P.A.I.N.T. Palette Special Edition by zch19242


									P.A.I.N.T. Palette Special Edition

Alan November, Keynote Speaker
                                                                                                 Technology Integration

                                try such as ours?” he                                            Volume 1, Issue 7
“It’s possible that every-      posed. A student at the
thing you will hear this        first session responded                                          March 5, 2007
morning will be new to          succinctly, “We’ve got to
you. You may feel over-         get ‘uncocky’.”
whelmed, maybe in-
trigued….or you may go          “If we want to create mo-
out of here not knowing         tivating learning environ-
                                ments for our students,                                          Inside this issue:
where to start…” That’s
how Alan November be-           we have to watch stu-
                                dents to see what they                                           Impressions of BETC     2
gan at the Keynote Ad-
dress at BETC on Febru-         are doing when they
ary 19, 2007.                   aren’t in school, then take                                      Thoughts about Alan     3
                                rigorous academic con-                                           November
Alan November not only          tent and structure it in       If you want to create a motiva-
informed, but entertained       the ways that our stu-         tional learning environment,      Inventory of Teacher    4
his audience as he posed        dents learn.”                  watch what kids are do-           Technology Skills
critical, if not thorny,                                       ing….then take rigorous aca-
questions to the educa-         Schools today, according       demic content, and structure it   Atomic Learning—        4
tors. “How do we restore        to November, are block-        in the same way as their ac-      NEW!!!
                                ing the very “containers”      tivities.
the work ethic in a coun-                                      Photo: Dan Simmons
                                our youth use today.                                             More Training?          4
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Inventory of Teacher Technology                                                                  BETC Sessions: Putting 5—7
                                                                                                 Them into Action

Skills—What is it? Do I Take It?                                                                 Tech Tuesday Flyer      8

Brevard Public Schools          technology in the               be completed separately,         It Came Back to Byte    9
has a set an objective as       classroom.                      but a section must be            Me
part of our First in Flor-                                      completed in one sitting.
                                The Inventory of Teacher                                         Calendar & Tech Tues-   10
ida Strategic Plan, which                                       (Otherwise you will have
                                Technology Skills offers                                         days
says we will Increase Use                                       to start the section again
                                educators the opportunity
of Technology for Effec-                                        when you log back on.)           PowerMediaPlus Usage 11
                                to identify the basic skills
tiveness and Effi-                                              At the end of the inven-         Report
                                and/or knowledge that
ciency. To assist in ac-                                        tory you are provided
                                need reinforcement
complishing this objec-                                         with the results based on        Make-It-and-Take-It     12
                                through professional de-
tive, the district will util-                                   Florida’s Frameworks
                                velopment activities.
ize the newly devel-                                            and Indicators for Basic
                                The inventory consists of                                        21st Century Skills     Back
oped DOE “Inventory                                             Technology:
of Teacher Technology           six sections which takes
                                                                1.   Basic Operations &
Skills” to indicate             approximately six to ten
every teacher is                minutes per section to
“Proficient” in using           complete. Sections may          2.   Productivity—Word

