THE BEAR by hcj

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									                              THE BEAR
                         A Joke in One Act.
                       (Dedicated to N. N. Solovtsov)

YELENA IVANOVNA POPOVA, a young widow with dimples in her cheeks,
a landowner.
GRIGORY STEPANOVICH SMIRNOV, a middle aged landowner
LUKA, Popova's man-servant, an old fellow

                A drawing room in Popova's manor house.

                                  SCENE I

POPOVA is in deep mourning, her eyes fixed on a portrait photograph.
Also there is LUKA.

This won't do, mistress... You're running yourself down is all... The
housemaid and the cook are out picking berries, every living thing
rejoices, even the tabby cat, she knows how to have fun, running around
outside, tracking dicky birds, while you sit inside the livelong day, like in
a nunnery, and don't have no fun. Honest to goodness! Just figure, a
years' gone by now, and you ain't set foot outside the house!

And I never shall... What for? My life is already over. He lies in the grave,
I've buried myself within these four walls... We're both dead.

Yes, ma'am!

The doorbell rings insistently.

Who's that? Tell them I am in to nobody!

Yes indeed, ma'am!

                                 LUKA EXITS.

                                 SCENE II

                                POPOVA alone.

(Looking at the photograph)
 You see, Nicolas, how I know how to love adn forgive... My love will
 flicker out when I do, when my poor heart ceases to beat.
(Laughs, through tears)
 And aren't you ashamed? I'm a good girl, a faithful little wife, I've locked
 myself up in a fortress and will be true to you to the day I die, while you...
 aren't you ashamed, you chubby thing? You cheated on me, made
 scenes, left me on my own for weeks at a time...

                                 SCENE III

                             POPOVA and LUKA.

(Enters, anxiously)
 Mistress, there's somebody asking for you. Wants to see you...

But didn't you tell him that I am in to nobody since the death of my

I told 'im, but he don't want to listen, he says it's very urgent business.

I am in--to--no--bo--dy!
I told 'im, but... some kind o'maniac... he cusses and shoves right into the
room... he's there in the dining room right now...

 All right, show him in... How uncouth!

                               LUKA EXITS.

 How tiresome these people are! What do they want from me? Why do
 they disturb my serenity?
 No, it's obvious, I really shall have to get me to a nunnery...
 Yes, a nunnery...

                               SCENE IV

                      POPOVA, LUKA, and SMIRNOV.

(Entering, to Luka)
 Numbskull, you're too fond of hearing yourself talk... Jackass!
(On seeing Popova, with dignity)
 Madam, may I introduce myself: retired lieutenant of artillery, landowner
 Grigory Stepanovich Smirnov! Forced to disturb you on the most urgent

(Not offering her hand)
 What can I do for you?

Your late husband, whom I had the honor to know, left two I.O.U.s owing
me twelve hundred rubles. Because tomorrow my interest payment to the
bank falls due, I would ask you, madam, to repay me the money today.

Twelve hundred... But what was my husband in debt to you for?

He bought oats from me.

(Sighing, to Luka)
 Now don't you forget, Luka, to tell them to give Toby an extra portion of

                                LUKA EXITS.

(To Smirnov)
 If Nikolay Mikhailovich still owes you money, why, it stands to reason, I
 shall pay; but, please forgive me, I have no cash on hand today. The day
 after tomorrow my foreman will be back from town, and I'll ask him to
 pay you what's owing, but in the meantime I cannot comply with your
 request... Besides, today is exactly seven months since my husband dies,
 and the way I'm feeling now I am completely indisposed to deal with
 financial matters.

And the way I'm feeling now if I don't pay the interest tomorrow, I'll be up
the creek good and proper. They'll foreclose on my estate!

The day after tomorrow you'll get your money.

I don't need the money the day after tomorrow, I need it now.

Excuse me, I cannot pay you today.

And I cannot wait until the day after tomorrow.

What's to be done, if I don't have it at the moment!

In other words, you can't pay up?

I cannot...

Hmmm!... Is that your last word?
Yes, my very last.

Your last! Positively?


 Thank you very much indeed. We'll just make a memo of that shall we?
(Shrugs his shoulders)
 And people expect me to be cool, calm, and collected! Just now on the
 road I ran into the tax collector and he asks: "Why are you always losing
 your temper, Grigory Stepanovic?" Well, for pity's sake, how can I keep
 from losing my temper? I need money like crazy... I rode out yesterday
 morning almost at dawn, dropped in on everyone who owes me money,
 and not a single one of them paid me! I'm dog-tired, spent the night in
 some godforsaken hole -- in a kike tavern next to a keg of vodka...
 Finally I show up here, forty miles from home, I hope to get something,
 and they greet me with "the way I'm feeling now!" How can I keep from
 losing my temper?

