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									                           Touching Spirit Bear
                             Scavenger Hunt

1.   We start our journey at Mr. Ben Mikaelsen’s home page. KIDS send this author many
     EMAILS. In his response he tells them (and us) that he sometimes has trouble spelling in
     English because his first language was __________________.

2.   Mr. Mikaelsen offers EDUCATORS some TIPS to help students write better. One of his
     suggestions is to “write about things that give you strong __________________
     __________________. (2 words)

3.   Scrolling down the same page, we find answers to FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS.
     Reading carefully, we discover Ben Mikaelsen was born in __________________.

4.   To learn more ABOUT BEN you can read AN INTERVIEW posted on his site. Init he says
     it takes about how long to write a book?

5.   An exciting thing ABOUT BEN Mikaelsen is that he loves ADVENTURES. He has
     traveled to the Florida Keys, Mexico, South America, and even to the __________________
     __________________. (2 words)

6.   Ben Mikaelsen carefully researches topics for his books. Let’s visit some web sites that will
     give us some background information on Native American culture. Make sure your
     computer’s speakers are on so you won’t miss the music on the NATIVE CIRCLE site. Look
     for WORDS OF WISDOM from BLACK ELK. Which geometric shape is the most
     significant in Native American culture? __________________

7.   What famous CHEROKEE humorist’s wisdom is also featured on this page?

8.   In TOUCHING SPIRIT BEAR, the protagonist, a juvenile offender named Cole Matthews,
     is offered Circle Justice. On the NATIVE AMERICAN LAW AND JUSTICE site we learn
     that this SENTENCING CIRCLE is also called a __________________ __________________.
     (2 words)

9.   According to this NATIVE LAW site: “A sentencing circle’s aim is to shift the process of
     sentencing form punishment to __________________ and __________________.” (2 words)
10. On the CARNEGIE MUSEUM’S Tlingit culture site learn of the Tlingit people’s unique
      PARTNERSHIP WITH NATURE. “Heavy rainfall creates a luxurious __________________
      environment and a temperate climate” along the Northwest coast of North America.

11. Tlingit folklore includes many stories of TRANSFORMATION.        Read the legend of THE
      SALMON BOY on the CARNEGIE MUSEUM’s site. To learn respect for (and the wisdom
      from) the salmon, he lived as one for how long? __________________

12. Is there really such an animal as a SPIRIT BEAR?    According to the SPIRIT BEAR YOUTH
      COALITION’s web site, the SPIRIT BEAR, also known as the Kermode bear, is rare white
      sub-species of the American __________________ bear.

13. The SPIRIT Bear inhabits the isolated inlets and islands of British Columbia and
      Southeastern Alaska. According to the YOUTH COALITION’s site, there may be fewer
      than __________________SPIRIT BEARS left in the wild.

14. According to the First Nations legend as summarized on the SPIRIT BEAR YOUTH
      COALITION’s site, the Raven created the gentle SPIRIT BEAR as a reminder of the last ice
      age and “to live in __________________ and __________________ forever.”

15. On the EVERYTHING ALASKA site find photographs of TOTEM POLES.                  On the TOTEM
      POLE in the  8TH PHOTO on the    3RD  PAGE of the photo album, what animal, representing
      someone’s wife, is carved at the top of the pole? (Check the PICTURE DESCRIPTIONS
      below the photos if you’re not sure; don’t be too specific.) __________________

      HAIDA NATIONS. According to the first paragraph on their EARLY HISTORY page,
      Southeast Alaska, or “Aani” has been the home of the Tlingit and Haida people “since
      __________________ __________________." (2 words)

17. In contrast, according to the CENTRAL COUNCIL’S HSTORICAL TIMELINE, official U.S.
      government presence in Southeast Alaska didn’t begin until Seward’s purchase of Alaska in
      the year __________________.

18. To complete this quest for background knowledge about one of Ben Mikaelsen’s BOOKS,
      TOUCHING SPIRIT BEAR, we return full circle, to our starting point, transformed by the
      wisdom we’ve gained. Read the summary of this BOOK on Mr. Mikaelsen’s homepage. The
      main character, Cole, learns to stop blaming others and take responsibility for his life. His
      attitude is transformed as “his thoughts shift from anger to __________________.”
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