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					            Statement of proposal for the
    establishment of a charitable trust to
implement the christchurch city council’s
        sustainable energy strategy
Have your say on how we shape the city’s future
As a Christchurch resident, your views help shape the city’s future.

While the City Council plans services and projects, your views help to
ensure the city grows in a way that suits everyone.
In its draft Long Term Council Community Plan 2009-19, the Council sets out the activities
and services it proposes to deliver over the next 10 years. The plan also outlines how the
Council will provide these services and projects and how they will be funded.

The Council values your views and encourages you to have your say. The draft plan will
be available for comment from 10 March until 16 April 2009.

Come along anytime during the times shown below for more information, to have your
questions answered and to find out how you can have your say.

Date                    Venue                                                                Time
24 March 2009           Burwood/Pegasus Community Board Room,
                        corner Union and Beresford streets, New Brighton                     6-8pm

25 March 2009           South Christchurch Library, 66 Colombo Street, Beckenham             12-2pm

26 March 2009           Diamond Harbour Community Centre (Stage Room),
                        off Waipapa Avenue, Diamond Harbour                                  4-6pm

30 March 2009           Linwood Service Centre Boardroom, 180 Smith Street, Linwood          5-7pm

31 March 2009           Duvauchelle Community Hall, Duvauchelle                              12-2pm

1 April 2009            Fendalton Service Centre Boardroom,
                        corner Jeffreys and Clyde roads, Fendalton                           3-5pm

2 April 2009            Upper Riccarton Community and School Community Library,
                        71 Main South Road, Sockburn                                         4-6pm

6 April 2009            Papanui Service Centre Boardroom,
                        corner Langdons Road and Restell Street, Papanui                     7-9pm

For more information phone 03 941 8999 (Banks Peninsula residents
can call 0800 800 169) or visit
p���.   Christchurch Long Term   Council activities   Changes and proposals
        Council Community Plan   and services