I believe my words were clear: when the foreman returns from town,
you'll get it.

I didn't come to the foreman, but to you! What the blue blazes, pardon
the expression, do I need with your foreman!?

Forgive me, my dear sir, I am not accustomed to that peculiar expression
and that tone of voice. I will not listen to you anymore.

                          POPOVA EXITS quickly.
                                SCENE V

                              SMIRNOV alone.

Say pretty please! "The way I'm feeling now..." Seven months ago her
husband died! But do I have to pay the interest or don't I? I ask you: do I
have to pay the interest or don't I? So, you had a husband die on you,
 there's some way you're feeling now, and the rest of the double-talk... the
 foreman's gone off somewhere, damn him to hell, but what do you
 expect me to do? Fly away from my creditors on a hot-air balloon or
 what? Or run off and bash my skull against the wall? I rode over to
 Gruzdyov's -- he's not at home. Yaroshevich is in hiding, I have a fatal
 falling-out with Kuritsyn and almost throw him out a window, Mazutov
 has got the trots, and this one has a way she's feeling. Not one of the
 lousy deadbeats will pay up! And all because I've been too indulgent to
 them, I'm a soft touch, a pushover, a sissy! I'm too delicate with them!
 Well, just you wait! You'll learn who I am! I won't let you pull anything
 over on me, damn it! I'll stay here, I'll stick around until she pays up!
 Brr!... I'm really angry today, really angry! Anger is making the thews in
 my thighs quiver, I have to catch my breath... Fooey, my God, I'm even
 coming over faint!
 You there!...

                                SCENE VI

                            SMIRNOV and LUKA.

 What's wrong?

Get me some kvas or water!

                                 LUKA EXITS.

No, what kind of logic is that! A man needs money like crazy, he's on the
verge of hanging himself, and she won't pay because, don't you see, she's
indisposed to deal with financial matters!... Honest-to-God weaker-sex
logic, all her brains are in her bustle! That's why I never liked, still do not
like to talk to women. For me it's easier to sit on a keg of gunpowder
than talk to a woman. Brr!... I've got goosebumps crawling up and down
my skin -- that's how much that petticoat has enraged me! All I need is to
see in the distance some "weaker vessel" and my calves start to cramp
with anger. It makes you want to call for help.
                                  SCENE VII

                              SMIRNOV and LUKA.

(Enters and serves water)
 The mistress is sick and won't see anyone.

Get out!

                                  LUKA EXITS.

 Sick and won't see anyone! Then don't, don't see me... I'll sit in this spot
 here until you hand over the money. You can be sick for a week, and I'll
 sit here for a week... You can be sick for a year -- and I'll stay a year... I'll
 have what's due me, my fair lady! You don't get to me with your
 mourning weeds and dimples on your cheeks... We know the meaning of
 those dimples!
(Shouts out the window)
 Semyon, unhitch the horses! We'll be here for a while! I'm sticking
 around! Tell 'em in the stable to give the horses oats! Again, you swine,
 you've left the trace-horse tangled up in the reins!
(Mimics him)
 "It makes no never mind..." I'll give you no never mind!
(Walks aways from the window)
 Disgusting... the heat's unbearable, nobody pays me what they owe, I got
 no sleep last night, and now this petticoat in mourning with the way she's
 feeling now... My head aches... Should I have some vodka or what? I
 suppose a drink'll be all right!...
 You there!

 What d'you want?

Get me a glass of vodka!
                                      LUKA EXITS.

(Sits and looks around)
 Got to admit, I'm a pretty picture! Covered with dust, boots muddy,
 haven't washed, or combed my hair, straw on my vest... I'll be the little
 lady took me for a highway robber.
 It is a bit uncouth to show up in a drawing-room looking like this, well,
 never mind... I'm not here as a guest, but as a bill collector, there's no
 rules of etiquette for bill collectors...

(Enters and serves vodka)
 You're taking a lot of liberties, sir...


I... I didn't mean... I strictly...

Who do you think you're talking to? Hold your tongue!

 Jumped right down my throat, the monster... Why the hell did he have to
 show up?

                                      LUKA EXITS.

 Oh, I really am angry. So angry that, I think I could grind the whole world
 into dust... I'm even feeling faint...
 You there!

                                      SCENE VIII
                          POPOVA and SMIRNOV.

(Enters, averting her eyes)
 Dear sir, during my lengthy isolation I have grown unaccustomed to the
 human voice and I cannot bear shouting. I earnestly beg you not to
 disturb my peace!

