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					Medical and therapy                             Park; (708) 848-4363;
                                                Hearing Health Center
An allergist is a medical doctor                Central DuPage Hospital Medical Bldg.,
specializing in the diagnosis, treatment        Naperville; (630) 369-8878
and continued support of patients with
allergies and asthma.                           Dr. Willard Hooks, Jr. PhD, CCC-A/SLP
                                                1020 E. Ogden Ave., Suite 212,
Nirmala Arora, M.D., S.C.                       Naperville; (630) 305-8288;
3825 Highland Ave., Tower 2, Downers            E-mail:
Grove, IL 60515; (630) 769-1122                 Auditory services include auditory
―Very caring and great with both kids and       processing disorder evaluation, hearing
parents, really listens.‖                       evaluation for hearing sensitivity, speech
                                                reception and discrimination, middle ear
Food Allergy Network                            function and cochlear hair cell function
(800) 929-4040;             and cochlear implants. Dr. Hooks has
The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network          experience working with children on the
(FAAN) was established in 1991. FAAN’s          autism spectrum.
membership now stands at more than
26,000 worldwide and includes families,
dietitians, nurses, physicians, school staff,   BEHAVIOR CONSULTANTS
government agencies, and the food and           Lisa Hoeme, Imagine A Child’s
pharmaceutical industries. FAAN serves          Capacity
as the communication link between the           E-mail:;
patient and others.                   
                                                This Wisconsin educational and family
Diane L. Ozog, M.D., S.C.                       consulting service can help try to make a
3825 Highland Ave., Tower 2 - Suite 204,        match of consultants in your area.
Downers Grove, IL 60515; (630) 852-8182
―Great with the kids, really listens, and       Jenny Potanos, Autism Consultant
very good at sorting out complicated            (630) 510-8021;
needs.‖                                         E-mail:
―Often overbooked, but worth the wait.‖

Severe Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis             CHIROPRACTORS
Support Group                                   These professionals, also known as
Mary, (630) 372-7520; For parents of            doctors of chiropractic or chiropractic
children with severe food allergies; meets      physicians, diagnose and treat patients
quarterly in Naperville.                        whose health problems are associated
                                                with the body’s muscular, nervous, and
AUDIOLOGISTS                                    skeletal systems, especially the spine.
                                                Chiropractors believe interference with
Audiological Services                           these systems impairs normal functions
386 Pennsylvania Ave., Glen Ellyn; (630)        and lowers resistance to disease. They
858-3277                                        also hold that spinal or vertebral
                                                dysfunction alters many important body
Central Auditory Processing                     functions by affecting the nervous system.
Evaluation and Treatment, Jeanane               Their approach is holistic and
Ferre, PhD; 1010 Lake St., Suite 111, Oak       chiropractors provide natural, drugless,
                                                nonsurgical health treatments, and rely on
the body’s inherent healing abilities. They
also recommend lifestyle changes — in         Little Friends Center for Autism
eating, exercise, and sleeping habits, for    140 N. Wright St.; Naperville, IL 60540;
example — to their patients. When             (630) 305-6039
appropriate, chiropractors consult with       ―Great for assessments.‖
and refer patients to other health            ―Very thorough testing. We were very
practitioners.                                impressed.‖

Lisa Rose, D.C.                               Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital
Gauthier Health Care, 57 Danada Square        26W171 Roosevelt Road, Wheaton, IL
East, Wheaton, IL 60187; (630) 682-8681       60187; (630) 462-4000;
―So helpful with our children! The kids
really like her and treatment is easy.‖       ―Our experience has been really good with
―Very knowledgeable and strongly              everyone at Marianjoy.‖
believes in a nutritional approach.‖
                                              Oak Brook Behavioral Health
                                              18W100 22nd St., Suite 130, Oakbrook
CLINICS/AGENCIES FOR                          Terrace, IL 60181; (630) 424-9204;
SEA200 advises members to have their          ―Very good with teens with special needs.‖
children evaluated/diagnosed by health-       ―Really understand teens and families.‖
care professionals who are professionally     (You will start with the intake coordinator.)
qualified to give diagnoses in the specific
area of concern. It is recommended by         University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) and other                  Institute for Juvenile Research
professionals to have an independent          1747 W. Roosevelt Road, Chicago IL,
cognitive and academic assessment on          60608; (312) 996-7723, (312) 996-0357
your child as a starting point when           Marrea Winnega, Ph.D. Director Autism
discussing supports and services for the      Services; Bennett Leventhal, MD; Ed
IEP and as a follow-up to determine if the    Cook, MD; Tom Owley, MD.
child is making academic progress.            Offers comprehensive, multidisciplinary
                                              evaluations by a clinical psychologist and
Adult Down Syndrome Center                    child psychiatrist, with an emphasis on
1999 Dempster Ave.; Park Ridge, IL            diagnosis and consultation. IJR also
60068; (847) 318-2303                         provides treatment and consultation in
                                              behavior management, and educational
Advocate Lutheran General Hospital            programming for children and adults with
1675 Dempster St., Park Ridge; (847)          autism and other pervasive developmental
723-KIDS; developmental pediatric             disorders.