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Alan November, Keynote Speaker (cover story)
These containers include cell phones,       ing that the holocaust never existed,     archived from 1996 to a few months
iPods, video games, MySpace and You-        that the prisoners in the camps died      ago. Checking the external links
Tube, and Instant Messaging. Accord-        from other factors. How could this        might help you gain perspective about
ing to Mr. November, we have to “co-op      happen? How could Zack find this          the quality of its information. You
the containers and ramp it up”.             information on a college website? In      would want to check 1) Who is linked
                                            delving into the URL further, it turned   to the website? 2) What is the purpose
Alan November then gave examples of
                                            out that it was a professor’s ‘personal   of the link? and 3)What do other sites
how we think students are very com-
                                            opinions’ page, a practice Northwest-     say about the information on that
puter-savvy, and they think they are
                                            ern University allowed.                   site? To find the external links, con-
computer-savvy, when in fact, they
may know just enough to be                  Using a Martin Luther King website,       duct this search in Alta Vista with the
“dangerous”. The example he gave was        Alan November demonstrated further        link: command. Go to Alta Vista
with the search engine, Google. The         how easy it is for not only students,     www.altavista.com, type link: in
majority of students in the first session   but educated adults to easily be misled   the search box and then add the URL
reported that it was their favorite         by information found on the Internet.     of the site you would like research.
search engine. When Mr. November            It’s not enough to trust a website that   Be sure to leave no space before or
asked the students how Google worked,       claims to be an “official” homepage;      after the colon. Then click the Find
they had no idea. He then went on to        users must validate the website by        button. Example: link:http://
demonstrate why it’s important to           finding out who the author of the piece   pubweb.northwestern.edu/~abutz/di/
know how search engines work because        on the website, who the owner of the      intro.html .
it helps you to evaluate the sources you    website is, and who links to the site.    Using the techniques described above,
use from the Internet to determine if       In other words, we must cross-            students begin to learn about the new
they are reliable and the information is    reference information we find on the      Information Literacy for the 21st cen-
valid.                                      Web. We must teach students to do         tury so that they can make intelligent
                                            this, according to November, so that      decisions about the plethora of infor-
In one of Alan November’s books, there
                                            they won’t “ruin their lives”.            mation available online today.
is a chapter entitled, “Teaching Zack to
Think” in which he shows how one            How is this done? To find out who the     Alan November demonstrated other
student who had been taught to believe      owner/publisher of a site is, you can     new technologies such as Skype to
that Internet URLs (web addresses)          use the Whois? Database. To find out      demonstrate how using today’s
ending in the domain .edu could be          the history of a website, use             “containers” in education can trans-
trusted as reliable sources. As a re-       www.archive.org. It allows you to         form how we teach and how students
sult, Zack wrote a research paper stat-     browse through 30 billion web pages       learn.

Here’s a sampling of the responses from the PDD evaluations:
This was one of the most enjoyable inservices I've been to. The presenters held my interest and I'm leaving
with ideas I can actually build on and use!
This was a fabulous inservice which I hope is offered in years to follow. It was a wonderful informational and
learning day! I have walked away with an exciting feeling about using more tech in my classroom and I share
my learning with my teammates!
Actually--really set up well--always someplace to go.
Would like to see this as a yearly event .
Great 1st conference! Looking forward to next year!
Fabulous conference--learned so much!
Excellent conference- very well organized-kudos to all those involved in putting this together.
Great ideas for using technology in the classroom.
This was awesome!
Great Job!!! Wonderful opportunity for those unable to go to FETC
Very informative--organized and well planned--thank you---loved the vendors
Very organized. Lots of cool training sessions. We should always have these type of sessions available on
DID's. Great job!
Super pull out sessions! I will be back next year.
He had great, practical information. I      I am familiar with Mr. November’s         Because I have some background in
learned a lot about using technology        information and truly feel education      technology, the information he pro-
in the classroom the way students are       needs to move faster in that direction.   vided can be useful if used carefully
using it at home. What an excellent         We need to move away from dittos and      and for the most part it may not be
way to encourage and focus students.        mindless memory facts. We need to         appropriate for elementary age chil-
His information about web site valid-       teach our students to digest and use      dren. When is it appropriate to ex-
ity and integrity was useful also. I’d      the mounds of information all around      plore all the ups and downs of the
like to incorporate more Webquests in       them for good decisions. So far the       internet? And what’s the role of the
my classroom. I feel that now I have        “yellow journalistic vendors are doing    school system as to how far we can
the tools to better protect my students     a much better job in informing our        “explore” it? Those may be good top-
and teach them to be knowledgeable          students. We need to catch up – and       ics for future technology debates. On
consumers of the information super          use the media our students will be        a final note, I do believe that igno-
highway.                                                                              rance is not bliss.