Pay me my money and I'll go.

I told you in plain Russian: I don't have any loose cash at the moment,
wait until the day after tomorrow.

I also had the honor of telling you in plain Russian: I don't need the
money the day after tomorrow, but today. If you don't pay me today,
then tomorrow I shall have to hang myself.

But what am I supposed to do, if I haven't got any money? How very

So you won't pay me right this minute? No?

I can't...

 In that case I shal stay sitting here until I get it...
 The day after tomorrow you'll pay up? Wonderful! I shall sit until the day
 after tomorrow just like this. Look, see how I'm sitting...
(Jumps up)
 I ask you: do I have to pay the interest tomorrow or not?... Or do you
 think I'm joking?

Dear sir, I ask you not to shout! This isn't a stable!

My question was not is this a stable, but do I need to pay the interest
tomorrow or not?
You don't know how to behave in the presence of a lady!

Yes, ma'am, I do know how to behave in the presence of a lady!

No, you don't! You are an ill-mannered, boorish fellow! Respectable
people don't talk to ladies this way!

 Ah, this is wonderful! How would you like me to talk to you? In French or
(Maliciously, lisping)
 Madame, shay voo pree...
(Mispronunciation of 'je vous prie', meaning; I beg you.)
 I'm absolutely delighted that you won't pay me my money... Ah, pardon,
 that I'm disturbing you! Isn't the weather lovely today! And how that
 mourning becomes you!
(Bowing and scraping)

That's not witty, it's rude.

(Mimics her)
 That's not witty, it's rude! I don't know how to behave in the presence of
 a lady! Madam, in my lifetime I've seen more women than you've had hot
 dinners! Three times I fought a duel with firearms over a woman, I've
 walked out on a dozen women and ten have walked out on me! Yes,
 ma'am! There was a time when I played the fool, got all sticky-
 sentimental, talked the sweet-talk, laid on the soft-soap, clicked my
 heels... I loved, suffered, bayed at the moon, went spineless, melted,
 turned hot and cold... I loved passionately, madly, you-name-it-ly, damn
 it, squawked like a parrot about women's rights, spent half my fortune on
 hearts and flowers, but now -- thanks but no thanks! You won't lead me
 down the garden path again! Enough is enough! Black eyes, flashing
 eyes, crimson lips, dimpled cheeks, the moon, low whispers, heavy
 breathing --- for all this, madam, I now don't give a tinker's dam! Present
 company excepted, but all women, great and small, are phonies, show-
 offs, gossips, trouble-makers, liars to the marrow of their bones, vain,
 fussy, ruthless, their reasoning is a disgrace, and as for what's in here,
(Slaps his forehead)
 forgive my frankness, a sparrow could give ten points to any thinker in
 petticoats! You gaze at some romantic creature: muslin, moonshine, a
 demi-goddess, a million raptures, but take a peep into her soul -- a
 common - or garden-variety crocodile!
(Grabs the back of a chair, the chair creaks and breaks)
 But the most outrageous thing of all is that this crocodile for some
 reason imagines that its masterpiece, its prerogative and monopoly is the
 tender passion! Damn it all to hell, hang me upside-down on this nail --
 does a woman really know how to love anyone other than a lapdog? In
 love she only knows how to whimper and snivel! While a man suffers and
 sacrifices, all of her love is expressed only in swishing the train on her
 dress and trying to lead him more firmly by the nose. You have the
 misfortune to be a woman, you probably know what a woman's like from
 your own nature. Tell me on your honor: have you every in your life seen
 a woman be sincere, faithful and constant? You have not! Faithfulness,
 constancy, -- that's only for old bags and freaks! You'll sooner run into a
 cat with horns or a white blackbird than a constant woman!

I beg your pardon, but, in your opinion, just who is faithful and constant
in love? Not the man?

Yes, ma'am, the man!

 The man!
(Malicious laugh)
 The man is faithful and constant in love! Do tell, now there's news!
 What right have you to say that! Men faithful and constant! If it comes to
 that, let me tell you that of all the men I've known and still know, the very
 best was my late husband... I loved him passionately, with every fiber of
 my being, as only a young, intelligent woman can love: I gave him my
 youth, happiness, life, my fortune, breathed through him, worshiped him
 like an idolator, and... and -- then what? This best of men cheated me in
 the most shameless manner on every occasion! After his death I found in
 his desk a whole drawer full of love letter, and during his lifetime --
 horrible to remember! --he would leave me alone for weeks at a time,
 make advances to other women before my very eyes and betrayed me,
 squandered my money, ridiculed my feelings... And, despite all that, I
 loved him and was faithful to him... What's more, now that he's dead, I
 am still faithful and constant to him. I have buried myself for ever within
 these four walls, and until my dying day I shall not remove this

(A spiteful laugh)
Mourning!... I don't understand who you take me for? Don't I know
perfectly well why you wear that black masquerade outfit and have buried
yourself within these four walls? Of course I do! It's so mysterious, so
romantic! Some young cadet or bob-tailed poet will be walking by the
estate, he'll peer into the window and think: "Here lives the mysterious
Tamara, who for love of her husband has buried herself within four
walls." We know these tricks!