                                              Dr. Nichole Dawson
Easter Seals DuPage and the Fox               40 S. Clay St., Suite 204W, Hinsdale;
Valley Region                                 (630) 789-0423; Experience with ASD
630 S. Addison, Villa Park, IL 60181;         children, does nonverbal testing –
(630) 620-4433;          cognitive and academic evaluations.
―They have great OTs, PTs, speech
therapists and nutritionists for evaluation   Dr. Rene Szabo
and treatment. Their assistive technology     417 W. Roosevelt Road, Suite 10,
department is excellent.‖                     Wheaton; (630) 774-0177; cognitive and
―You have never seen so many smiling          academic evaluations
faces.‖                                       (Also see section on neuropsychology)
COMPOUNDING PHARMACIES                       Dr. Jeffrey Cantor
                                             Autism Dental Treatment Group, 927 S
Many children with special needs have        Mannheim Road, Westchester; (708) 349-
allergies, problems swallowing, and strong   1818; Former director of Easter Seals
preferences or aversions to certain          Dental Services. Excellent with children
textures. This can make medications an       on the spectrum.
issue instead of a help. Compounding
pharmacies can custom-make                   David L. Carlson, DDS
medications in a range of formats to suit    610 E. Roosevelt Road, Wheaton, IL
the needs of your child. They are quite      60187; (630) 653-9002
different from a standard pharmacy that
just adds flavor to liquid medications.      Jim Clousing, DDS
                                             416 E. Roosevelt Road, Wheaton, IL
Glen Ellyn Pharmacy                          60187; (630) 668-4070
Robert Listecki, R.Ph.
486 Roosevelt Road, Glen Ellyn, IL           Dr. Tom Donahue
60137; (630) 469-5200                        Just for Kids; 1220 Hobson Road, Suite
―A life saver – Bob is wonderful.‖           224, Naperville; (630) 961-0996
Martin Avenue Pharmacy                       Frank A. Kaman, DDS
Thomas Marks, R.Ph.                          467 Roosevelt Road, Glen Ellyn, IL
1247 Rickert Drive, Naperville; (630) 355-   60137; (630) 469-5364
6400;                   ―A very gentle man. His son is also a
―Tom is great and really knows his stuff.‖   dentist and part of the team. Both are
―Helped me find a cost-effective             good with kids.‖
supplement program for my child.‖
                                             Kelly Orthodontics
HRI (Health Research Institute)              Dr. William Kelly
Pharmacy                                     11 S. Sixth St., St. Charles; (630) 584-
4575 Weaver Parkway, Warrenville, IL         9666
60555; (630) 505-2842, (800) 505-2842                               Lance Lambert, DDS
                                             Pediatric Dentist
DENTISTS                                     420 Pennsylvania Ave., Suite 103
                                             Glen Ellyn, IL 60137; (630) 858-8755
These dentists have been recommended         ―Very kind and understanding with my
by families as being attuned to the issues   child.‖
of special-needs children.
                                             Norman Mills, DDS
Richard Belniak, DDS                         949 S. Main St., Lombard, IL 60148;
10 Danada Square West, Wheaton, IL           (630) 629-5437
60187; (630) 665-7474
                                             Patrick Pecora, DDS
Kevin Bohm, DDS                              586 Duane St. #301, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137
Wheaton Family Dentistry, 65 Danada          (630) 469-0296
Square East, Wheaton, IL 60817;              ―Works very well with kids with special
(630) 681-1280                               needs.‖
Diana Braka, DDS                             Dr. Michael G. Peske
610 E. Roosevelt Road, Wheaton, IL           Pediatric dentist; Naperville;
60187; (630) 653-9002                        (630) 983-9800
Dr. John Nathan                               Cornerstone Medical
Oakbrook, (630) 574-7336; Geneva (630)        2001 Weisbrook Road, Wheaton, IL
208-1111; Dental surgeon with a large         60187; (630) 614-4000
special-needs practice.             
