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					                   CHITRABANI FILMMAKING WORKSHOP 2009
                             March 2009 – June 2009

                                ……. ABOUT CHITRABANI …….
Started as an extension service of St. Xavier’s College, Calcutta, in 1970, Chitrabani is a social
communication centre sponsored by the Jesuits (Society of Jesus) of Calcutta. Late Sri Satyajit Ray
was a member-founder and advisor of Chitrabani Society since its inception. The objective of
Chitrabani is to spread a mass media culture that helps people to integrate the communication media
into their cultural lives. Consonant with this aim, Chitrabani engages in research, training, and
production in different aspects of audio-visual media. The centre trains people in the art and craft of
filmmaking, cinematography, film and video editing and television programme. It also conducts
research to ensure effective studies in these areas. Chitrabani produces fature films, documentaries,
radio programmes, TV spots, posters and flip charts on contemporary issues. Through its training,
production, and research activities Chitrabani has created an atmosphere where serious students of
media can find support and exchange ideas; and persons committed to development can work
                              ……. CHITRABANI FACILITIES …..
Specialised Computerised Reference Library (available online at with books
and journals on communication media, cinema studies, film and television technology, still
photography and digital media. Membership is available against a monthly fee of Rs. 50/- only.

2 Auditorium-cum-Lecture hall with a seating capacity of 70 people, it is equipped with public
address system, 35mm slide projectors, video projectors and 16mm film projector.
2 Professional Sound Studios with digital recording and dubbing facilities.
3 Non-Linear Video Editing Set-ups (Matrox Digisuite LE & FCP)
Audio-Visual Library having still photographs, videos and 16mm films.
Professional Camcorder in Beta SP format, and DV/DV Cam format (PD170P), handy cams and
digital and still cameras.

                            …… FILMMAKING WORKSHOP 2009 …..
Workshop Outline and Method:
This intensive workshop initiates participants to the art and craft of filmmaking, with special
emphasis on low-budget short film production. Aspiring filmmakers, scriptwriters, television
producers and film teachers can join this initiation programme. However, it will motivate the
participants to develop visual thinking and storytelling skill integral to the complex job of directing a
film/TV/ Video programme. However, film being a technical medium, working knowledge of
Cinematography, Sound Recording, Editing and Post-Production will be imparted to the participants
with illustrated lectures and hands-on exercises. The focus of these modules will be limited to the
requirement of a filmmaker and not that of a specialist technician. Participants will be expected to
work as part of a group while retaining their individual identity as creative persons. As part of the
final project, every student writes a partial screenplay and produces one short film together with
his/her group members.

Eligibility: 10+2 and above, (graduates get preference) exposure to audio-visual media and
proficiency in English (both spoken and written). Experience of handling SLR camera will be
considered an advantage. A fairly good exposure to world cinema, reading and writing habit, and
ability to maintain time are essential prerequisites.
Selection: on the basis of application form and interview.
Class timings: (4.00 -7.00 Pm on weekdays and 3.00 – 6.00 Pm on alternate Saturdays) About 10
instructional weeks in three months. Four to five days a week of input sessions. Timings for
demonstration and practical exercise will be notified from time to time.
There will be film screenings on one day per week for the first half of the semester. Attendance is
compulsory for all lectures, film screenings, micro workshops and other group activities.
Course work: students will be graded on the basis of individual and group works as set out by
individual instructors – both practical and theoretical.
80% attendance is compulsory in each module and total attendance in practical and group works.
Fees: Rs.1, 000/- (Registration Fees, at the time of application, and refunded fully if not selected)
      Rs.6, 000/- (Admission Fees, payable at the time of admission)
      Rs.4, 000/- (Tuition Fees, 15 days after admission)
Modules (10)
  1. Moviemaking & its History 2. Still photography & Cinematography 3. Principles of Lighting
  & Lighting demo 4. Composition & framing: Video Camera & Exposure control and camera
  operation 5. Principles of audiography & demo 6. Concepts of Editing & Video Editing demo 7.
  Script writing 8. Make up 9. The Budget, structure & Production Scheduling 10. Group and
  individual film making.
Coordinator: J. Das

Adinath Das, Cinematographer
Sumit Ghosh, Editor
Arnab Roy, Film Director
Rudra Dasgupta – Editor, filmmaker and graphic designer
Gaston Roberge, Founder-Director, Chitrabani, Film Scholar
G.Mullik, Film Scholar & teacher at St .Xavier’s College
Avijit Banerjee, Sound Recordist, Chitrabani
Goutam Nag, Sound Recordist
Prabir Ghosh, Cinematographer
Shantanu Mukherjee, Editor
Raja Dey, Cinematographer
Dr. Sharmista Chatterjee – Make up & costume

                           76 Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Road, Kolkata 700 016
                           Tel: (91-33) 22653108; Fax: (91-33) 2226 2423

                               CHITRABANI FILMMAKING WORKSHOP 2009
                                        March 2009 – June 2009

                                               APPLICATION FORM
                                                  Completed application form
                                                  should reach The Director,                         Affix here
                                                   Chitrabani, 76 Rafi Ahmed
                                                 Kidwai Road, Calcutta 700 016,                      Applicant’s
                                                       by 14 March 2009
                                                                                                   recent passport
                                                          Interview:                               size photograph
a human touch in communication                     Wednesday, 18 March 2009
                       To be filled in by Chitrabani Authorities Only
                           Particulars furnished by the candidate are checked and verified

                    Director                    Course coordinator                       Faculty

                 Preliminary Selection                 : YES                    NO
                 Called for interview                  : YES                    NO
                 Final Selection                       : YES                    NO

                                                              Director             ___________

1)   First Name(IN



2)   Date of Birth
     (furnish proof)

3)   Father/Husband/Mother’s Name F                    H M

4)   Address for Communication

                                                 PIN CODE
     Telephone No/ Mobile No.

     E-mail id
5)    Educational Qualification
 Name of Board/University             Examination & Year           Division    Marks Obtained

6)    Other Qualifications (Technical/Professional)
     Institution/Organization        Certificate/Diploma/Degree & Year           Specialization

7)    Present Occupation (indicate organisation and nature of work)

8)     If you pursue any of the following areas either as a profession or as a hobby, tick the
       appropriate box.

      Still Photography (using SLR camera)                    Video Photography
      Painting / Illustration / Sculpting                     Teaching
      Writing (Fiction / Play / Poetry / Essay)               Journalism
      Playing Musical Instruments                             Composing Music
      Architecture                                            Computer Graphics
      Acting in Plays                                         Animation
      Acting in Films or Television Serials                   Anchoring for Television
      Directing Plays                                         Copywriting
      Scriptwriting                                           Editing books / Journals

9.     Reasons for applying to this filmmaking workshop?

10.    On an average, how often do you go to the movies? On what basis do you select movies you
       want to view?

11. Given a chance, what would you like to become? (Tick any one box)

      Film Director           Scriptwriter          Cinematographer           Editor
      Sound Recordist         Art Director          TV Producer               Film Teacher

12. Have you ever written (or attempted to write) a screenplay? If so, please provide some details
about that experience. In what language did you write?

13.     Name two Bengali / Hindi / English films you liked and write briefly your reactions on their
        form and content.

14.     How much television do you watch? What kind of television do you watch?

16.     What do you read on a regular basis? Fiction, non-fiction, plays, essays, newspapers, comics?

17.     Have you been involved in any kind of group activity? If yes, give details.


Date:                                           Signature___________________________

                             76 Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Road, Kolkata 700 016
                             Tel: (91-33) 22653108; Fax: (91-33) 2226 2423