                                            Wow, I could have listened to him all     I enjoyed listening to Alan November’s
                                            day! Thank you to EasyTech and            session. I thought that data about stu-
                                            GovConnection for sponsoring his          dents coming back to their parents to
                                            visit. I previewed Alan’s website the     live was interesting, since I have three
                                            week before his visit so I would have     older children 30, 26 and 21. The two
                                            an idea of what to expect. He did not     oldest children are very successful and
                                            disappoint! He is a wealth of knowl-      the 21 year old is still in college. So I
                                            edge and I felt as though we only         hope that will not happen in my fam-
                                            heard a tiny snip-it of what he has to    ily. I don’t know that I can handle it
                                            say. Please have him back next year       financially as I am close to retirement.
                                            and let him speak longer, shorten the
                                            break-out sessions if necessary, but
                                            let’s hear more from him!

Alan November’s session was ex-             I am also in agreement that educa-        I thoroughly enjoyed Mr. November’s
tremely timely. I never considered the      tors are foolish in not using Mr. No-     presentation. Everyday I try to impart
fact that we, as a society, need to mas-    vember’s so-called “technical contain-    to my students to not take all infor-
ter the “new basic skill”: How to think     ers” (video games, instant messaging,     mation exhibited on the Internet at
on the internet. While my students are      iPod, MySpace, and online movies          face value as the “gospel truth.” Mr.
too young to participate in the valida-     such as You Tube) to their advantage      November masterfully imparted to
tion of online information lesson com-      in order to reach students. Instead of    the Brevard county educators who
ponents presented, it is important to       blocking the containers, educators        attended his presentation the impor-
convey to all students that information     should work to “refill” them with rele-   tance of teaching our students to
on the internet is not necessarily credi-   vant educational content. While that      properly evaluate online sources and
ble information.                            may be easier said than done, Mr.         to double check their reliability.
                                            November gave us food for thought.

Mr. November’s presentation chal-                                                     I was very impressed and enlight-
lenges the entire field of education to                                               ened. It seems that technology is way
rethink the way we approach our pro-                                                  beyond “the box”. It has caused me to
fession. His premise, that youth today                                                pause and look at the practices that
are using My Space, You Tube, I Pod’s,                                                we have in place. However, until all
Cell Phones and video games was on                                                    schools have equitable access to tech-
point. Educator’s need to find a way to                                               nology some students will be using
utilize these tools to supplement their                                               technology to run programs rather
lessons. Every generation has rebelled                                                than as a tool to gather information
against the things that they were not                                                 and compete in a global economy.
allowed to do. If we could adapt our
thinking to incorporate the very things
that they have gravitated to it will be a
         Inventory of Teacher Technology Skills (cont. from p. 1)
              Processing, spreadsheets, data-         6.   Social, Ethical, Legal, and Human
              bases, graphics                              Issues
         3.   Communication—email, video,             Directions for Brevard teachers can be
              presentations                           found at http://itts.brevard.k12.fl.us/.
         4.   Research—Research skills,               The DOE survey of skills is located at        Read the article below for more infor-
              browser use                             http://www.flstar.org/inventory/.             mation related to the ITTS.
         5.   Planning, Management & Instruc-         Brevard Teachers are being asked to
              tion                                    complete the survey by April 27, 2007.

         How Can I Improve My Score on the ITTS?