                                              ―All the family practice doctors are great.‖
Dr. Robert Rada
1415 West 47th St., LaGrange, IL 60525;
                                              Medical doctor specializing in the
                                              treatment of children and adolescents with
                                              blood disorders and cancer.
The professional name for this type of        Ammar Hayani, M.D.
specialist is otolaryngologist. They are      Pediatric Sub-specialty Clinic, Central
physicians trained in the medical and         DuPage Hospital, 25 North Winfield Road
surgical management and treatment of          Winfield, IL; (630) 933-6631
patients with diseases and disorders of
the ear, nose, throat, and related
structures of the head and neck. They are     NEUROLOGISTS
commonly referred to as ENTs. An ENT’s        A neurologist is a board-certified medical
special skills include diagnosing and         doctor or osteopath who has trained in the
managing diseases of the sinuses, larynx      diagnosis and treatment of nervous
(voice box), oral cavity, and upper           system disorders, including diseases of
pharynx (mouth and throat), as well as        the brain, spinal cord, nerves, and
structures of the neck and face.              muscles. Neurologists perform
                                              neurological examinations of the nerves of
Michael Dunham, M.D.                          the head and neck; muscle strength and
Children’s Memorial Hospital, 2300            movement; balance, ambulation, and
Children’s Place, Chicago, IL 60614           reflexes; and sensation, memory, speech,
Also sees patients at the Westchester,        language, and other cognitive abilities.
(708) 836-4800, and Glenview, (847) 486-
6550, offices.                                Elizabeth Barry-Kravis, M.D.
―Very dry, but really knowledgeable.‖         Rush-St. Luke’s, 1725 W. Harrison St.,
―Good at sorting out complications.‖          Chicago, IL 60612; (312) 942-4036
                                              ―Fragile X Syndrome specialist.‖
Dennis Moore, M.D.
1875 W. Dempster St., Suite 625, Park         Peter Heydemann, M.D.
Ridge, IL 60068; (847) 518-1200               Rush-St. Luke’s, 1725 W. Harrison, Suite
                                              718, Chicago, IL 60612; Phone: (312)
                                              942-4047; Fax: (312) 942-4168
GENERAL PRACTITIONER                          ―Very pleased.‖
A general practitioner is an M.D. providing   Muhammad Najjar, M.D.
primary health care for children, teens and   Edward Sleep Center, 801 S. Washington
adults in a generalized, (non-specialized)    Naperville, IL 60540; (630) 305-5100
medical practice. Most general                ―We love Dr. Najjar! He’s great and very
practitioners have a good resource pool of    good with our kids.‖
specialists they can refer patients to when
Rita Yadava, M.D., S.C.
1200 S. York Road, Suite 4150, Elmhurst,
IL 60126; (630) 530-5577                         Neurosurgeons are specialized medical
―Really listens to concerns and talks to my      doctors who perform surgery on the brain
child about his needs and feelings.‖             and other nerve tissues. This area has
                                                 many sub-specialties within it.
NEUROPSYCHOLOGISTS                               John Ruge, M.D., F.A.C.S.
A pediatric neuropsychologist is a               Medical Director, Midwest Children’s Brain
licensed clinical psychologist with              Tumor Center; Chief, Pediatric
expertise in how learning and behavior           Neurosurgery – Lutheran General
are associated with the development of           Hospital; 1875 Dempster St., Park Ridge,
brain structures and systems. Children           IL 60068; (847) 698-1088
are often referred by their primary doctor       ―Can’t possibly say enough good things
because of developmental problems;               about him.‖
difficulties in learning, attention, behavior,
socialization or emotional control; disease
or brain injury from an accident or birth
injury. Pediatric neuropsychologists are         Nutritionists plan food and nutrition
skilled at diagnosing learning and               programs, and supervise the preparation
behavior disorders caused by altered             and serving of meals. They help prevent
brain function or development.                   and treat illnesses by promoting healthy
                                                 eating habits and suggesting diet
Michael Appleby, Ph. D.                          modifications based on individual need.
18W100 22nd St., Suite 130, Oakbrook
Terrace, IL 60181; (630) 424-9204;               ANDI-Autism Network for Dietary                                     Intervention
―Very good with teens with special needs.‖       P.O. Box 335, Pennington, NJ 08534-
―Really understand teens and families.‖          0335;
(You will start with the intake coordinator.)    Web site and newsletter dedicated to
                                                 providing support and information on the
Scott Johnson, Ph.D.                             gluten-free/casein-free diet.
Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital,
Department of Psychological Medicine,            Health Research Institute –
26W171 Roosevelt Road, Wheaton, IL               Pfeiffer Treatment Center
60187; (630) 462-4125                            4575 Weaver Parkway, Warrenville, IL
―He is great! He spends time explaining          60555; (630) 505-0300;
things and he is wonderful with children.‖       ―Opened our eyes to functional nutrition.‖
                                                 ―Really nice, and a great help through the
Roger Stefani, Ph.D.                             nutrition maze.‖
700 Ravinia Avenue, Orland Park, IL
60462; Phone: (708) 349-4420; Fax: (708)         Kirkman Laboratories
349-4421; Assistant Robin Speizman               P.O. Box 1009, Wilsonville, OR 97070;
handles appointments.                  
―Awesome.‖                                       This company is dedicated to producing
―He is wonderful with both kids and takes        vitamins and supplements especially for
the time to really explain things – really       autism. Good explanation of each vitamin
know his stuff.‖                                 and its use.
Anju Usman, M.D.
                                              OPTOMETRISTS, DEVELOPMENTAL
True Health Medical Center, 603 E. Diehl
Road, Suite 135, Naperville, IL 60563         These are doctors of optometry who
(630) 505-4040                                specialize in muscular problems with
―Functional nutrition practice. …Lots of      eyes, tracking issues and neurocognitive
information, but a bit overwhelming.‖         problems along the developmental
―Not covered by most insurance plans.‖        timeline. Most of their patient population
                                              comes from referrals from medical doctors
                                              and ophthalmologists.
Ophthalmologists are medical doctors          Sharon Luckhardt and David Maze
trained to do surgery. Optometrists are       136 N Cass Ave., Westmont, IL 60559;
schooled in the developmental                 Phone: (630) 969-280; Fax: (630) 969-
(behavioral, functional or environmental)     2894;
aspects of vision. Optometrists are more
apt to use lenses, prisms and vision          Neil Margolis, O.D.
therapy to enhance and improve visual         1120 N. Arlington Heights Road, Suite
function. These interventions often           200, Arlington Heights, IL 60004; (847)
improve children’s academic and other         255-1040
                                              OPTOMETRISTS, FUNCTIONAL
Kathy Anderson, M.D.
1327 Butterfield Road, Suite 618,             Functional optometry recognizes the
Downers Grove, IL 60515; (800)                following: visual differences can and often
CHECKUP; (800) 243-2587                       do interfere with learning; learning-related
Trained at Northwestern and Children’s        visual problems need the expertise of a
Memorial.                                     functional optometrist who does a
                                              thorough diagnostic and management
Dr. James McDonnell                           service; the goal of the functional
Loyola University, (888) LUH-S888             optometrist is to improve visual function
                                              and relieve interfering symptoms; prompt
David Mittleman, M.D.                         diagnosis and proper therapy enhance the
1875 W. Dempster St., Suite 610, Park         ability of all to learn to their full potential;
Ridge, IL 60068; (847) 292-2020               and those with learning differences
                                              require help from many disciplines, and
Wheaton Eye Clinic                            functional optometry contributes one part
2015 N. Main St., Wheaton, (630) 668-         of the multidisciplinary team required for
8250; 604 Raymond Drive, Naperville,          lifelong learning.
(630) 717-5858; 908 N. Elm St., Hinsdale,
(630) 321-9429;            Vita Racanelli, O.D., F.C.O.V.D.
Dr. Michael Kipp, pediatric ophthalmology,    3920 N. Wilmot Road, McHenry, IL 60050
sees patients at all three locations. They    (815) 385-0002
can use a pediatric dilation spray (applied   ―Far away, but awesome for kids with
while your child’s eyes are closed and        special needs.‖
sprayed onto the eyelashes) vs. eye drops
and can provide private waiting area if       ORTHOPEDIC SURGEONS
                                              Orthopedic surgeons specialize in the
                                              medical and surgical treatment of
                                              disorders and injuries to the bones,
muscles and joints. Within orthopedics,
there are also subspecialties.                  Dan Campbell, M.D.
                                                Hinsdale Pediatrics, Hinsdale; (630) 323-
Dr. John Grayhack                               0890
Children’s Memorial Hospital with office in
Westchester; (773) 327-1270                     Children’s Health Partners
                                                Naperville; (630) 848-1700
Samar S. Jaglan, M.D.
Orthopedic Surgery Specialists, 8901 Golf       Joseph Christiansen, M.D.
