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Application for Admission to an Undergraduate Coursework Program for 2009
(Diploma, Bachelor, Honours)
Applicants – Please Note:
1.    This form is an application for Admission ONLY; Applicants must complete ALL sections.
2.    Applicants will receive a letter detailing the outcome of this application.
3.    Certified copies* of supporting documentation MUST be attached with this application. Failure to provide supporting documentation may delay or prevent your application
      being considered. Do not send original documents as they cannot be returned to you. Examples of appropriate documentation include certified Academic Records for
      previous studies, Birth Certificates, etc.
4.    If you have previously undertaken a course or units (subjects) at La Trobe University, you are not required to attach an academic transcript from La Trobe University with this
      application. Only submit relevant academic transcripts from other institutions, where applicable.
5.    Applications for Admission must be sent to the relevant campus in which you wish to study.
6.    Applicants wishing to submit more than one application must complete a seperate application for each course.
7.                                                                                      ,
      Applicants are strongly advised to check their eligibility to access HECS-HELP if appropriate, at the “Going to Uni” website
      at prior to submitting their application.
A certified copy is a photocopy that has been certified to be a true copy of the original by an appropriate person such as a Justice of the Peace, Public Notary, member of the
Police Force, Dentist, Pharmacist, Minister of Religion, Medical Practitioner, Solicitor, School Principal or Bank Manager.
Return the completed application form to the relevant campus. You can find closing dates for individual courses on La Trobe’s Course finder database: or by contacting the relevant Faculty, School or Division.

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     OFFICE USE ONLY                                                                         ADMINISTRATIVE USE ONLY

Application Admission Basis (ie V12, E33):                                                    Student ID Number:                                  /                /

Course Code:                                                                                  Application Entered:                                /                /

Selection Outcome — Qualifications                                                            Acknowledgement letter sent:                        /                /
o Qualified for Admission                    o NOT Qualified for Admission                    Selection outcome entered:                          /                /

Selection Outcome — Offer Status                                                              Application notified of outcome:                    /                /
o Offer        o Semester 1          o Semester 2                                             Other correspondence:                               /                /
o Full-time o Part-time                                                                       Conditional Offer or Special Conditions on Enrolment:
o Conditional Offer (Please include condition)
o Rejected application               o Pending application
Selection Outcome — Fee Status
o Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP)
Application Authorisation
All applications MUST be signed and dated. Applications WILL NOT be
accepted without this information.




SIS ID Number:                               Extention:

Date:         /       /

Have you previously been enrolled at La Trobe University?                         o Yes         o No
Are you currently enrolled in another La Trobe University course?                 o Yes         o No
If yes, under what name was this enrolment?                                                                      Student ID Number :

If your name has changed since prior study, please provide your previous name and attach certified copies of documentation regarding the change.
Family Name:                                                                       Title: (Mr, Ms, Miss, Mrs, Dr)              Date of Birth:         /        /

Given Names:                                                                                                                   Gender:     o Male o Female
Address for Correspondence
Number and Street:

Suburb:                                                                           State:                                       Postcode:

Telephone (Business/Mobile):                                                      Telephone (Home):

Email:                                                                            Facsimile:

Commonwealth Higher Education Student Support Number (CHESSN):                                                                   (if known)

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Please refer to the University website; for correct course titles.

Name of course to which you are applying:                                                                           Course Code:

Faculty:                                                                                                            Campus:

Proposed intake year: :                                                    o Semester 1                         o Semester 2
Mode:      o Full-time o Part-time                                         o Other admission period, if applicable (refer to course guide)


a)     What was your highest year level attempted (i.e. Year 10, 11, 12 Form 5, 6):

       What was your ENTER Score or equivalent:

       Did you complete Year 12?         o Yes o No                        If Yes, in what year did you complete Year 12?:

b)     List all courses in which you have been enrolled at post-secondary and/or tertiary institutions, including incomplete degrees. Attach original
       or certified transcripts for each course, including incomplete courses. Please include any continuing educational courses and/or subjects
       completed, and if relevant to your application, attach documentary evidence of attendance/ completion.

