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									                    “BRITISH INVASION” AT PAX HILL - SUMMER 2007

                                   Guides from the UK spent two
Commonwealth Youth Workers         weeks in Barbados and Pax Hill    British Cultural and Arts Group
from Isle of Man twinned with      was home to them. Here they       “Accapella”     visited    during
units at Pax Hill and Campers of   can be seen lounging at Pax       summer 2007 and as part of their
Camp Survival 101 to repair        Hill in the company of            community service, they did
broken wall and repaint ribbon     members of 5th Barbados           some landscaping to the grounds.
symbols on the guard walls at      Rangers.                          They also worked with Camp
Pax Hill.                                                            Survival 101.
                                                                     Members pose with Chief
                                                                     Commissioner      (center)    and
                                                                     members of the local units, along
                                                                     with the Team Leader from the
                                                                     Isle of Man contingent.

Friday       14      Camp “Survival 101” Ends
             31      Annual Reports Due – Committee Chairmen,                    12:30 p.m.
                     HQ Commissioners and Advisers


      Adult Leaders are encouraged to attend training in order to share ideas and
       experiences, strengthen network and have fun while obtaining new information.

      IT IS MANDATORY that each Warranted Guider attends at least three training
       sessions each year in order to maintain her Warrant.       A “Training Week” is held
       each year to facilitate this. In addition, Warranted Guiders are welcome to attend any
       session of the Basic or Intermediate courses or a Specialised Training

      Blossom Guiders –
       Please note that requirements for being warranted include successful completion of
       the Blossom Guiders’ training programme and the Basic Training course.
                              Celebrating 90 years of Guiding in Barbados
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Do you have a question about an aspect of the Caribbean Guide Programme? Try contacting one
of the following:-
Blossom Adviser                                          Miss Jenifer King
Brownie Adviser                                          Mrs. Pamela Goring
Guide Adviser                                            Ms. Angela Boyce
Ranger Adviser                                           Mrs. Lilian Moseley-Lubin
Adviser on Community Service & Environmental             Mrs. Danielle Skeete
Camp Adviser                                             Ms. Gale Yearwood
International Commissioner                               Mrs. Sonja Goodridge
Adviser on Communications and Information Systems        Mrs. Neilsa Armstrong-Gibbons
Adviser for Parades                                      Mrs. Idaelia Maynard
Commissioner for Ceremonial Matters                      Mrs. Esmé Bascombe

Need Assistance with Training? Clarification on a Warrant / Registration matter? Help in letting
your Unit’s voice be heard? Guidance on Fund-raising Policies?
Commissioner for Training                                Ms. Lilias Vaughn
Assistant Chief Commissioner – Warrants & Registration   Mrs. Marva Lahai
Commissioner for Junior Council                          Mrs. Nadia Skeete

Interesting Guiding Websites
       World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts

       International Projects

Contact Details
   HQ Office Hours: Weekdays between 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.            Tel: 426-2202 Fax: 426-4432
   Adult members are eligible to join the GGAB’s eGroup – please apply by giving your name and
    email address to the Administrative Assistant at “Pax Hill” or by emailing

   Guiding Star is the Association’s Newsletter. Articles and pictures may be emailed to

   Guide Shop Opening Hours:          Tuesdays (During Term-time)              3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
                                       Saturdays (During Term-time)             9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

   GGA Personnel Data Forms – Adult Members are requested to ensure that an up-to-date copy is at
    HQ so that the Association’s records can be kept current and accurate, thus facilitating better
    communications and the involvement of more members!
                               Celebrating 90 years of Guiding in Barbados
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