        Christchurch City Council

        Changes and proposals
        Changes and proposals

        Statement of proposal for the
        Statement of proposal for the future of                               Details of the Proposal                                        Only 18% of people enrolling children at QEII Preschool
                                                                              Details of the Proposal                                        Reasons for the Proposal use the recreational
                                                                                                                                             and Pioneer Early Learning Centres
        the council’s involvement in trust to
        establishment of a charitablethree early
                                                                              To outsource the operation of the QEII Preschool and
                                                                              At its meeting on 27 September 2007 the Council resolved       facilities. The rest the trust be a Council full day
                                                                                                                                             It is proposed that are regular half day orcontrolled
                                                                              Pioneer Learning Centres.
        learning centres
        implement the christchurch city council’s
                                                                              to adopt the Sustainable Energy Strategy for Christchurch      organisation (CCO). Therefore, Section 56 of the Local
                                                                                                                                             community users.
                                                                              To sell the Tuam Street Early Learning Centre as a going
                                                                              2008–18. The purpose of the Strategy is to establish a         Government Act 2002 requires consultation before a
        sustainable energy strategy                                                                                                          Currently 15 of the children at the Tuam Street Early
                                                                              concern, including encourage, the relocation of the
                                                                              framework that willor excludingpersuade and lead the           decision to establish the trust can be made. This is being
                                                                                                                                             Learning Centre have been enrolled by staff working in the
                                                                              current of Christchurch to take action to reduce energy
                                                                              citizens building by the purchaser. A lease would be offered    undertaken as part of the special consultative procedure
                                                                                                                                             Civic Offices next door. There will be no room for a child
                                                                              on and use more renewable energy, thus or subsequent
                                                                              usethe land until such time as the Councilmoving towards       for the Council’s 2009–19 LTCCP.
                                                                                                                                             care facility when the Council moves to its new building
                                                                              owner needed City of warm dwellings, healthy citizens,
                                                                              a vision for the the site.                                     If the trustis possible that a privately owned and operated
                                                                                                                                             in 2010. It is established, the Council will control the
                                                                              If a sale CO2 emissions, increased security of is to close
                                                                              reducedcannot be achieved then the proposalsupply, and a       right to appoint 50% or more of thein the vicinity. There are
                                                                                                                                             early learning centre may be built trustees and as a
                                                                              prosperous community. The Strategy can be viewed on the
                                                                              the Tuam Street Early Learning Centre.                         result, control 50% or more of the votes at any meeting
                                                                                                                                             17 child care centres within the four avenues.
                                                                              Council’s website          of the trust’s boards. As a CCO, the nature and scope of
                                                                              SustainableEnergy/.                                            There are 279 providers of early childhood education in
                                                                                                                                             the Agency’s activities will be contained in a statement
                                                                              Reasons for the Proposal
                                                                              It is proposed that the Christchurch Agency for Energy
                                                                                                                                             Christchurch. The Council’s three early learning centres
                                                                                                                                             of intent that has to be provided to the Council each year.
                                                                                                                                             provide only 1.08% of these services.
                                                                              Initially the Council set up three early the purposes of
                                                                              be established as a charitable trust for learning centres to   In addition, the Agency is required to give the Council
                                                                              provide flexible child care for shoppers and promoting
                                                                              implementing the strategy’s action planin the inner city at    financial reports every six months and at the end of each
                                                                              Tuam Street, or for parents using the recreation services
                                                                              energy efficiency and renewable energy in the Council’s          financial year.
                                                                              at QEII
                                                                              district.and Pioneer Leisure Centres. The Council’s Early
                                                                              Childhood Education Strategy 2001 confirmed its role            With regard to the QEII Preschool and Pioneer Early
                                                                              The action plan for strategy consists of twenty eight          Learning Centres, the options are:
                                                                              in the provision of these three centres to facilitate the      Options
                                                                              initiatives and the proposed Agency will implement
                                                                              provision of quality, accessible and affordable child care
                                                                              and promote most of them, as well as monitoring their
                                                                                                                                             a. To are no risks status quo. The combined operation
                                                                                                                                             Theremaintain theassociated with the establishment of the
                                                                              progress. This will be done over a 10 year period at an
                                                                                                                                                 of the centres has no effect on rates. However, this
                                                                                                                                             Christchurch Agency for Energy as a charitable trust.may
                                                                              In the 2006–16 LTCCP the Council stated that it would              change if the Ministry of Education reduces its funding
                                                                              estimated cost of $6.57m. At this stage, the Council has       It is important that the Agency is controlled by the
                                                                                                                                                 or the cost of complying with the regulations governing
                                                                              review its involvement in early five year centres. This
                                                                              committed funding for the first learning period only.           Council. Any other structure would not enable this, nor
                                                                              proposal is the outcome of that review.                            child care facilities increases to a level that can not be
                                                                              The funds required for the period 2008–2013                    would it offer the same protection and transparency. Tax
                                                                                                                                                 fully recovered by fees and charges. The early learning
                                                                              The centres were set up primarily to provide flexible or
                                                                              (approximately $4.0m) will come from the sale of carbon        deductibility may be important to contributors and the
                                                                                                                                                 centres are not seen as core Council business.
                                                                              credits access as well as some regular booked access as
                                                                              casual to British Gas. The Council earned these credits        Council’s partners and there are no risks associated with
                                                                                                                                             b. To outsource the provision of the QEII Preschool and
                                                                                                                                             this option.
                                                                              for users. the renewable energy Education uses Burwood
                                                                              a result ofChanges in Ministry ofproject thatstandards
                                                                                                                                                 Pioneer Early Learning Centres. Child care facilities
                                                                              over recent to provide power to QEII park. possible to
                                                                              Landfill gasyears means that it is no longer Part of this       The Agency will be eligible for charitable status because
                                                                                                                                                 would continue to be provided but the Council would
                                                                              offer casual access. Whilst the centres year period) will
                                                                              revenue ($0.5 million over the first five still provide the be   the Trust Deed will set out purposes that include
                                                                                                                                                 not actively manage these. There would be some return
                                                                              opportunity the Christchurch used for an hour at
                                                                              used to fund for facilities to be Agency for Energy. a time,   supporting and encouraging the provision of services
                                                                              children have to be enrolled on a regular basis and space is       to the Council through rental income. Given the number
                                                                              The overall budget of the Agency will depend on the            and facilities for the benefit of the public in the Council’s
                                                                              held for them.                                                     of other facilities in Christchurch, there may be a lack of
                                                                              financial contribution from each partner. The founding          district. The trustees will be required to administer the
                                                                                                                                                 interested purchasers.
                                                                              partners of the Agency are expected to represent a             Agency in accordance with the trust’s objects.
                                                                              number of different sectors, such as Local Government,
                                                                              Environmental Protection Bodies, Transport, Electricity
                                                                              Sector, and the Government’s Energy Agency.
                                                                                                                              Changes and proposals   Council activities   Christchurch Long Term   p���.
                                                                                                                                                      and services         Council Community Plan