(Flaring up)
 What? How dare you say such things to me!

You've buried yourself alive, but look, you haven't forgot to powder your

How dare you talk to me that way?

Please don't raise your voice to me, I'm not your foreman! Allow me to
call things by their rightful names. I'm not a woman and I'm used to
expressing opinions straight out! So be so kind as not to raise your

I'm not raising my voice, you're raising your voice! Be so kind as to leave
me in peace!

Pay me the money and I'll go.

I haven't got any money!

No, ma'am, hand it over!

Just out of spite, you won't get a kopek! You can leave me in peace!

 I don't have the pleasure of being either your spouse or your fiance, so
 please don't make scenes for my benefit.
 I don't care for it.
(Panting with anger)
 You sat down!

I sat down.

I insist that you leave!

 Hand over the money...
 Ah, I am really angry! Really angry!

 I do not choose to have a conversation with smart-alecks! Please clear
 out of here!
(Longer pause)
 You aren't going? No?




 Very well then!

                                SCENE IX

                            The SAME and LUKA.

Luka, escort this gentlemen out!

(Walks over to Smirnov)
 Sir, please leave when you're asked! There's nothing doing here...
(Leaping up)
 Shut up! Who do you think you're talking to? I'll toss you like a salad!

(Grabs his heart)
 Heavenly fathers!... Saints alive!...
(Falls into an armchair)
 Oh, I feel faint, faint! I can't catch my breath!

 Where's Dasha? Dasha!
 Dasha! Pelageya! Dasha!

Ugh! They've all gone out to pick berries... There's no one in the house...
Faint! Water!

Will you please clear out of here!

Would you care to be a little more polite?

(Clenching her fists and stomping her feet)
 You peasant! You unlicked bear! Upstart! Monster!

What? What did you say?

I said that you're a bear, a monster!...

(Taking a step)
 Excuse me, what right have you got to insult me?

Yes, I am insulting you... well, so what? You think I'm afraid of you?

And do you think because you're a member of the weaker sex, you have
the right to insult people with impunity? Really? I challenge you to a

Saints in heaven!... Holy saints!... Water!

We'll settle this with firearms!

Just because you've got fists like hams and bellow like a bull, you think
I'm afraid of you? Huh? You're such an upstart!

I challenge you to a duel! I brook no insults and therefore I'll overlook
the fact that you are a woman, a foul creature!

(Trying to shout over him)
 You bear! You bear! You bear!

It's high time we rid ourselves of the prejudice that only men have to pay
for insults! Equal rights are equal right, damn it all! I challenge you to a

You want to settle it with firearms? As you like!

This very minute!

 This very minute! My husband left some pistols behind... I'll bring them
 here at once...
(Hurriedly goes and returns)
 I shall take great pleasure in pumping a bullet into your thick skull! You
 can go to hell!

I'll smoke her like a side of bacon! I'm no snotnose kid, no sentimental
puppy, female frailty has no effect on me!

 Dear, kind master!...
(Gets on his knees)
 Do me the favor, pity me, an old man, clear out of here! You've skeered
 me to death, and now you're fixing to shoot up the place!

(Not listening to him)
 Shooting at one's fellow human, that's what I call equality, women's
 rights! That puts both sexes on an equal footing! I will plug her on
 principle! But can you call her a woman?
 "Damn you to hell... I'll pump a bullet into your thick skull"? What's that
 all about? She got flushed, her eyes blazed... She accepted my
 challenge! Honest to God, it's the first time in my life I've ever seen...

For heaven's sake, go away! I'll have prayers said for you forever!

Now that's a woman! That's something I can understand! An honest-to-
God woman! Not a sourpuss, not a limp rag, but flames, gunpowder, a
rocket! I'm almost sorry I'll have to kill her!

 Master... my dear sir, go away!

I actually like her! I really do. Even if she didn't have dimples in her
cheeks, I'd like her! Even willing to forgive her the debt... and my anger's
gone... Wonderful woman!

                                   SCENE X

                           The SAME and POPOVA.

