2009 Margaret C. Berry Scholarship by jessiespano


									                                  2009 Margaret C. Berry Scholarship

The Award
The Margaret C. Berry Award was originally established in 1978 by the Orange Jackets, Mortar Board,
and the Texas Exes. It is presented annually to an outstanding sophomore woman who has contributed
greatly to the University during her short time on campus. The award consists of a scholarship from the
Texas Exes as well as honorary memberships into both Orange Jackets (beginning in fall 2009) and
Mortar Board (beginning in the winner‟s fourth and/or final year at UT).

The Organizations
Orange Jackets, which was established in 1923, is one of the oldest student organizations on campus, and
its members serve as the official hosts of The University of Texas at Austin. The burnt orange vests worn
by members symbolize the qualities of service, leadership and scholarship for the organization was
founded. Orange Jackets‟ members are involved in a wide variety of student organizations and colleges
across campus. Our members are united by an enthusiasm to serve the University and Austin
communities through group and individual service projects and by appearing annually at traditional UT
events including Parents‟ Weekend, and the Texas-OU Torchlight Parade.

The Visor Chapter of Mortar Board exists as a network of outstanding campus leaders who have achieved
senior status at The University of Texas at Austin. Its members come from diverse backgrounds and
exemplify a record of demonstrated leadership and accomplishment within the UT and Austin
communities. The UT chapter strives to uphold the national Mortar Board's ideals of scholarship,
leadership, and service by developing relationships between influential student leaders and serving as the
capstone leadership and service experience for UT seniors.

All applicants for the Margaret C. Berry Award must meet the following criteria:
        Scholarship: a minimum 3.0 GPA, with no less than 30 hours and no more than 3 long
           semesters completed; must be a sophomore by years (i.e. must have enrolled in college
           beginning in summer or fall of 2007).
        Leadership: demonstration of leadership skills and responsibility
        Service: a commitment to campus and community affairs with a desire to help others
           and contribute to the University

In addition, applicants who are planning to study abroad or to not be enrolled in-residence for any other
reason during fall 2009 or spring 2010 are ineligible to apply.

As a member of Orange Jackets, the winner will be required to attend weekly meetings on Wednesdays
from 5:00-6:30 p.m. Each Orange Jacket must also commit to a semester-long service project and meet
the other service requirements decided upon at the beginning of each academic year. Orange Jackets are
also expected to uphold the traditions of the organization and the honor of wearing the vests.

As a member of Mortar Board, the winner will be required to attend a new member retreat, monthly
chapter meetings, the majority of major Mortar Board events, including the Preferred Professor Dinner,
the Last Lecture series, and chapter socials. Active membership also includes fulfillment of Mortar Board
service opportunities and involvement in the chapter‟s activities.
Completing the application
Please follow these guidelines when completing the application:
 Please do not abbreviate or include a resume or additional pages.
 All sections must be typed on the pages provided.
 Please do not include activities or honors from high school.
 Incomplete applications will not be considered.
 The application process is blind, so please do not use your name or UT EID anywhere except the
    Personal Information Sheet.
 Please do not use paper clips or submit with report covers, coversheets, or cover letters.
 Please be sure to include your signature on the Personal Information sheet.

Please return one copy of the personal information sheet plus the application and one additional copy
of the application only (without the personal information sheet). Both sets should be stapled, hole-
punched and submitted together in a single manila envelope to the Student Organization Center on the
4th floor of the Student Services Building no later than 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 2nd.

Please address applications to:        Orange Jackets
                                       Attn: Vice Presidents of Membership
                                       SSB Box 105

All applicants will be notified by Sunday, April 5th and interviews for the finalists will take place later in
the week. If you have any questions, please contact Heather Coghlan at heathershea@mail.utexas.edu or
(214) 725-7133.

In addition, we will be hosting two identical, and completely voluntary, information sessions:

       Wednesday, March 25th, 6 – 7:30PM in UTC 4.110.
       Monday, March 30th, 6 – 7:30PM in UTC 4.110.

We will also be available to answer any questions you have about the application or either organization at
the Starbucks on 24th and Guadalupe on:

       Tuesday, March 31st, 7 – 8:30PM.
       Wednesday, April 1st, 7 – 8:30PM.

Good Luck and hook „em!

Heather Coghlan
Vice Presidents of Membership, Orange Jackets
2008 Margaret C. Berry Scholarship

                                                 Personal Information Sheet

Name                                                                Preferred Name
                 Last                  First           Middle

                        Street/Apt #                                           City,   State   Zip Code

Email                                          Phone                    UT EID

Grade Point Solicitation:
I,                                            , hereby permit Orange Jackets and Mortar Board to solicit my official
grade point average directly from The University of Texas at Austin. I have read the description of Orange Jackets
and Mortar Board, and if I am selected into these organizations, I promise to fulfill my duties to the best of my

Signature ______________________________________________                      Date _________________

College                              Major                                          Overall GPA

Campus Activities: please list in order of personal importance
(“E” = elected, “V” = volunteered, “A” = appointed, “S” = selected)
             Organization                   From-To                 Position              E, V, A, S   Hrs/wk

Community Service: please list in order of personal importance
(“#” = number of weeks of active participation)
              Activity                              Group                      From/to        #        Hrs/wk

Work Experience / Research Work / Internships
         Employer/Business                              Position/Description              From-To      Hrs/wk

Honors and Scholarships
     Honor or Scholarship             Sponsoring Organization              Basis for Award              Date
Spring 2009 Schedule
   Class or Organization      Unique Number         Days          Time          Location         Instructor

Reference: Please solicit the permission of any UT faculty member, alumni, or student leader (excluding current
Orange Jackets) to serve as a personal reference.
Name _______________________________________ Position _______________________________________
Email _______________________________________ Phone Number __________________________________
What time is best to contact him/her? ______________________________________________________________
Essay 1: (One page limit)

Briefly describe each organization you have listed in the Campus Activities section and your role in these
organizations. This is meant to help graders understand the organizations you are involved in and the ways
in which you are involved.
Essay 2: (One page limit)

In ten years when someone looks back on your time the university up to this point, what will they see as your
major contribution to campus with a focus on your commitment to scholarship, leadership, and service? (this
could include large accomplishments or many small accomplishments) What more do you wish to
Short Answer 1: (Half page limit, single spaced, 12 point font)

Orange Jackets’ motto “For Texas, I Will” represents the loyalty and devotion to service of the UT
community. The new member Tappee class is required to plan and execute a year-long project devoted to an
area of need in the UT community or Austin area. Please describe an area of the UT community which could
be the focus of the potential Tappee Project 2010 and how the Tappee class could contribute to its cause
while focusing on your potential contributions to Orange Jackets.

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