Road, Suite 300, Des Plaines, IL 60016,         Wheaton Pediatrics, 55 East Loop Road,
(847) 824-4198                                  Wheaton, IL 60187; (630) 690-7300
                                                ―Several doctors good with special-needs
                                                ―Great team of doctors.‖
Orthotists and prosthetists are degreed
health-care professionals who evaluate          Garry Gardner, M.D.
and fit people requiring artificial limbs and   DuPage Pediatrics, 1306 Plainfield Road,
various types of braces.                        Darien, IL 60561; (630) 810-0900
                                                ―Medical Home program doctor who really
Thomas Lottermoser, CPO                         gets our needs.‖
Ballert Orthopedic, 1250 N. Mill St., Suite
106, Naperville, IL 60563                       Michael Hoffman, M.D.
(630) 637-9540                                  1200 S. York Road, Suite 2000, Elmhurst,
                                                IL 60126; (630) 941-4710
                                                ―Has a passion for kids with special
Pediatricians focus on the physical, social
and emotional health of infants, children,      Home First Health Services
teens, and young adults from birth to age       1100 N. Sherman Ave., Suite 107,
21. These medical doctors are                   Naperville; (630) 579-9620;
developmentally oriented and trained in; They emphasize a
skilled assessment. They focus on               nonpharmaceutical, minimally invasive
prevention, diagnosis and management of         approach to health care. Support families
the physical, developmental, behavioral         that choose not to vaccinate. Wikipedia
and social problems that affect children.       link

ABC Pediatrics                                  Peter Liber, M.D.
1020 E. Ogden Ave., Suite 316,                  Wheaton Pediatrics, 55 E. Loop Road,
Naperville, IL 60563; (630) 355-0003            Suite 300, Wheaton, IL 60187; (630) 690-
―Excellent at referrals to specialists.‖        7300; specializes in ADHD and asthma
―We’ve been with this practice for five
years and we love them. They refer you          David Matusiak, M.D.
out to specialists right away.‖                 501 Thornhill, Carol Stream, IL 60190;
                                                (630) 668-0078
Roy Betti, M.D.
381 Schmale Road, Carol Stream, IL              Mary Mikhailov, M.D.
60188; (630) 653-5115                           All ’Bout Children Pediatrics, 2900
                                                Foxfield Drive, St. Charles, IL 60174;
Ronald Bohnenkamp, M.D.                         (630) 377-0363
501 Thornhill, Carol Stream, IL 60188;          ―Whole practice group is great!‖
(630) 668-0078
Elizabeth Pector, M.D.                        Nancy Keck, M.D.
Spectrum Family Medicine, 1888 Bay            2401 Ravine Way, Suite 101, Glenview, IL
Scott Circle, Naperville, IL 60540; (630)     60025; (847) 724-1995
305-3025; Dr. Pector has a child with
special needs, and her nurse practitioner     Michael Msall, M.D.
has a child on the autism spectrum.           5841 Maryland Ave., Chicago, IL 60637
                                              (773) 702-3095;
Timothy Wall, M.D.
Linda Hamilton, M.D.
                                              PHYSICAL AND OCCUPATIONAL
Pediatric Health Associates, Medical
Home program doctor, 636 Raymond
Drive, Suite 205, Naperville, IL 60563,       Occupational therapists provide services
(630) 717-2300; and 550 E. Washington         designed to restore self-care, work, and
St., Suite D, West Chicago, IL 60185,         leisure skills to patients who have specific
(630) 876-4460                                performance incapacities or deficits that
―Wonderful. Really takes care of us.‖         reduce their abilities to cope with the tasks
                                              of everyday living.
PEDIATRICIANS, DEVELOPMENTAL                  Physical therapists promote optimal health
Developmental pediatricians specialize in     and functional independence through the
offering comprehensive developmental          application of scientific principles to
assessments to children who are at high       prevent, identify, assess, correct, or
risk for developmental problems. General      alleviate acute or chronic movement
pediatricians will often refer a child to a   dysfunction, physical disability or pain.
developmental pediatrician if they suspect
developmental delays. After diagnosis, the    Center for Independence
developmental pediatrician can design an      100 Plainfield Road, Countryside, IL
early intervention program to help meet       60525; (708) 588-0833
the child’s specific needs.                   ―For children with cerebral palsy or
                                              traumatic brain injury.‖
                                              ―They have both OT/PT and functional life
Thomas Blondis, M.D.
                                              skills taught by a loving staff of therapists.‖
University of Chicago Hospitals, (773)
702-3095; Developmental pediatrician
                                              Center for Speech and Language
with the University of Chicago hospitals,
developmental pediatric services with
                                              195 W. Spangler, Suite B, Elmhurst, IL
offices in Palos Heights and Hyde Park;
                                              60126; and 552 S. Washington St., Suite
                                              109, Naperville, IL 60540; (630) 530-8551
                                              ―Really good work, very helpful.‖
Dana M. Brazdziunas, M.D.
