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									January 22, 2009

Present were: Matt Ostrander, Ken Mangold, Bob Stoll, Rose Nolan, Robert Gehring,
Carol Haas and Phyllis Kaskin.

   1. Meeting called to order. The meeting of the Randall Town Board this January
      22nd is now in session, Matt Ostrander presiding.
   2. Pledge of Allegiance.
   3. Approval of minutes. Ms. Nolan requested to add the names of Samantha
      Kerkman and Senator Wirch as part of the discussion on sexual predators. A
      motion by Nolan/Mangold to accept the minutes as amended. Motion carried.
   4. Reports:
          a. Committees and reports from the floor. Gerry VanderZee – The County
              will be taking down a big tree in the park.
          b. Clerk. Copies of the annexation petition from the Thelen’s were given to
              the board members. County Executive, Jim Kreuser would like to have
              hours in the municipalities on their meeting nights.
          c. Treasurer. The balance at the end of the year in the general fund was
          d. Supervisors. Mr. Gehring – Held a Public Works meeting before the
              Town Board meeting. The snowplowing bill for doing the smaller jobs is
              running not to far behind the charges for doing the highways. There will
              be a County Smart Growth meeting on January 26th. On the 26th of
              February in Burlington there will be a meeting on farmland preservation.
              Ms. Nolan – Nothing. Mr. Stoll – The Fire Department responded to a
              barn fire at the Buxton farm. The barn was a total loss as well as the hay
              and some livestock. The DNR has determined that both projects for the
              Nippersink Bowl water problem will need permits. We should get cost
              estimates for both projects before applying for any permits. The Fire
              Department is going to be sponsoring Community Emergency Response
              Team (CERT) training on March 6th, 7th and 8th. Mr. Mangold – We
              should be receiving our money very soon from Country Thunder. The
              website is back up and up to date. Received a call from Jim Krueser,
              County Executive in regard to snowplowing. This will not be the last year
              for the county to do our snowplowing. He will be sending a letter
              confirming the conversation. Mr. Gehring stated it was discussed at the
              Public Works; it would be more economical to have the county do the
              plowing if they desire.
          e. Chairperson. The Cub Scout Troup has been in contact with him in regard
              to holding a 5K run starting at Bassett Park. This request was forwarded
              onto the Park Commission.
   5. Citizen comments. Charlie Gitzinger – Commented on the wording on the sign
      and questioned if the schedule for the garbage pick up could be sent out with the
      tax bills.
   6. Business:
a. Wilmot Market request for Conditional Use Permit. The Plan
   Commission voted to send a favorable recommendation to the Town
   Board. A motion by Mangold/Nolan to send a favorable recommendation
   for the plan to the County. Motion carried. Wilmot Market presented a
   check for their ticket fees from last year.
b. Brett Butler – Powers Lake Sportsmen’s Club request to use the boat
   launch. This will be their 53rd annual fishing derby. A motion by
   Mangold/Stoll to allow the Sportsmen’s Club to use the parking lot
   facilities for the fishing derby. Motion carried. George will check into
   two planes that landed on the ice.
c. Fire Chief Matt Gronke request approval of 2009 fire department officers.
   Tom Brown read the list of officers:
             Chief                          Matt Gronke
             Battalion Chief Bassett               Phil Karow
             Battalion Chief Powers Lake Tom Brown
             Safety Officer                 Randy Kaskin
             Training Officer               Ken Foszcz
             Chief Engineer                 A.J. Johnson
             Captain Powers Lake            Buddy Pfenninger
             Captain Bassett                Bob Stoll
             Lieutenant Powers Lake         Dennis Raupp
             Lieutenant Bassett             Bob Gillman
             EMS Coordinator                Jim Dinsch
             Dive Master                    Tom Huffine
             Asst. Dive Master              Bruce Schaal
             Fire Inspector                 Phil Johnson
             Treasurer                      Sue Wyka
             Secretary                      Andy Dietz
   A motion by Mangold/Nolan to accept the chief’s recommendation for the
   slate of officers. Motion carried. Mr. Stoll abstained.
d. Appointment of Carol Haas as Town Treasurer. Mr. Ostrander stated that
   Carol Haas was his choice as treasurer. A motion by Stoll/Mangold to
   accept Matt Ostrander’s appointment of Carol Hass as Town Treasurer.
   Mr. Mangold withdrew the second. Mr. Stoll amended the motion to
   appoint Carol Haas Treasurer consistent with the terms and conditions
   associated with the appointment of out Town Clerk. Mr. Mangold
   seconded. Motion carried.
e. Set date to meet with Sheriff Beth regarding sexual predators. The
   Sheriff’s department was contacted regarding this and Sergeant Benn sets
   those kinds of meetings up. He has not yet called. Samantha Kerkman
   and Senator Wirch will be contacted to attend.
f. PDR fund allocation. Mr. Gehring wants to straighten out why the money
   is still in the general fund that should have been placed in the PDR fund.
   This was money from Country Thunder not tax payer dollars. Our
   ordinance supersedes other agreements that might have been made before
   the ordinance was adopted. No other action was taken.
       g. Tabled guardrail at 40723 93rd Street. A motion by Stoll/Mangold to
           remove item 6g from the table. Motion carried. We have a bid from
           Werner Brothers for $13,400.00 to get the guardrail installed. A notice
           has been published stating the work will be done. Ms. Nolan stated she
           never saw the bid; never saw any specs or where it will be installed.
           Discussion followed. A motion by Mangold/Stoll that we accept the bid
           by the Werner Company and to install this guardrail and the installation be
           done as soon as weather conditions permit for $13,400.00. The motion
           was carried. Mr. Gehring and Ms. Nolan apposed.
           Return to Citizen comments. Greg Gttormsen introduced himself and
           gave background information as a candidate running for the Circuit Court
           Mr. Ostrander stated he just received a letter from Shirley Boning,
           president of the Library Board, inviting the Town Board to their February
           23rd meeting, as their audit will be presented.
7. Bills. A motion by Stoll/Nolan to pay the bills.
   Veolia Environmental                       $19,251.00
   Alliant Energy                                2,586.51
   We Energies                                   2,241.16
   Village of Pleasant Prairie                   3,374.00
   Town of Randall Tax Account                   4,920.45
   Bruce Schaal                                    249.63
   AT&T                                             11.11
   Verizon North                                   171.95
   BP                                               44.23
   Nextel Communications                            33.40
   Quill                                           116.94
   AT&T                                             44.45
   James Imaging Systems                           165.21
   Kenosha County Treasurer                        710.68
   The Horton Group                              1,143.00
   American Gases                                   67.15
   WI Municipal Judge Assoc                        100.00
   WI Department of Revenue                        334.62
   Twin Lakes Hardware                              85.48
   Carol Haas                                      635.33
   George Lawrence                                  72.18
   Gilbert Kroll                                   223.77
   Kenneth Mangold                                 296.60
   Matthew Ostrander                               594.38
   Phyllis Kaskin                                2,003.04
   Robert Gehring                                  296.60
   Robert Stoll                                    296.60
   Rose Nolan                                      296.60
   Total                                      $40,366.07
8. Adjourn. A motion by Stoll/Nolan to adjourn. The motion was carried and the
   meeting adjourned at 8:35 p.m.
                                                    Phyllis J. Kaskin
                                                    Town Clerk

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