         In an effort to help teachers inte-                                                               skills in which they need instruc-
         grate technology within the learn-                                                                tion, based on the results of their
         ing environment, Brevard Public                                                                   individual ITTS scores.
         Schools has purchased a district-
                                                                                                         The district Teacher Technology
         wide subscription to Atomic Learn-
                                                                                                         Integrators are available to visit
         ing, a web-based training for more
                                                                                                         your schools to demonstrate and
         than 100 applications that educators       Also coming soon is a document which            train your teachers how to take the
         use. This product will assist in master-   will list all of the basic skills tested on     ITTS and use the Atomic Learning sub-
         ing basic technology skills listed in      the ITTS and the corresponding Atomic           scription package at http://
         Florida’s Frameworks and Indicators        Learning Tutorials. Educators will              www.atomiclearning.com.
         for Basic Technology and evaluated in      then be able to access “just-in-time-
         the Inventory of Teacher Technology        learning” by viewing and learning from
         Skills.                                    the Atomic Learning tutorials for the

         Technology Training AFTER BETC
                               Technology Integrators                                    Did BETC inspire you? Would you like more tech-
                                                                                         nology training? Your technology integrators are
                                                                                         able to offer you training using any of the following
                                          Area I                                         tools to enable you to integrate technology in your
                      Susan Berry: berrys@brevard.k12.fl.us
                                                                                         •    PowerMediaPlus
                       Greg Cross: crossg@brevard.k12.fl.us
                                          Area II                                        •    ScienceNet (SuccessNet)

                   Anne Graham: grahama@brevard.k12.fl.us                                •    Graphical Organizers

                     Jane Hoover: hooverj@brevard.k12.fl.us                              •    Podcasting
                                        Area III                                         •    PhotoStory3
                       Pat Lewis: lewisp@brevard.k12.fl.us                               •    Windows Movie Maker
                   Tam Rutenber: rutenbert@brevard.k12.fl.us
                                                                                         •    Microsoft Office Applications
                                        Area IV
                                                                                         •    Web Design
                    Marti Fortier: fortierm@brevard.k12.fl.us
                                                                                         •    Atomic Learning
                     Jerry McCoy: mccoyj@brevard.k12.fl.us
                                                                                         •    More….

Page 4                                                                                                 PAINT Palette BETC Special Edition
   BETC Sessions—Ideas for the Classroom
                                                                  I purchased 8 data loggers and probes using grant money and
                                                                  matching funds from my School Advisory Committee. The first
                                                                  picture is of some PE teachers taking their resting heart rate
                                                                  using the data logger linked to the laptop. The second picture is
                                                                  of a man, Dwight from W. Melbourne School of Science, using
                                                                  the spirometer attachment to monitor his respiration rate. The
                                                                  equipment was purchased using a Brevard Schools Foundation
                                                                  Bright Ideas Resource Grant. The laptops are from the middle
                                                                  school Jason Project grant Ginger Wright worked on a few years

                     BETC Session*

                 “Sports Physiology-
            It’ll Leave You Breathless”
          Linda Johnson, Science Dept.
          Westshore Jr/Sr High School

               I attended an Assistive Tech break-out session and want to incorporate the software they gave me in my whole
               group writing lessons. I plan to use the talking dictionary and talking word processor to model narrative and
               expository writing with my class. I really appreciated that the software was available immediately and we had
               an unlimited site license. I felt that the ideas and suggestions were real and authentic because I knew I could
               try them in the classroom right away.

One of the sessions I attended was using Google Earth in your classroom. We have already begun utilizing the tips and tricks we
learned using Power Media Plus to enhance our usage of Google Earth. I enjoyed all of the variety in the break out sessions and

               I received a disk with various types of student and teacher resources which I feel will be helpful. Also, I liked the
               devices that the students could use when the teacher is polling them for answers to a question, and finally there
               was one website, Gizmos, specifically for math and science 6-12 that I would love to have when they incorporate
               grades 3-5.

I like the ideas of using the GPS Units for a great activity. Students love to get out of the classroom and all kids love scavenger
hunts. I also like the Test Pilot…with more and more students having computers, on-line testing is a great tool.