                                              This not-for-profit center offers a very
Director, Special Needs Program, Loyola
                                              family centered approach and includes E-
University Hospital, 2160 S. First Ave.,
                                              Newsletter, parent support group,
Maywood, IL 60153; (708) 327-9075.
                                              workshops/conferences, Web site with
Now only accepting children from birth to
                                              links. They also have a sliding fee scale
age 3.
                                              based on 1) yearly income, 2) lack of
―A huge help in getting things sorted out
                                              medical insurance, 3) extenuating
for our son.‖
                                              circumstances such as large medical bills,
                                              a sudden loss of income, etc.
Community Therapy Services                      26W171 Roosevelt Road, Wheaton, IL
2700 Kessinger Road, Suite B, Geneva,           60187; (630) 462-4000;
IL; (630) 208-8880; Provides          
developmental, music, occupational,             ―Our experience has been really good with
physical, speech and language therapy as        everyone at Marianjoy.‖
well as family support services, early
intervention, social skills and Fast            Milestones for Kids Success
ForWord                                         2901 Finley Road, Suite 101, Downers
                                                Grove; (630) 792-1800;
Communication Clubhouse               
2901 Finley Road, Suite 102, Downers            Milestones offers developmental, feeding,
Grove; (630) 495-6800; Provides OT and          listening, occupational, physical and
Sensory Integration, SLP, oral motor,           speech/language therapies. They also
martial arts, art therapy counseling            work on skills building and socialization
services and parent training. Their             and have summer social skills programs.
Parents Empowering Parents (PEP) Club
offers support for parents of children with     Pediatric Rehabilitation Services
a variety of disabilities. Areas of specialty   5201 Walnut Avenue, Downers Grove, IL
include apraxia, language related issues        60515; (630) 964-4707; Specializes in
including ASD, hearing impairment and           sensory integration
feeding difficulties. Programs range from
the Connections program for 2- to 3-year-       Pediatric Place
olds to the social language group               1804 Centre Point Drive, Naperville; (630)
Pragmatics in Action for 6- to 12-year-olds     955-1940
with Asperger’s and related issues.
                                                Rainbow Center
Easter Seals DuPage and Fox Valley              1245 Corporate Blvd., Aurora, IL 60505;
Region                                          (Near I-88 and Chicago Premium Outlet
630 S. Addison, Villa Park, IL 60181;           Mall); (630) 898-2200
(630) 620-4433, and 1323 Bond St.,    
Naperville, IL 60540, (630) 357-9699;                            Sensory Learning
Services include assisted technology,           900 Jorie Blvd., Oak Brook; (630) 572-
audiology, child development center,            1234
continuing education, medical nutrition
therapy, occupational therapy, outreach         Little Friends
programs, physical therapy, Playtime            140 N Wright St., Naperville; (630) 355-
Talk, PALSS Club, social services,              6533; Serving people through numerous
speech therapy, specialized clinics,            services including play therapy, social
Suitability, therapeutic listening and group    clubs, motor skills and music therapy.
therapy. Also have a variety of summer          Adapted piano lessons are scheduled by
programs, social skills groups and parent       appointment.
support groups.
―They have great OTs, PTs, speech
therapists and nutritionists for evaluation
and treatment. Their assistive technology       Psychiatrists are Doctors of Medicine or
department is excellent.‖                       Doctors of Osteopathy who specialize in
―You have never seen so many smiling            the diagnosis and treatment of disorders
faces.‖                                         of thinking, feeling or behavior. They work
                                                primarily through prescribing medications
Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital               that seek to restore brain chemical
balance and minimize symptoms of
illnesses that intrude on a person’s daily
activities. Most brain disorders require       Psychologists have a doctoral degree in
treatment by a psychiatrist (medication)       psychology from an accredited university
and a psychologist (talk therapy) to assist    or professional school. They work with
children and families in achieving a higher    individuals through various forms of
quality of life. A child and adolescent        therapy to help people form effective
psychiatrist offers families the advantages    coping skills and attain emotional health.
of a medical education, the medical
traditions of professional ethics, and         Chad Alcorn, Psy.D.
medical responsibility for providing           336 Pennsylvania Ave., Glen Ellyn, IL
comprehensive care. There is currently a       60137; (630) 858-8056, ext. 12;
shortage of pediatric psychiatrists in the
U.S.                                           ―Specializes in boys with ADHD,
                                               Asperger’s –solid teen focus.‖
Tom DiMatteo, M.D.
