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									                         Cuiken School Parent Council Newsletter No.2
                                         April 2009
Update on the playing field campaign                       3.   Parent Council newsletters
Midlothian Council postponed making a decision on          4.   School travel plan
the applications to build houses on the playing field so   5.   Payment for events /school trips
that they could consider the implications of the plans     6.   Breakfast club and after-school care
for the Midlothian open space strategy. They are also      7.   Informing parents of their child’s Level
looking for ways of amending the plans for the school           achievements
grounds so that Sport Scotland and the Scottish            8.   Equality and fairness
Environmental Protection Agency will retract their         9.   Eco-committee.
objections. This may involve flattening and draining
the grassy area at the back of the school. Currently we    If you would like to know more about what was
do not have a date for the plans to be considered by the   discussed please see the minutes of the Parent Council
Council’s planning committee.                              meetings. These can be found on the Parent Council
                                                           web page. The most recent minutes can also be found
There was a debate in Parliament (sparked by the           on the window of the school next to Reception.
petition) on the proposals to build on the Cuiken
playing field on Thursday 22nd January. You can read       Date of next Parent Council meeting
the       text      of      the       debate      at       7.00 p.m. on Wednesday 13th May at Cuiken School.              If you would like to join the Parent Council please
22.14389.0                                                 come along to this meeting or contact the Parent
Just a reminder that if you still haven’t signed
Reception has a copy so please feel free to add your       How to contact us
name. The petition will be handed to the Scottish          Email us at Please do get in
Government on April 30th. There is also an e-petition      touch with us if there are any issues that you would
at                                                         like the Parent Council to address. Alternatively, you   can contact any member either directly (most of us are
sp?PetitionID=299.                                         in the playground picking up children at some point
                                                           during the week) or leave a message at reception.
The Parent Council will be putting together some
ideas on how the playing field could be used by both       Who we are
the school and the community if we manage to save it.      The members of the Parent Council are:
We would welcome hearing your ideas.
                                                           Helen Armstrong          Chair
Issues discussed at recent Parent Council meetings         Stuart Bennett           Parent
The following issues were discussed at the Parent          Ian Cathcart             Community member
Council meeting in January:                                                         (South Kirk minister)
1. Re-organisation of the school library.                  Sally Duffy              Cuikenburn nursery
2. Competitive sport.                                                               staff representative
3. Use of room 3 by parents collecting a child at 2.35     Julian Hall              Webmaster
    p.m., and waiting to pick up an older child.           Christine Hope           School staff
4. Items in the lost property box. If you would be                                  representative
    willing to look through the lost property box          Susie Maxwell            Treasurer
    every so often (perhaps once a fortnight) and          Vicki Middleton          Vice Chair
    return named articles to the appropriate class         Tracy Millican           Secretary
    please contact the Parent Council or the school.       Anne Robertson           Advisor to the Parent
5. Sale of second-hand school sweatshirts, fleeces                                  Council
    and polo shirts                                        Brenda Ryan              Parent
6. Cycling to school.                                      Ian Somerville           Community member
7. School photographs.                                     Siobhan Thomas           Parent
8. The Curriculum for Excellence.                          Gaynor Wallace           Parent
9. Location of the plans of the new school.
10. What funds raised by the fund-raising committee
                                                           Parent Council web pages
    might be used for.
                                                           If you go to and look for the
11. The eco-committee and environmental education.
                                                           Parent Council page you will find the minutes of the
                                                           last Parent Council meeting and other useful
and at the Parent Council meeting in March:
                                                           information about what we have been up to. You will
1. 3 days of school closure due to the move to the
                                                           also find a digital version of the plans for the new
    new school
2. Active schools

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