               I plan on using photo story 3 in all of my classes. I think this is great way to enhance instruction in all of my
               classes. I also will use the technology integrators’ web page as an ongoing resource through the year. http://

*To see the video and view handouts from the BETC sessions, visit: http://techtraining.brevard.k12.fl.us/

PAINT Palette BETC Special Edition                                                                                                     Page 5
BETC Sessions—Ideas for the Classroom (cont.)
                 I have already implemented a series of podcasts and enhanced podcasts to show student work and to provide a
                 24/7 link to class review materials off the class web page. So far the most successful is the audio podcast of my
                 review notes. I have had students who, in the past did not take notes because they could not keep up, and out of
                 frustration they quit trying. In all my classes, these students were excited that they could “turn me off and on”
                 when they needed to catch up. I was excited at their excitement. I plan to try doing new material and play
                 with both the audio and enhanced podcast delivery options. I also think I will enlist my students in what they
                 want and how to present it. Give them some buy-in.

I definitely feel more equipped to integrate technology. I love the PowerMediaPlus and Gizmos programs. I feel the PowerMe-
diaPlus will help me reach more students because it will be high interest. Gizmos will enable me to provide Math and Science
simulations to reach more students as well. The Inspiration program is great for teaching writing. All 3rd and 4th grade teachers
should have this. (See calendar for Inspiration training at the March 13th Tech Tuesday!)

                 I have begun planning to incorporate the Science Net into the classroom this week. I will try to use the Scott
                 Foresman Leveled Readers online to motivate and educate my students. I also want to assess them through the
                 on-line support system. I like that they will receive immediate feedback and remediation through the program.

I was hesitant to attend BETC, thinking that it would be geared toward the most tech savvy instructors and support personnel.
Once I viewed the schedule of sessions, I was more than pleasantly surprised to find that there were offerings for all levels of
accomplishment and understanding.
As simple as it may sound, the BEST knowledge I gained was being instructed about how to use Excel correctly. Until recently, I
always used Apples/Macs, so I have many gaps (enormous canyons!) when examining what I am able to do with a PC. Upon re-
turning to class after attending BETC, I immediately converted my “paper/pencil” after school class attendance record to an Excel
spreadsheet. Furthermore, I’m now in the process of transferring my students’ grades to spreadsheets, too! While that may seem
quite backward to some, it is a huge accomplishment for me.
In addition, I found the session about “Project Gutenberg” to be relevant not only to my teaching, but also to my personal re-
search and writing projects. When I have some additional time, I would like to create a library of reading disks and “Read Along/
Think Along” critical reading exercises for my students based on the free, classic literature available via the online “Project

                 I went to the Scott Foresman Science Net workshop and will use the information I learned to administer my next
                 chapter test online. I look forward to the immediate feedback for remediation.
                 I went to the workshop on writing grants and I am anxious to use the information I was given to try to write a

The conference has shown me the vast amount of knowledge and technology that is out there. My summer will be dedicated to
learning this material and incorporating it in my classroom next year. I look forward to using the rocket launch activity with my
class when we get to quadratics and vectors. I also hope to have a webpage done for my kids to access for extra help in math con-

                 I saw a lot of great ideas to use with the students in the classroom. We saw how the students could illustrate a
                 book or song and integrate the information into a PowerPoint program. I have used Google Earth in the past in
                 my class but the session showed me other ways to incorporate the program into my lessons.

Gizmos, teaching with online Simulations
This program has a direct application to the math classroom. It is a tool that will assist students to visualize mathematical con-
cepts. The cost is the main obstacle. There are other tools such as The National Library of Virtual Manipulatives http://
nlvm.usu.edu/en/nav/vlibrary.html, or GeoGebra (see below) which are free and can provide similar resources.