7 Blanchard Circle, Suite 201, Wheaton,        Dr. Susan Andrews
IL 60187; (630) 653-2300. Specializes in       43 E Jefferson, Naperville; (630) 355-
children and adolescents; also sees            7008; Family, adolescent, adult therapy
                                               Dr. Jane Conran
Anna Ivanenko, M.D.                            (773) 859-1718; Therapy and behavior
Suburban Lung Associates, 25 N. Winfield       management
Road, Winfield, IL 60190; (630) 690-2293
―She is wonderful – and will help with the     Dr. Dorothy DeVoy
school issues too.‖                            535 S Washington St., Naperville; (630)
―Also a psychiatrist, like getting two         355-3041; Clinical psychologist who works
doctors in one.‖                               with special-needs children and their
Oak Brook Behavioral Health
18W100 22nd St., Suite 130, Oakbrook           Ellen M. Keating, O.P., Psy.D.
Terrace, IL 60181; (630) 424-9204              336 Pennsylvania Ave., Glen Ellyn, IL
―Very good with teens with special needs.‖     60137; (630) 858-8056, ext. 15;
―Really understand teens and families.‖
―Intake coordinator matches families up        ―Has been a great help in working with the
with the doctor they think is the best fit.‖   school.‖
                                               ―Really gets the social and emotional
Ken Phillips, M.D.                             issues.‖
7 Blanchard Circle, Suite 201, Wheaton,
IL 60187; (630) 653-2300; Specializes in       James Natter, Psy.D.
adolescents and adults                         507A Thornhill Drive, Carol Stream, IL
                                               60188; (630) 752-9750, ext. 13;
Christopher Sinnappan, M.D           
852 S. West St., Naperville, IL 60540;         ―Wonderful with teenage boys, very caring
Specializes in children and adolescents.       and uses a wide range of techniques.‖
―He’s been a great help with all our           Oak Brook Behavioral Health
children – regardless of their disability.     18W100 22nd St., Suite 130, Oakbrook
Very helpful!‖                                 Terrace, IL 60181; (630) 424-9204
                                               ―Very good with teens with special needs.‖
                                               ―Really understand teens and families.‖
―Intake coordinator matches families up        MD 20892; Phone: (301) 435-0199; Fax:
with the doctor they think is the best fit.‖   (301) 480-3451;

Rena Szabo, Psy.D.                             The National Sleep Foundation
30 S. Shumway Ave, Suite 1 South,              1367 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 200,
Batavia, IL 60510; or 417 W. Roosevelt         Washington, DC 20036; (202) 785-2300
Road Suite 10, Wheaton, IL 60187; (630)
774-0177 (both offices)
―Really understands our kids and family.‖      Stephen H. Sheldon, D.O.
                                               Director, Sleep Medicine Center,
Dr. Tim Wahlberg                               Children’s Memorial Hospital, 2300
Tri-Cities Psychological Services, 65 N.       Children’s Plaza, Chicago, IL 60614-
River Lane, Suite 204, Geneva; (630)           3394; (773) 880-8230
845-9644; Specializes in treating teens        Assistant: Susanna (handles
with autism and Asperger’s.                    appointments)                      

A Medical Doctor or Osteopath who              NCO Youth and Family Services
provides comprehensive clinical                1305 West Oswego Road, Naperville, IL
evaluation, diagnosis, and management of       60540; (630) 961-2992
children with all forms of sleep disorders.
                                               Warrenville Youth & Family Services
American Academy of Sleep Medicine             3S240 Warren Ave., Warrenville, IL
One Westbrook Corporate Center, Suite          60555; (630) 393-7027
920, Westchester, IL 60154; Phone: (708)
492-0930; Fax: (708) 492-0943;; Sleep quiz, fact sheet,
                                               SPEECH PATHOLOGISTS
find a sleep center, patient information
and sleep related sites                        Speech pathologists are trained to assess
                                               and treat people who have communication
Center for Sleep Health                        disabilities. Speech pathologists complete
Central DuPage Hospital, 25 N. Winfield        a degree that covers all aspects of
Road, Winfield, IL 60190; (630) 933-2975       communication including speech, writing,                                    reading, signs, symbols and gestures.
―A really nice center – the staff is great     They also work with people who have
with kids.‖                                    difficulty swallowing.

