Intel Core i3 Vs Core i5

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					Processor                       Intel Core i3 (540)             Intel Core 2 Duo (8400)
Cores                           2                               2
Max RAM support                 16GB (1066/1333 Mhz)            16GB (800/1066 Mhz)
                                                                3 Ghz/6MB Cache/1333Mhz
Clockings                       3 Ghz/4mb Cache/ FSB N.A
                                                                FSB clock
Operating System                Support 64bit                   Support 32bit/64bit

The greater cache size for the core 2 will allow for faster speeds and better video editing
and stuff. You will also have a better time overclocking the core 2 processor better than the
Core i3. Core 2 Duo Support both standard and higher RAM. You need 64bit Operating
system in Core i3/i5/i7 Processors with more than 4GB RAM.

The Core i5 will certainly be better off than all the rest. The i5 has the same architecture as
the i7, just on a smaller socket.

If you use your computer for basic tasks such as word processing, email, surfing the web,
etc., a Core i3 processor is more than enough to handle all of that with ease.

Core 2 Duo offer enough performance to do stuff like video editing and gaming, and more
than enough performance to do basic stuff like word processing, internet surfing, and email.

            -for better understanding of your processors, now its your turn to decide.

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