                 PowerMediaPlus, Hot Potatoes, and Geogebra websites will help to enhance my classroom instruction. From
                 video clips to introduce subject matter to interactive activities these resources have an endless supply of possi-
                 bilities. These will be used on a regular basis after my classroom is outfitted with a focus projector and docu-
                 ment camera. The crash course on Excel will allow me to use the program with ease. The formulation of spread-
                 sheets and use of different kinds of graphs will be used to communication information to our math department.
BETC Sessions—Ideas for the Classroom (cont.)
               I will be using the Sunlink website throughout the year, having started already, for many reasons. I will also be
               using (and already have started) the Gale/Thompson website for research. I would love to use what I learned in
               my other classes that I took, but unfortunately, I lack the technology, equipment, or the higher level class that
               the classes seemed to mainly be geared towards. I love integrating technology into my lessons, but maybe next
               year have more primary-based classes offered.

We are doing power point presentations for multicultural night. There are a few of the students that I am going to try to help
them do PhotoStory 3.

                As a new teacher in the County (3 weeks), attending the conference helped to :
                Assess my technological skills, identify specific sites such as Sunlink- with it’s many and varied features, be
                somewhat more equipped and confident to use technology in the classroom.

I was really impressed with all the sessions we were allowed to choose from. I really enjoyed the Movie Maker presentation. It
was easy to follow and after just seeing how to use it I will be able to easily make movies with my class.

                 The presentation on the web-pages, presented by James Pustay was useful and a great deal easier than other
                 sessions that I have attended in the past (mainly with NOVU). I am motivated and confident enough from his
                 presentation that I should have my web-site up by next school year. (Note: The NEW and VASTLY IM-
                 PROVED version of NOVU will be ready to use very shortly. The new version allows for more creativity, and
                 functions much more like other web design editors…..drag and drop, “insert”, formatting tools like those in

I have already received and distributed passwords and user names for all of my students re ; PowerMediaPlus.com. Many of my
students are now accessing this resource from home.

                 Teacher Andrew Dennis, CBHS, attended a session on blogging. He went right back and started putting into
                 place what he had learned: Thanks for an informative session--I will do my homework!
                 Look at his blog: http://disneyclass.edublogs.org/Mr.%20Disney's%20English%20Class
                 “I am still working on it, but it will guide my freshmen through their project.”

                                                  Photos By Tam Rutenber
Coming March 13th!!! Sign up now!
        Screen #TI9007

  Questions? Contact Susan Berry, berrys@brevard.k12.fl.us
It Came Back to Byte Me
Here’s Your SIGN

By Tam Rutenber

Whooooosh! Swoooosh! Hear that? It’s us. The whirling Dervishes spinning through our days at breakneck pace,
meeting goals no human being in the world outside of education could possibly leap. Set on warp speed, school em-
ployees rush to accomplish tasks to benefit their students without pausing to make their own work lives more effi-
cient and stress-free.

Honey, we just do not have the time! I hear it daily. It’s all about the Little People in the classrooms. As well it
should be. For the most part…

As a Technology Integrator, I am able to help employees at the school level to use equipment, both hardware and soft-
ware, more effectively. I recently had the privilege to teach, during January’s Tech Tuesday offering and at one of my
elementary schools, a few tricks to make Microsoft Outlook work harder for users (rather than the other way around).
One example of time saved using Outlook is creating an Automatic SIGNature. For each email sent, there is no need
to type one’s name, phone number, extension, etc. It can be put into a SIGNature file that magically SIGNS each new
message the user writes.

Now you might be saying to yourself, “that Tam’s a loon if she really thinks this itty bitty trick will save time”.
(Correct. I am. It does.) Let’s do the math why don’t we; even I can figure this one out. If a user sends only 5 emails a
week, times 4 weeks a month, this equals 20 messages sent per month. If said user were to type name, phone number
and extension on each at a rate of 5 seconds per message (they have a short name, OK?), that is100 seconds saved.
Multiply by 50 employees (small school staff size), then by 100 work sites (yes, I know there are more). Divide by 60
for minutes, then again for hours and BPS employees could save 138 hours, give or take, every month. EVERY

Which brings us full circle to a frightening statistic I learned at the 2007 Florida Educational Technology Conference
(FETC). The business world spends a dollar in training for every dollar it spends on hardware/software. The educa-
tion world spends .05c in training for every dollar it spends on hardware/software. Like it or not, school systems are
not ONLY about student achievement and welfare. They are also about employees. Employees who are stretched to
the limits in both resources and time. Spending money to train our employees to use the hardware/software thrust
upon them to perform their daily working chores is just as important as training in a new student textbook adoption
or other product to improve student performance.

