Supplier EDI Setup and Test FormQuestions by yjg19349


									                          Supplier EDI Setup Form/Questions
Company Name and Address:                           Company Name
                                                    Company Address 1
                                                    Company Address 2
                                                    Company City, ST (Province), Country

Company’s EDI Contact                 Name:

Company’s EDI Backup                  Name:

DUNS Number:

ISA EDI Qualifier and ID:


ARM Plants you supply:
 CVS – Oracle                        Newark (Heath)                 LVS_CVS – MFG/PRO
   Arden                             St. Thomas Driveline             Belvidere
   Asheville (Fletcher)              Tilbury                          Carrollton
   Forest City                       York Heritage                    Chatham
   Frankfort Trailer                 York NA Foundation Brake         Detroit
   Frankfort Brake                                                    Franklin
   Laurinburg Axle                 CVA – AS400                        Limeira
   Laurinburg Brake                  Florence                         Montgomery
   Manning                           Plainfield                       Mullins
   Maxton Driveline                                                   Puebla
   Monterrey                       Wabco – Sap                        San Luis Potosi
   Morristown                       Wabco                             Tepeyac

Company’s Value Added Network (VAN):                Please Choose

If VAN is listed as Other, please identify:

ArvinMeritor Corporate Buyer’s Name:

Direct (830/856) or in-direct (850) MRO Supplier:

Implementation Guides, Business Process Guide, and related documentation can be found at:

For Direct Suppliers:
                       Supplier EDI Setup Form/Questions

Mandatory unique ASN requirements for Oracle Plants include:
       The 856 should contain the DTM*371(estimated delivery date/time)
       DTM*371 should appear after the REF*BM
       DTM*371 date/time value should not be earlier than the DTM*011(ship date/time)
       LIN01 should contain the valid PO line # as sent in the test 830.

Do you have any anticipated issues with the mandatory Oracle ASN requirements listed above?

Although the above ASN requirements are specific to Oracle plants, we can accept this information on
856s sent to all ARM plants.

General Questions
After reviewing the ArvinMeritor EDI documentation requirements above and on our supplier EDI
website (, do you have any questions or general concerns about meeting our
EDI requirements?

What is the timing for being ready to begin testing the ArvinMeritor required EDI transactions?

Note: After filling out the document, use “File, Save as” to save the template to your local disk drive.
Please email the completed document to:

The following guidelines can be used for completing the questionnaire form.
Name and Address                                     Your company name and address as shown on your
                                                     Purchase Order
EDI Contact                                            Party primarily responsible for implementing and
                                                       managing your EDI program
EDI Backup                                             Backup to the above
DUNS Number                                            The DUNS number for the SHIPPING location
ISA EDI ID with Qualifier                              The qualifier and ID that you will be using in the
                                                       ISA envelope of your EDI documents
GS EDI ID                                              The ID that you will be using in the GS envelope of
                                                       your EDI documents
CVS Plants your company supplies                       List of CVS Plants you supply
Value Added Network (VAN)                       The Value Added Network that you use to
                                                exchange EDI documents
                    Supplier EDI Setup Form/Questions
Buyer Name                                     The name of your ArvinMeritor Buyer
Mandatory unique ASN requirements included     Review closely and indicate issues if any.


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