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									              University Extension, Engagement, and Economic Development
                                 Just-in-Time Fund Grants
                                    Proposal Guidelines

I. General Information

        The purpose of the University Extension, Engagement, and Economic Development
Just-in-Time Fund Grants Program is to assist faculty and EPA professionals who need
supplemental funding to complete existing projects already funded by extension/public service
grants that address the needs of citizens of North Carolina, encourage external and
multidisciplinary partnerships, involve students in the application of knowledge to societal
problems, and leverage additional funds for extension and engagement endeavors. Proposals
submitted from active extension/public service grant-funded projects are eligible for
consideration, with the exception of those awarded through the Extension Seed Grant program.
The active grant, to which this proposal is being submitted for supplemental funding, must have
a substantive extension/public service component that includes one or more of the following
program goals:
      1. Program Development – initiate new and innovative programs that utilize NC State
          personnel expertise to address critical issues.
      2. Professional Development – develop skills of faculty and EPA professionals to
          enhance the application of appropriate methodologies and the capacity to do
          extension work.
      3. Student Engagement – Engage students with faculty and professionals to address
          critical issues and participate in the selection and implementation of appropriate
      4. Partnership Development – Develop and position collaborative, interdisciplinary and
          external partnerships to create comprehensive responses to critical issues. Position
          interdisciplinary teams to attract external funding and resources for extension efforts
          by providing support for grant writing expertise and assistance.

       Successful proposals submitted to the Office of Extension, Engagement, and Economic
Development (OEEED) must address the following:
     1. Status of the existing project (what has been completed; what lacks completion)
     2. Barriers preventing the project from completion (financial; additional work originally
     3. Outline of steps to be taken to reach project completion
     4. Timeline of action steps - with a beginning and end date no shorter than three months
         and no longer than one year

      These funds may not be used to pay for permanent faculty salaries, equipment, or food
(and food services.) Awards may be used for temporary labor, travel, communications,
contracted services, facility rental, and supplies.
         A Just-in-Time Fund grant proposal must be supported with an equivalent match in
funds from the originating unit.

II. Eligibility Information

NC State employees holding EPA positions are eligible to apply for a Just-in-Time Fund grant.
The Fund Grant Proposal Outline Form must be completed and submitted by the principal or
lead investigator on the existing project for which the Just-in-Time funds are being requested.

                                                                                             PG 1
III. Award Information

       Up to $5,000 per submission may be requested.
       If the project period for the proposal crosses the fiscal year end date of June 30, a
carryover request will automatically be requested on behalf of the PI. However, unused or
unencumbered funds past the ending project period will revert back to OEEED by June 30 of
each year. Funded projects are not eligible for renewal.

       The period of award will be three months to one year in length.

IV. Proposal Preparation and Submission Instructions

       Proposals may be submitted at any time.

        Proposals must be submitted on the Proposal Outline Form, which includes the Cover
Page, Proposal Outline Form, and Budget Form. The entire submission should be no longer
than four (4) pages in length using 12-point font and 1-inch margins. The Proposal Budget
Form must also be completed and attached to the proposal. The proposal forms attached with
this document can also be found as Word files online at
Submit either a Word or PDF version of your proposal to . Applicants
should enter proposals into the Project Information Navigation System (PINS) located at:

       Prior to submission, applicants should check with their department or organization to
determine if there are additional internal procedures to follow.

V. Proposal Review Information

        Grant proposals will be reviewed and evaluated by the VC of EEED, appropriate staff,
and the chair of the USCOEE based on three broad principles: (1) demonstrated need for the
project, (2) innovative and plausible strategy identified to meet the need, and (3) evidence of a
clear plan to leverage future funds for this or a related project.

VI. Award Administration

        Those receiving Just-in-Time Fund grants must conduct an appropriate evaluation of the
project to determine the benefits to the population being served. Faculty and staff who plan to
develop new skills and abilities must identify how the professional development experience will
enhance a target population or address a critical issue.
        Awardees are expected to submit a final report, no longer than one page in length, to
the Office of Extension, Engagement, and Economic Development no later than 30 days after
the project period end date.(i.e., if your grant is awarded March 1 for an agreed period of three
months, your deadline for reporting would be June 1.) The final report should address the
following questions:

   1. How were the identified program objectives and impacts addressed and evaluated?

   2. How did the deliverables connect to one or more of the following:

               o   Producing leaders for the state, nation and world
               o   Creating educational innovation
                                                                                              PG 2
                o   Improving health and well being
                o   Driving innovation in energy and the environment
                o   Fueling economic development

VII. Contacts

For more information, contact:
    Susan Bracken, Chair, University Standing Committee on Extension and Engagement,
    James Zuiches, Vice Chancellor for Extension, Engagement, and Economic Development,
    Karen Turner, Administrative Officer for Extension, Engagement and Economic
    Development, 513-0388,

                                                                                   PG 3
   University Extension, Engagement, and Economic Development Just-in-Time
                                  Fund Grant
                             Proposal Outline Form


Please place cursor in and type directly into the form fields provided.


Principal Investigator
College Financial Officer
(name and phone)
Campus Box
Phone #
Departmental OUC
Principal Investigator’s Departmental
Budget Clerk
Additional applicant names and
Project Period (Beginning/End Date)

Signature of PI __________________________________

Signature of Unit/Department Head ___________________________________

Signature of Dean or Division Head __________________________________


                                                                                             POF 4
   University Extension, Engagement and Economic Development Just-in-Time
                                  Fund Grant
                             Proposal Outline Form

Please place cursor in and type directly into the form fields provided.

I. Abstract Paragraph of Project

II. Proposal Title

III. Need or Opportunity to be Addressed (as evidenced by literature, case studies, audience
analysis, or needs assessment)

IV. Strategy for Addressing Need or Opportunity (Please include in this section your
program objectives and target population in North Carolina, as well as any plans for collaborations, both
internal and external to the university, and/or student involvement)

V. Schedule or Project Timeline (Include a proposed beginning and end project period)

VI. Expected Impacts of Project and Evaluation Plan (Please include impacts on the
identified problem or opportunity as well as on individuals participating in the project – internal and
external collaborators and students. Evaluation plans should address each of these areas.)

VII. Continuation Funding Plan (Please address the sustainability of this project and specifically
identify where further funding would be sought for the future development of this or a related project.
Please also indicate any other funding sources, active or pending, sought for this project.)

                                                                                                          POF 5
   University Extension, Engagement, and Economic Development Just-in-Time
                                 Fund Grants
                             Proposal Budget Form

This form must be completed and submitted with the proposal. Please place cursor in and type directly
into the form fields provided.


Proposal Title
Principal Investigator

  Personnel – students and/or temp.                   $
  Communications                                      $
  Publication costs                                   $
  Travel                                              $
  Supplies                                            $
  Other (please specify)                              $
  Total (not to exceed $5,000)                        $

  Matching funds (and source)                         $
  Anticipated Participant Fees*                       $
  Total Income – OPDG-4-2/98                          $
*Participant fees collected as part of this program must be deposited in a University approved receipts

                                                                                                    PBF 6

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