Yea, I do speak from the dark valley, and yet there is light. (Pretty sure it isn’t a train.). BPS has gone to some
lengths to assist its people. It has hired two technology integrators for each area; all of whom are just itching to show
you ways to save time. Users are being made aware of the help feature within Microsoft products as well as the com-
pany’s website tutorials. The school board has approved subscribing to a service called Atomic Learning which is
chock full of tutorials/videos on how to use just about any software out there. Plans are in the works to specifically
train new employees in basic technology skills. All SIGNS that point to the positive.

 There will never be enough money. As years go by, hopefully there will be some substitute teacher monies set aside
which will go toward technology training, not be taken from a general sub fund. It’s not perfect. It is, however, a
start. The longest journey begins with one step. Let’s just make sure the road SIGNS we follow help our journey. It
will also help if they aren’t written by Jeff Foxworthy.

                                                                      Stay tuned for more “It Came Back to Byte Me”….
                                       March 2007
                                           Sun       Mon        Tue       Wed          Thu          Fri          Sat

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Upcoming Events

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cal Organizers—                        18        19        20         21          22           23           24
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applications for the

                                   Microsoft Mysteries Solved!

January’s Tech Tuesday, titled MS                                                        programs more efficiently. It is
Office Tips & Tricks, was a resounding                                                   hoped that these simple tricks
success. Filled to capacity with teach-                                                  will save users time and improve
ers and support staff, Lab 914 got a                                                     productivity from the front office
major workout! Tech Integrators Greg                                                     to the classroom.
Cross, Pat Lewis, and Tam Rutenber
guided participants, showing them
techniques and timesavers to use with
Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Excel.
These included using the Calendar and
AutoSignature features in Outlook,                                                       Greg Cross shows Tech Tuesday
creating posters and simple spread-                                                      participants how to play Power-
sheets in Excel, designing a profes-                                                     Point Jeopardy using a simple
sional looking newsletter in Word, and                                                   template you can find in the
using PowerPoint templates.                                                              training resources portion of the
                                                                                         Technology Integrator website.
With the busy days all BPS employees
experience, it is sometimes difficult to                                                 Click here: http://
take a few minutes to learn to use these                                        techtraining.brevard.k12.fl.us/hooverj/
PowerMediaPlus Usage
The first month of the new semester        The chart below, ranging from January      All Brevard county teachers have PMP
has brought with it increased usage of     8 to February 8, shows which schools       accounts! If you don’t use it yet, but
PowerMediaPlus (PMP). As more              are using it most in each category. Of     would like more information, please
teachers learn about this online on-       particular note is the North Area Alter-   contact your area Technology Integra-
demand video, audio, and image li-         native Learning Center which has over      tors today! They will be more than
brary, they are using it exponentially.    200 usages of PMP’s resources. Both        happy to give you the POWER in your
The most usage was seen in the catego-     Port Malabar Elementary and Cocoa          classroom!
ries of Children’s Literature, U.S. His-   High recorded usage just shy of 700!
tory, Measurement, Meteorology, and

                                   School Type                                               Top 5

                                                                      Port Malabar
                                                                      Challenger 7

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                              Cisco Systems and Metiri Group recently released a new report,
                              Technology in Schools: What Does the Research Say? It is
                              intended to assist educators to make informed technology in-
                              vestments. It says, "Contrary to popular belief, much is now
                              known about the effect of technology on learning and teaching
                              in primary and secondary schools," adding that technology does
        provide a "small, but significant," increase in learning across all uses and in all con-
        tent areas when implemented "with fidelity." (See back cover for more references to
        the Metiri Group.) For more information: http://www.metiri.com/
 Make-It-and-Take-It Graduation at Bayside

