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Jaz Lai
Like many of us, Jaz Lai started his business elsewhere before finding his calling
in the internet marketing business. He was a successful fashion designer with a
retain chain. What started as part time income in 2004 begun to bloom into
enviable internet marketing empire. In fact, the business grew so well that he
sold off his retail business in 2005 and became full time internet marketer.

It is true that Jaz Lai started his internet marketing empire
( without knowing much about the industry, but
his entrepreneur intuition has helped in building the foundation. Nevertheless,
Jaz was keen to learn the business. By the time his first launch was premiered,
he effortlessly bagged more than $10,000 within 24 hours without any lists or

Since then, Jaz Lai continued to flourish and generated 5 figures per month of
passive income and shortly reached his first million dollar. To top it off, Jaz
manages to enjoy a flexible lifestyle, taking holidays whenever he wants to.

Jaz Lai specializes in generating lead, building network and most importantly
turning the leads into cash generating tools. His high conversion rate is part of
his successful business secret.

Speaking from experience, Jaz understands the needs and problems of newbies
starting out. He has the special ability to teach his proven money making
methods in the internet marketing business in very simple steps to others. His
no-nonsense methods make learning from him very easy but still producing
handsome returns.

Why waste time trying on things that has no guarantee? Jaz Lai has a proven
successful business plan that generated his first million dollar.

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