                                                                                                                                                       If no, please enter
  Abbreviated Title of Qualification         Student ID Number     Awarding Institution           Period of Enrolment            Completed?            one of the following
     Example: BA                             888888888            La Trobe University            2004 - 2006                     Yes                   WIL
                                                                                                                                                       (will complete before


a)     Are you of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Descent?
       Are you of Aboriginal Descent?         o Yes      o No
       Are you of Torres Strait Descent?      o Yes      o No
b)     Please select the citizenship/residency status that applies to you
       o Australian Citizen                   o New Zealand Citizen
	 o Permanent Humanitarian Visa (you will be required to provide evidence of permanent humanitarian visa)
	 o Permanent Resident Status       Date you obtained Permanent Resident Status             /       /

  o Temporary Entry Permit (please note if you are the holder of a temporary visa you must apply as an International Student.
           Please contact La Trobe International for further information. La Trobe International: Phone (03) 9479 1199; Email:;

	 o Other (please specify)
c)     Residence

       Permanent home residence postcode:                             If residence is overseas, state country:

       Semester residence postcode:                                   If residence is overseas, state country:

       Year 12 residence suburb postcode:                             If Year 12 residence is overseas, state country:

       Country of Birth:                                              If born overseas, indicate year of arrival in Australia:

       Language spoken at permanent residence:

d)     What is your highest level of educational participation prior to commencement of this course?

o 02 Completed Higher Educational postgraduate level course                                                                        completion year:

o 03 Completed Higher Educational Bachelor level course                                                                            completion year:

o 04 Completed Higher Education sub-degree level course                                                                            completion year:

o 05 Have started but not completed Higher Education course                                                              last year of participation:

o 07 Completed final year of secondary education course at school or TAFE                                                          completion year:

o 08 Completed other qualification or certificate of attainment or competence – complete or incomplete                             completion year:

o 09 No prior educational attainment
o 10 Completed Vocational & Technical Education course (e.g. TAFE)                                                                 completion year:

o 11 Have started but not completed a Vocational & Technical Education course (e.g. TAFE)                                last year of participation

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Present Occupation:

Employment duration:

Employer details (please provide information for your most recent employer/s):

Employer 1         o Full-time        o Part-time                                 Employer 2        o Full-time      Part-time	
Name:                                                                             Name:

Title/Position:                                                                   Title/Position:

Postal Address:                                                                   Postal Address:

Telephone:                                                                        Telephone:

Email:                                                                            Email:

Please provide details on a separate page regarding other employment history (since leaving school) you regard as relevant; this may include unpaid or
volunteer work relevant to your chosen course.

You may support your application with any additional material you believe will be relevant in the evaluation of your application.
Such information could include your curriculum vitae, proof of having completed a similar course at La Trobe; publications you have written/presentations
you have made, scholarships, prizes, medals and/or awards you have received and memberships with professional affiliations.
You should also attach a short personal statement (300 – 400 words) outlining your reasons for applying to your chosen course, why you believe you should
be selected and what you hope to gain from the course.

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I declare that the information provided on this form is true and complete in every detail. I authorise La Trobe University to contact my former educational
institutions in order to verify any of the information I have provided with this application, if deemed necessary.
I understand the University reserves the right to vary or reverse any decision made on the basis of incorrect or incomplete information provided by me.

Signature:                                                                                             Date:                 /              /
Privacy Notice:
Details regarding collection, use, disclosure and access of personal information from this form are available from the following web site address , or by contacting your local Student Administration
Office, or by telephone at (03) 9479 2005

Please use the following checklist to ensure your application is complete and eligible for processing. Make sure you have:

           Completed SECTION 1, including information about your previous study at La Trobe University and provision of certified copies of evidence
           relating to a change of name

           Completed SECTION 2, indicating the preferred course for admission

           Completed SECTION 3, indicating ALL educational qualifications attempted

           Attached certified copies of ALL educational qualifications attempted

           Completed SECTION 4

           Completed SECTION 5

           Completed SECTION 6

           Ensured the correct number of signed, confidential referee reports is attached OR forwarded (to the relevant Faculty) by referees

           Signed and dated the Applicant’s Declaration at SECTION 7

           Checked eligibility for a Commonwealth Supported place on the “Going to Uni” website:

           Attached any other relevant supporting information

La Trobe University is a registered provider under the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS)
CRICOS Provider Number: 00115M

Academic Services October 2008 Version 2.0                                                                                                                                                                                  CG 86758

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