(Enters with pistols)
 Here they are, the pistols... But, before we fight, you will be so kind as to
 show me how to shoot... Never in my life have i held a pistol in my
Save us, Lord, and be merciful... I'll go see if I can find the gardener and
the coachman... How did this disaster land on our head...

                                 LUKA EXITS.

(Glancing at the pistols)
 You see, there are different types of pistol... There are special dueling
 pistols, the Mortimer, with percussion caps. What you've got here are
 revolvers of the Smith and Wesson make, triple action with an extractor,
 battlefield accuracy... Splendid pistols... Cost at least ninety rubles the
 brace... You have to hold a pistol like this...
 Her eyes, her eyes! An incendiary woman!

This way?

Yes, that way... Whereupon you raise the cocking piece... then take aim
like so... Head back a bit! Extend your arm, in the appropriate manner...
That's it!... Then with this finger squeeze this doodad here --- and that's
all there is to it... Only rule number one is: keep a cool head and take
your time aiming... Try not to let your hand shake.

Fine... It's not convenient to shoot inside, let's go into the garden.

Let's go. Only I warn you that I shall fire into the air.

Of all the nerve! Why?

Because... because... It's my business, that's why!

You're chickening out? Are you? Ah-ah-ah-ah! No, sir, no worming out of
it! Please follow me! I won't rest until I've blown a hole in your head...
that very head I hate so much! Are you chickening out?

Yes, I am.
That's a lie! Why don't you want to fight?

Because... because I... like you.

(Malicious laugh)
 He likes me! he dares to say that he likes me!
(Points to the door)
 You may go.

(Silently puts down the revolver, takes his cape, and goes; near the door
 he stops, for half a minute both look silently at one another; then he says,
 irresolutely crossing to Popova)
 Listen here... Are you still angry?... I'm damnably infuriated as well, but,
 you don't understand... How can I put this... The fact is, you see, the
 way the story goes, speaking for myself...
 Well, is it really my fault that I like you!
(Grabs the back of a chair, the chair creaks and breaks)
 What the hell sort of breakaway furniture have you got! I like you!
 Understand? I... I am practically in love!

Get away from me -- I hate you!

Go ahead and shoot! You cannot understand what bliss it would be to die
beneath the gaze of those wonder eyes, to die from a gunshot fired by
that small, velvety, dainty hand... I've gone out of my mind! Think it
over, come to a decision right now, because once I leave this place, we
shall never meet again! Come to a decision... I'm a gentlemen, a
respectable fellow, I have an income of ten thousand a year... if you toss
a coin in the air, I can shoot a bullet through it... My horses are superb...
Will you be my wife?

(Outraged, brandishes the revolver)
 Shoot! Twenty paces!

 I've gone out of my mind... I don't understand a thing...
 You there, water!
 Twenty paces!

 I've gone out of my mind, I've fallen in love like a little kid, like a fool!
(Grasps her by the arm, she shrieks in pain.)
 I love you!
(Gets on his knees)
 I love you as I have never loved before! Twenty women I've walked out
 on, ten have walked out on me, but not one of them did I love the way I
 love you... I've gone all touchy-feely, I've turned to sugar, I'm limp as a
 dishrag... I'm kneeling like a fool and offering you my hand... It's a
 shame, a disgrace! It's five years since I've been in love, I swore never
 again, and all of a sudden I'm head over heels, out of character like a
 long peg in a short hole! I offer you my hand. Yes or no? You don't want
 to? You don't have to!
(Gets up and quickly goes to the door)

Hold on...


 Never mind, you can go... Although, hold on... No, go, go away! I hate
 you! Or no... Don't go! Ah, if you'd had any idea how really angry I am,
 really angry!
(Throws the revolver on the table)
 My fingers are swollen from that awful thing...
(Tears her handkerchief in rage)
 Why are you standing there? Clear out of here!


 Yes, yes, go away!...
 Where are you off to? Hold on... Go on, though. Oh, I'm really angry!
 Don't come over here, don't come over here!

(Crossing to her)
 I'm really angry at myself! I fell in love like a schoolboy, got on my
 knees... Goosebumps are creeping up and down my skin...
 I love you! I need to fall in love with you like I need a hole in the head!
 Tomorrow I've got to pay the interest, haymaking's begun, while you're
(Takes her round the waist)
 I'll never forgive myself...

Get away! Hands off! I... hate you! Twenty pa-paces!

                              A protracted KISS.

                                 SCENE XI

The SAME, LUKA with an axe, the GARDENER with a rake, the COACHMAN
with a pitchfork, and WORKMEN with staves.

(On seeing the kissing couple)
 Saints preserve us!


(with downcast eyes)
 Luka, tell the stable boys that Toby gets no oats today.

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