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<title>The Resume of Brittani</title>
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<h1 align=center>&hearts; Brittani &hearts;</h1>
<p align=center><a href="#obj">&hearts; Objective &hearts;</a> &#183 <a
href="#ed">&hearts; Education &hearts;</a> &#183
<a href="#emp">&hearts; Employment &hearts;</a> &#183 <a href="#soft">&hearts;
Software Skills &hearts;</a> <a href=Refer.html>&hearts; Refereces &hearts;</a></p>
<h2 align=center><a name="obj">&hearts; Objective &hearts;</h2> <p align=center>To
obtain a position utilizing my skills and abilities with the opportunity for
<h2 align=center><a name="ed">&hearts; Education &hearts;</h2>
<h3 align=center>&hearts; Schulter High School (2005-present) &hearts;</h3>
<p align=center> Grade Point Average 3.5</p>
<h3 align=center>&hearts; Green Country Technology Center (2007-present)
<p align=center> Will Graduate May 2009, Web Design</p>
<p align=center>Grade Point Average 3.5</p>
<p align=center>Member Business Professional of America</p>
<h2 align=center><a name="emp">&hearts; Employment &hearts;</h2><p
align=center> KFC Full Time Cashier, Also Stock, Pack, Orders, Wash Dishes,
<h3 align=center><Work Skill</h3>
<font size="medium"><ul>
<li>Handle Money
<li>Packing Food Orders
<li>Baby Sitting
<li>Lawn Mowing
<h2 align=center>&hearts; Brainbench Certifications &hearts;</h2>
<td>MS Word 2003 Fundamentals</td>
<td>MS Word 2003 Fundamentals</td>
<h2 align=center><a name="soft">&hearts; Software Skills &hearts;</h2>
<font size="medium"><ul>
<li><a href="Word.html"> Microsoft Word 2003</a>
<li><a href="Powerpoint.html">Microsoft Powerpoint 2003</a>
<li><a href="photoshoppage.html"> Photoshop 2003</a>
<li><a href="publisherpage.html"> Microsoft Publisher 2003</a>
<li><a href="Excelpage.html">Microsoft Excel</a>
<li><a href="Textpad.html">Textpad</a>
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