Embattled Rep Charles Rangels legal tab rising

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                                                                       birthday bash at The Plaza which attracted the
  Embattled Rep. Charles                                               Democratic elite.

  Rangel's legal tab is                                                Rangel's total legal tab from his ethics battle is more
                                                                       than $1.8 million, a growing expense he
  $1.8 million and rising                                              highlighted during his rant on the House floor last
                                                                       month when he railed against lawmakers who
                                                                       wanted him to resign rather than fight the charges.
  BY Kathleen Lucadamo
                                                                       He's not the only one using campaign cash as a
                                                                       legal defense fund,.
  Saturday, September 4th 2010, 4:00 AM

                                                                       Rep Gregory Meeks (D-Queens) has spent $75,000
                                                                       of his campaign funds on Dorsey & Whitney, the law
                                                                       firm representing him in an ongoing FBI probe of
                                                                       corruption in Queens, the federal data shows.

                                                                       Gov. Paterson spent $900,000 from his campaign
                                                                       treasury this year on legal bills to battle three
                                                                       investigations, including whether he improperly
                                                                       obtained Yankee tickets.

                                                                       While politicians coughing up campaign cash for
                                                                       their legal messes isn't illegal or uncommon,
                                                                       watchdogs say it's inappropriate.

                                                                       "The better course is to form a legal defense
                                                                       committee and raise directly for your legal course,"
  Warga/NewsRep. Charles Rangel may be reaching into
                                                                       said Susan Lerner, executive director of Common
  pockets for some extra cash to use for legal defense.
                                                                       Cause, who notes that President Bill Clinton did this
                                                                       during the Monica Lewinsky scandal.
  The party's over for Charlie Rangel, but not the legal
                                                                       "Let people know what they are contributing to your
                                                                       lawyers, not your reelection. People will still
  The embattled Harlem Democrat has forked over                        contribute."
  $111,170 to lawyers since July from his campaign
  stash, federal filings released Friday show. The bulk
                                                                       With Ben Lesser and Celeste Katz
  went to fighting 13 ethics charges.

  That cash comes from the $403,630 pot of money
  he raised this summer, most notably from his 80th

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