2009 Summer Internship Application by jessiespano


									                               Summer 2009 Internship Application


Address (home):

City, State, Zip Code:

Puppy Club (If Applicable)

Home Telephone:

Cell Phone:


School attending/Grade in Fall 2009

Major (If Applicable)

How did you find out about the Internships?

Have you ever applied for a Guide Dogs Summer Internship position before?

If so, when? (What year[s] )

What Guide Dogs internship position(s) have you held?

Position for which you are applying (please number in order of preference, with number 1 being your first choice)

    OR Training Department                      CA Vet Clinic

    CA Training Department                       CA Kennel Department

    CA Outreach Department                      CA Canine Community Programs Shared Department
Applying for the    San Rafael Campus         Oregon Campus (Please note the 4 positions available in the Training
Department at the Oregon Campus are the only opportunities available on the Oregon campus).

Are you or have you been a Guide Dog puppy raiser?       Yes                No

Are you currently raising a puppy?     Yes      No

If yes, what is your puppy’s expected recall date? _______________ To California or Oregon Campus? (circle one)

Do you have any special needs or considerations we should be aware of?       Yes     No If yes, please explain:

Why do you want to participate in the Summer Internship Program at Guide Dogs for the Blind?

What do you hope to take away from your internship?

What dates are you available? Please take note of any positions that require specific availability. Please note that you are
expected to be available for the entire duration of any internship. Internships will run from Monday, June 15 through
Friday, August 28:

PLEASE NOTE OUR HOUSING POLICY: We cannot arrange housing. It is the responsibility of the applicant to
arrange for housing prior to completing this application.
           Applications are not considered complete without adequate housing arrangements confirmed.

Do you have housing arranged and confirmed, should you be offered an internship position?         Yes     No

Is this housing your permanent residence?      Yes     No

If No, what is your relationship to the person(s) providing housing? _________________________________

Please provide the name, address, and phone number of the person(s) with whom you have arranged housing.
Guide Dogs will be contacting the person(s) indicated to confirm arrangements.

Name: ___________________________________________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________________________________

Phone: ___________________________________________________________________________________
Skills Assessment
Please rate yourself on a scale of 1-10, 10 being strongest, and then provide details.
List any computer skills, including names of applications that you’re familiar with: Rating -

Telephone skills: Rating -

Public speaking experience: Rating -

Writing experience: Rating -

Dog handling experience: Rating -

List family pets/animal experience/obedience classes: Rating -

Any other skills you’d like to expand on:
Name, address, and phone number of references:

Recommendation forms must be MAILED (fax is not acceptable for references) from the reference
themselves. Internship Applicants are not to send references as part of their application. Reference
forms returned any other way than mailed from the author will not be considered. Recommendation
forms must be retuned by the due date of April 3, 2009 to be considered.
                                   Late forms will not be considered.

   1) Name ______________________________________________________________________

       Address ____________________________________________________________________

       Phone Number ______________________________________________________________

       Email ______________________________________________________________________

       Relationship _________________________________________________________________

       Time known _________________________________________________________________

   2) Name ______________________________________________________________________

       Address ____________________________________________________________________

       Phone Number ______________________________________________________________

       Email ______________________________________________________________________

       Relationship _________________________________________________________________

       Time known _________________________________________________________________

                         Please send completed application to:
                               Guide Dogs for the Blind
                            Attn: Jennifer Bernstein-Lewis
                      Campus Volunteer & Guest Relations Manager
                                    PO Box 151200
                              San Rafael, CA 94914-1200

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