Anna Ivanenko, M.D.                            Action for Kids
Suburban Lung Associates, 25 N. Winfield       2156 Deep Water Lane, Naperville; (630)
Road, Winfield, IL 60190; (630) 690-2293       904-5660;;
―She is wonderful – and will help with the     Specialists in pediatric therapy
school issues too.‖
―Also a psychiatrist, like getting two         Rikki Amesquita
doctors in one.‖                               (630) 355-3793; Licensed
                                               speech/language pathologist with more
National Center on Sleep Disorders             than 20 years’ experience with children
Research                                       who exhibit a wide range of needs
National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute,     including those associated with language
NIH, 6701 Rockledge Drive, Bethesda,           disorders, ASD, phonological disorder,
apraxia, etc. She provides summer             Karen Hurst
speech services.                              Naperville; (630) 978-4029

Linda Carlson                                 Institute for Communicative Disorders
Pediatric Speech and Language Therapy         9S265 Route 59, Naperville; (630) 922-
Services, Ltd., 3060 Ogden Ave., Lisle, IL    6690;
60532; (630) 983-6104                         Language, articulation and phonological
Center for Speech and Language
Disorders                                     Judy Jelm and Rebecca Heusner
195 W. Spangler, Suite B, Elmhurst, IL        Pediatric Speech and Language Therapy
60126; and 552 S. Washington St., Suite       Services, 200 E. Fifth Ave., Suite 110,
109, Naperville, IL 60540; (630) 530-8551     Naperville, IL 60563; (630) 983-6104                                  ―Great with apraxia!!‖
―Really good work, very helpful.‖
This not-for-profit center offers a very      Pediatric Place
family centered approach and includes E-      1795 S. Washington, Naperville;
Newsletter, parent support group,             (630) 369-6868
workshops/conferences, Web site with
links. They also have a sliding fee scale     Pediatric Place
based on 1) yearly income, 2) lack of         1804 Centre Point Drive, Naperville;
medical insurance, 3) extenuating             (630) 955-1940
circumstances such as large medical bills,
a sudden loss of income, etc.                 Pediatric Speech and Language
                                              Therapy Services
Communication Clubhouse                       200 E. Fifth Ave., Naperville,
2901 Finley Road, Downers Grove;              (630) 455-4400
(630) 495-6800
                                              Pediatric Speech and Language
Community Therapy Services                    Therapy Services
2700 Kessinger Road, Suite B, Geneva,         3060 Ogden Ave., Lisle; (630) 983-6104
IL; (630) 208-8880
                                              Christina Rochon, MA CCC-SLP/L
Edward Hospital Speech Clinic                 E-mail:
701 S Washington, Naperville;                 Does in-home visits in the Naperville area.
(630) 527-3379                                Has five years’ experience working with
                                              children ages 5 to 21. She has worked
Elmhurst College Speech Clinic                with students who have apraxia and oral-
190 Prospect Ave., Elmhurst;                  motor needs. She is trained using the
(630) 617-3555                                Kauffman cards and has experience with
                                              several augmentative communication
Carol Ann C. Hammar                           devices (Techspeak, Dynavox, MT4,
Communication First, 1612 Trent Ave.,         Step-by-Step and Communication
Naperville, IL 60563, (630) 983-4177          Builder).

Lisa Harris                                   Brenda Skarin
Pediatric Place, 3815 E. Main St., Suite B,   Benton House Speech Services, 4 N.
St. Charles, IL 60174; (630) 584-7530,        Washington St., Naperville; (630) 357-
(630) 584-7762                                8474
Speech Language Hearing Clinic
29 S. Webster, Naperville; (630) 369-0575

Suburban Pediatric Therapies
Naperville, IL (630) 236-7000; Near Fox
Valley Mall; Currently running Saturday
social skills groups/parent day outs for
kids on the spectrum.

Therapy Associates
Char Laursen, Laura Johnson and Marie
Ruzicka; 932 N. Wright # 128, Naperville;
(630) 305-0593; Pediatric speech therapy
services specializing in oral motor/feeding,
swallowing dysfunction and speech-
language disorders.

Therapy Care, Ltd
1049 E Wilson St., Batavia, IL 60510
For more info please contact Kim Pritikin
at (630)761-0900 x 223. ―The People we
help are the reason for our being.‖ Proudly
serving the Chicagoland area for over 20

Pediatric urology encompasses the care
of children who have problems related to
the urinary tract and genital organs.

David Hatch, M.D.
Loyola University Medical Center; Ronald
Mc Donald Children’s Hospital;; and 1S260 Summit Ave.,
Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181; (630) 953-
―One of the top doctors in his field – great
with kids.‖