On February 26th, 17 students at Bay-          this program off the ground and would
side High School “graduated” from a            like to see more schools take part in it.
“Make-it-and-Take It” computer pro-
                                               As an invited guest to the graduation, I
gram taught by teacher, Dennis Steuck.
                                               listened as Dennis described how the
Technology Integrator, Pat Lewis, has
                                               students had to take the computers
worked closely with Dennis to help get
                                               apart, box up all the pieces, then come
                                               the next day and put together the com-
                                               puter from scratch. Many of the stu-
                                               dents are able to build a computer in
                                               five to ten minutes, says Steuck.
                                                                                           Principal, John Tuttle, presents Make-It-
                                               One of the students, Yvan, said, “Before    and-Take-It student with certificate.
                                               I started this program, I didn’t know       More online at Florida Today.
                                               anything about computers. Now I
                                               know more than I ever thought I would.
                                               At home, I used to have to ask my           More computers are needed and should
                                               brother of cousin for help (doing pro-      be less than four years old. Donors are
                                               jects on the computer), now I can do        given a tax write off.
                                               almost anything I want to do!”
                                               One other school in the district is par-    For more information about the Make
Tech Integrator, Pat Lewis, and Make-It-and                                                It Take It program, call Pat Lewis at
Take-It teacher, Dennis Steuck, serve gradu-   ticipating in the Make-it-and-Take-It
ates of the program pizza.                     Program: Southwest Middle School.           633-1000 or by email at lewisp
                                               The computers for the program were
                                               donated by local corporations such as
                                               NASA and Harris Corp.

                               The U.S. Department of Education is pleased to announce
                               the newly remodeled and updated Federal Resources for
                               Education Excellence (FREE) website. It now provides
                               richer, more expansive resources to teachers and students
                               alike. There are over 1500 resources to take advantage of at
                               FREE, ranging from primary historical documents, lesson
                               plans, science visualizations, math simulations and online
                               challenges, paintings, photos, mapping tools, and more. This
                               easily accessible information is provided by federal organi-
                               zations and agencies such as the Library of Congress,
                               National Archives, NEH, National Gallery of Art, National
                               Park Service, Smithsonian, NSF, and NASA.
                               Check it out today at http://www.free.ed.gov!
                                            21st Century Skills
                                                                      Information Literacy is a component of the 21st Century Skills, as
                                                                      Alan November discussed in his keynote address.
                                                                      For more about 21st Century Skills:

                                                                      •   North Central Regional Educational Laboratory—EnGauge:
                                                                          http://www.ncrel.org/engauge/skills/skills.htm. This site contains
                                                                          links to an 8 page enGauge 21st Century Skills: Literacy in the
                                                                          Digital Age brochure. Very worthwhile reading for all teach-

                                                                      •   The Metiri Group, a national consulting firm specializing in K-
                                                                          20 learning technology: http://www.metiri.com/features.html

                                                                      •   Partnership for 21st Century Skills: http://

Definition of Information Literacy from the ALA:
Information literacy is a set of abilities requiring individuals to
"recognize when information is needed and have the ability to
locate, evaluate, and use effectively the needed information.
Information literacy also is increasingly important in the contem-
porary environment of rapid technological change and prolifer-
ating information resources.” (For more from ALA, check out:
http://www.ala.org/ala/acrl/acrlstandards/ informationliteracycom-

Would you like to learn more about Information
Literacy? Then check out:

•    Alan November’s Homepage: http://

•    For even more information, check out some of
     the websites seen at the right: (search engine:
     http:www.kartoo.com —Thanks Robin Gipson.
     for the website)

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