets
        you share and discover what’s happening now. Its a micro-blogging site that enables users
        to send ‘Tweets’ or messages of 140 characters or less. (Think of it as an online text
        message that reaches a much bigger audience than your mobile phone ever could).

Reasons to use Twitter for your business:
  •    It helps you to get found by people who are searching for your products or services
  •    Its great for connecting and engaging with current and potential customers (can be used as
       an aspect of your customer care department)
  •    It enables you to create a community around you and your business
  •    Its ideal for promoting your site and generating traffic

Twitter for Customer Communication

Use keyword search monitoring through a program such as Hootsuite or MarketMeTweet to track
what people are saying about you, your industry and your competitors.

Use Twitter for inviting customers to your private product/service launches, let them contribute to
new feature requests, ask them how you can improve your product/service offerings. Not only will
you gain firsthand, unfiltered information on how your products and services are used in the real
world, you’ll also activate a network of satisfied customers to give you the best thing you could ask
for: positive word-of-mouth.

Twitter for Brand Exposure

By using Twitter for branding strategies, it is possible to market via Twitter, but it requires a
different marketing strategy. Twitter is all about simple conversations; you can’t use press releases,
marketing copy and other one-way communication tactics and expect results. People want
interaction — with you and with each other.

Twittering is one-to-one, with the benefit of being in an online public space where other people can
overhear your conversation and interact with each other on your behalf.

It offers an unique opportunity for Website integration and to engage with your customers in a viral
way, helping your company stand out from the competition and keeping your brand awareness to
the fore.

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Twitter for Generating Traffic to Your Site

Twitter is a very flexible technology – that is what makes it so powerful. The fact that Twitter can
be set up to automatically update your followers every time you post a new entry on your site or
that any RSS feed can be re-broadcasted through your Twitter postings, are great examples of
Twitter’s strengths. However, be careful not to abuse this, as too many automatically generated
posts will make you lose that all-important human factor.

The potential to reach your target market can be huge, but using Twitter for promotion is an art
form, promote your site too heavily and you’ll turn off followers, yet don’t promote enough and
you’ll receive little to no traffic!

Twitter for Search Engine Optimisation

The value to your site of being found by the search engines, because of your tweets, is excellent as
traffic is a component of SEO. Your tweets will rank high in the search engine results and are good
for ranking both your personal profile and company name. Using shortened URLs, such as,
are of great benefit as is branding every tweet with your domain name to develop a back link to
your site.

In conclusion…

Using Twitter for your business is a ‘must have’ marketing tool. Its free and puts your business on
the social media map, which is a major benefit as opposed to not using Twitter for your marketing
and your competitors are.

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