How many rows does an ear of corn have

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					How many rows does an ear of corn have?
(A) 12 (B)13 (C) always an odd number (D) always an even number
What was at one time the single most expensive seasoning in the world?
A) salt       (B) basil      (C)pepper         (D) garlic
The first strawberries were discovered in?
(A) England (B) France (C) Virginia            (D) China
French fries are from?
(A) France (B) Belgium (C) America             (D) Swiss
The inside of a banana is?
(A) berry    (B) a fruit   (C) a vegetable     (D) an herb
How many Americans have never flossed their teeth:
(A) 20%       (B) 30%        (C) 40%?

According to First for Women magazine, eating what kind of candy could
help relieve stress: (a) fudge; (b) licorice; or (c) peppermint?

When the power goes off, will food in your refrigerator stay cold enough to
be eaten safely for: (a) 4 to 6 hours; (b) 6 to 8 hours; or (c) 8 to 10 hours?

Is the biggest selling restaurant food: (a) hamburgers; (b) French fries; or (c)

For every dollar you spend for produce at the supermarket, how much goes
to the farmer who grew the produce: (a) 5 cents; (b) 10 cents; or (c) 15

Before he went into business with the McDonald brothers of San
Bernardino, California, in 1954, did McDonalds' franchise founder Ray Kroc
sell: (a) little packets of ketchup; (b) milkshake machines; or (c) clown

How many Coca-Colas will be consumed worldwide during the next hour:
(a) 17-million; (b) 27-million; or (c) 37-million?

Is spilling salt considered good luck in: (a) Austria; (b) Japan; or (c) Chile?

Americans talk about healthy food, but still consume junk. In the past 20
years, consumption of which food or drink is up more: (a) snack foods; (b)
soft drinks?

According to the University of California at Berkley Wellness Letter, do
dieters say that the most difficult food to give up is: (a) ice cream; (b) chips;
or (c) cheese?

Is the most recognized smell in the world: (a) popcorn; (b) peanut butter; or
(c) coffee?

Even though almonds are high in calories and fat, they’re good for you
because they help to: (a) relieve stress; (b) lower cholesterol; or (c) build
strong bones 12 ways?

Does natural vanilla flavoring come from: (a) roses; (b) orchids; or (c)

How many teaspoons of suger does the average North American consume
every day: (a) 9 teaspoons; (b) 19 teaspoons; or (c) 29 teaspoons?

Were the Montreal Expos the first major-league team vendors to sell their
fans: (a) moose-meat hot dogs; (b) beaver tail; or (c) bearburgers?
Pepperoni is America’s favorite pizza topping. Is Japan’s favorite pizza
topping: (a) eggs; (b) pickled ginger; or (c) squid?