Christchurch City Council

Sustainable proposals
Changes and energy strategy

Other Considerations                                           Any person who makes a submission will have the
There are no other considerations to be taken into account     opportunity to be heard by the Council if this is requested.
in respect of the proposed Christchurch Agency for Energy.     Hearings will be held on 11, 12, 13, 15 and 18 May 2009.
                                                               Meetings to consider submissions received and to make
                                                               final decisions will be held before 30 June 2009.
Submissions                                                    The Local Government Act 2002 requires the Council to
A copy of this statement of proposal will be available         make all written submissions available to the public.
for public inspection during ordinary office hours at the        This requirement is subject to the provisions of the
following places:                                              Local Government Official Information and Meetings
  Civic Offices, 163 Tuam Street, Christchurch                   Act 1987. Any persons who want the Council to withhold
                                                               information contained in their submission should first
  Christchurch City Council Libraries and Service Centres
                                                               discuss this with the Council Secretary, Clare Sullivan,
It may be viewed on the Council’s website, www.ccc.govt.       telephone 941 8533.
nz/haveyoursay. The statement will also be distributed as
a summary of information for the purpose of providing a
basis for general consultation.
Further information on the proposal is contained in a
report on the Draft 2009–19 LTCCP considered by the
Council at its meeting on 16 – 18 February 2009. This report
is available on the Council’s website as an Agenda item for
that meeting.
Submissions on the proposal may be made in writing to the
Council between 10 March and 5.00pm on 16 April 2009.
These may be made electronically at
haveyoursay, by using the submission form contained in
the Draft 2009–19 LTCCP and in this statement of proposal,
or in any other written form.
Draft Long-Term Council Community Plan (LTCCP) 2009–19

 Submission form

PLEASE READ BEFORE COMPLETING YOUR SUBMISSION                            You may send us your submission:
The public consultation period is from Tuesday 10 March 2009 to          On the internet:
Thursday 16 April 2009.                                                  You may enter your submission using the form provided on the
It will help us if you clearly:                                          Council’s website at
     state the issue you want the Council to consider;                   By email:
     state what specific action you think the Council           
     should take, and                                                    Please make sure that your full name and address is included with
                                                                         your submission.
     state why that should be done.
     type or use black ink for your submission.                          By mail:
                                                                         (no stamp is required) to:
Please note: We are legally required to make all written or              Freepost 178
electronic submissions available to the public and to Councillors,       Draft LTCCP
including the name and address of the submitter. In making               Christchurch City Council
submissions available to the public, the submissions will be             PO Box 237
posted electronically on the Council’s website. Information will         Christchurch 8140
be available to the public subject to the provisions of the Local
Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987. If you
consider there to be compelling reasons why your contact details
and/or submission should be kept confidential, you should contact
the Council Support Team, telephone 941 8999.

No anonymous submissions will be accepted.                               Submissions must be received (NOT postmarked) at the Tuam Street
Whether you use this form or not, you must provide your full name,       Civic Offices no later than 5pm on Thursday 16 April 2009. To ensure
address and telephone number. If you are submitting on behalf of an      receipt, hand deliver last-minute submissions to the Civic Offices,
organisation please state this and your role within that organisation.   163-173 Tuam Street.

Your submission
If you wish, you can present your submission at a hearing. If that is the case, please tick the appropriate box below. The hearings will be
held from 11 May 2009 to 18 May 2009. Five to ten minutes will be allocated for speaking to your submission, including time for questions
from the Councillors. The Council will confirm the date and time of your hearing in writing, by email or by telephone call.

          I do NOT wish to discuss my submission at the hearing, and ask that this written submission be considered

          I wish to discuss the main points in my written submission at the hearings to be held between Monday 11 May 2009 and
          Monday 18 May 2009.

    Are you completing this submission:                   For yourself                 On behalf of a group or organisation

    If you are representing a group or organisation, how many people do you represent?

Contact Name

Organisation name (if applicable)

Organisation role (if applicable)

Contact Address


Phone No. (day)                                                            Phone No. (evening)

Email (if applicable)

Signature                                                                             Date
Draft Long-Term Council Community Plan (LTCCP) 2009–19
 Submission form
Please be as specific as possible to help us understand your views.
What do you want the Council to consider? What specific action do you think the Council should take?
Why should this be done?
You may add more pages if you wish. Thank you for your submission.

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